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seven pounds is a waste of time., 19 December 2008

have you ever been to a movie and then say what a waste of my life? well that describes this very pretentious movie , it is complicated way to complicated, and the plot really does not work, one has to wonder how and why smith was cast and if say a brad Pitt would have been better. the plot is Ben will make a difference and all lives make a difference, from the jelly fish to the car wreck one is left to think what a complicated or tangle web we weave when we practice to deceive , but in all reality this is more Hollywood bunk ,i liked the pursuit of happiness , i thought i am legend was a let down but this one i could not stomach it was hurry up and get over , the acting in the movie is very average nothing to mention the young lady is best forgot , smith seems to want to shoot his self in the foot ,as he is much better than this !!!

"Cavemen" (2007)
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cavemen really a good show give it a watch from your cave, 25 October 2007

while i thought how stupid to make a show on a commerical(imagine the head on show)cavemen is great ,i love it, i think a lot of the humor is straight forward but some is deeper , it a show that ask us to look at ourselves -our stereotypes, yes it deals in a humorist way with racism and it does it in a way that does not offend all , as for the show i love it, my favporite so far is the mascot but the job one was great also the actor that plays him is great with great comedic timing the writers and cast should be lauded in this day and time of reality ro bad drama cavemen is cool, so snuggle up to the rock and watch it !!i hope the network has the guts to leave it on for a few months at least it will have a cult following reminds e of the humor of get a life another great comedy !!!

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terrible story belongs on lifetime!!!, 4 January 2007

This is a terrible story. As I sit watching this today on lifetime, I wonder how such a crazy b---- have a movie made about her. The sad thing is the story portrays her as a victim she murdered 2 people but she is the victim? the acting is average or should I say typical Meredith Burney and Stephen Collins, not anything new just the story of how her bad ole hubby abuse her mentally ,so she then gets the right to murder ,yes murder 2 people, give me a break , why lifetime or whoever made this film would waste time and money is beyond me, it reminds me of the world according to garp, where we find a whole little cult waiting to murder whoever they can , fact is it is not interesting nor is it socially deeming in any way, betty should be in jail forever, what she did was murder, and yes her hubby and children paid the price of this mean vengeful b----

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kidnapped is a story about being kidnapped, 28 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

the first line says it all "kidnapped is a story about being kidnapped" not a lot of story in between i hope this show goes somewhere but i doubt it good actors but it is a story of being kidnapped with a little 2 guys who really don't like each other , the mom and dad and the daughters thrown in and yes the poor grandpa i have watched it 2 weeks and still not a lot to say sort of just being kidnapped by the TV for 2 weeks, the show could use a little more storyline and action , tell us why he was kidnapped , or why the family does not get along , have more car chases , heck do something totally different make the victim the aggressor , heck just do something as i am getting tired of seeing him in his room and taking pills and hiding them under the bed,then again i guess i would too if i was kidnapped.

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annoying!!!!!, 28 September 2006

it seems like if you are going to post here it going to be a 10 star rating ,nobody ever seems to dislike anything ,well i am honest, some don't like that but here we go, rachel ray show is just plain awful.!!!!!!, this show reminds me of the snl character linda whatever if she had a cooking -whatever show.i must say i liked rachel on the food network on $35-$40 a day but i am sorry she does not have enough life experience to make her interesting day in and day out,give me ham on the street, anthony bourdain , interesting folks,but most of all i find her annoying, she actually told a member of the studio audience to "shut up" yes in a kidding way but shut up is shut up, and who cares about her pet stories, sorry rachel you been cancelled!!!!

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the gay cowboy movie or more?, 25 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Brokeback mountain has been described as the gay cowboy movie, when in fact it is a story about being true to yourself, no this writer is not gay so I can not say how it feels from that perspective, but I must say anyone who has ever had to live a lie of any source knows, you must be true to yourself. this movie begins with them meeting and working together on broke back mountain in the 1960's we quickly learn that Ennis (heath ledger) character has came from a sad and tragic background and is basically alone in this world, we find Jake g. Character is from a more traditional background but has a twinge of religious fanaticism in his family; they meet and work together, that summer.

They share their stories ,the loneliness of being alone on the mountain brings them together, in a scene I would say actually involves rape they make out for the first time, after they leave the mountain it shows heath vomiting from what he has done, while morally this is wrong heath is caught up in this ,unable to let go of this but knowing it is wrong to others, the story could have been a interracial or a husband cheating with another woman on his wife but it is a story of 2 men or any story of forbidden love, as we see them together on the mountain we see the last few days as being a time of awkwardness, a fight which leaves a bloody shirt on the mountain?, and many other questions I wish that mr lee had not shown certain scenes and left the conclusions to the audience I think this would have played out better and had more impact !!!! We go into the future a postcard tells us that Jake g, character is coming thru town, the wife ask who is he, the answer a old fishing buddy ,yet he never seems to bring home any fish,. Randy quaid statement you boys had a time on the mountain,

So many things just don't add up for heath's wife (she had a great part and should have been nominated) what is a woman suppose to do to keep her hubby from cheating –physically or emotionally? then we see Jake g character, his wife(Anne h, another one of my favorite and she is gorgeous as usual) just having a baby , living a life of lies ,his in-laws don t help as they are intrusive and rude, he is stuck in his mundane life .

They meet every so often to go fishing, but in reality it is to escape their so called life's, they try to recapture the moment but still it is gone, heath tells Jake we must let it go, but Jake can not understand why it cant be this way all the time, heath tries to explain that society is not ready and probably never will be. Jake tells heath he can not live like this anymore, the next scene shows him picking up a male prostitute,

To sum it all up we go into the future we see heath getting a call from Jake g wife who tells how he was killed in a tragic accident of BY A TRUCK TIRE, but instead he was really beat to death by gay bashers.

We see heath going to Jake's parents house the mom is sort of numb but in some way you realize she knows her son was gay, the dad is just the opposite and never had a ideal, we see heath finding the shirt that he wore many years ago on the mountain blood stained, he hugs the shirt as to capture a time that is now lost and gone, it does not show romantic love or parental love but just love!!!!The father tells heath hell no you can not take him to the mountain he will be buried in the family plot; this is more than likely how any parent would have felt that had lost a child. We go in the future again heaths daughter is visiting him telling him of her future wedding, he is happy for her, but like so many in this movie you get the feeling she never knew , it ends with him opening the closet(coming out of the closet?)And the shirt being there hugging it as if Jake g was still there but in reality he is gone!!!!!See this movie and make up your own minds.

Rent (2005)
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rent- better yet evict them!!!!, 23 November 2005

well i just got back from seeing the movie rent. having seen the on stage version i was baffled to say the least.this movie has missed all the points , the main characters are just figaments of the original , i can not see how anyone can say this was a good movie , it was annoying as was the characters,i understand some of us like chocolate ice cream while others prefer vanilla, but i did not think any of us liked meat loaf ice cream , this was a terrible version of a great stage play , chris columbus must have sailed the ocean blue in 1492 because i am sure rent will run into the red, if you are looking for a good movie for the weekend this is not it, see " i walk the line" and save your dime !!!!!

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into the blue should go into the deep and be lost!!!!!, 30 September 2005

god awful, dreadful what a waste of 2 hours of my life, you we me movie studio, i don't know where to start the plot has been done so many times, i think the studio and dudes that made this awful movie thought , hey lets get some cool young hunks and hunk-etts(miss alba) and put them in the water , wet!!!!! the guys will all be buff , it will make a ton of cash, the only thing wrong they forgot to make a movie worth watching,my brain is empty i can not tell you what i saw , what the sub-plots were, i can not tell you anything except it was terrible, i am sorry for the actors it was a waste of their ability,the dude that did this movie previous films were terrible in my eyes, but this is worst , this is a 1 time in life thing it really reaks , go watch a high school football game instead!!!!

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i hate grey's anatomy!!!!, 12 May 2005

well i hate this show, i cant stand the actors and the plots appeal to only brainless females, i watched the show again on may 22nd i think it was the season's finale , to bad it was the series finale, this show is plain stupid, it is very unrealistic give me reality TV or life and death in the er, no not this drama blown junk, i can just imagine doctors doing a autospy without permission and the main doctor walking in and catching them oh wouldn't that make for some exciting TV?then the young doc that is in love with the lead character what a man, then don't forget patrick dempsey yes pizza man grown from screech looking to hunk, yeah right,his wife tells greay are you the one blanking my husband, i am sure that happens everyday in a hospital close to us all,no wonder so many people die in hospitals this show would have us believe skirt chasing is more important than heart surgery,then we throw in the background music most is really bad female bands , what else can we males ask for, perhaps oprah can start directing this great show and make it even better-pinch me i am awake

Big Fish (2003)
the best of the year!!!!, 22 January 2004

great movie , i enjoyed and yes i cried , and i am a man, the story is beautiful , the acting is great, albert finney and ewan mcgregor are both superb, and the sexy helena carter gets better- will you marry me helena?, i loved the movie ,only good things to say,you must look deeper than the surface this movie has so many layers,i saw heaven , i saw treat people as they treat you so much to learn from this film!!! and it really did a great job of showing human nature , spectre ,the gian so much it is a great movie and i look forward to buying and owning this great film , to mr tim burton you are a genius and i want to thank you for a great film!!!!

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