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One of thee funniest comedy shows ever, 22 February 2002

This is one of the greatest comedy shows ever. You have to look out for a few really special episodes like the Duran Duran Duran one and Blur one, but look out especially for the Happy Mondays one. It is the funniest thing ever, especially Bez's story about the complications with their record deal. In this one Bez has a keen interest in jazz and the theatre, whereas Shaun seems to enjoy playing scrabble. Shaun also uses language which is supposedly Mancunian, such as 'Hes the boomshakalak to the boomshakalak' and hes 'a sucky not a chewy'. Brilliant

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The greatest film ever??!!!........., 18 September 2001

The answer.....No, sadly not. Though miller and the sweep has to be hailed as a most whimsical cinematic treat.The drama, suspense,romance and the unidentified crowd at the end all add to the films complex storyline which must have been too much for the audiences of 1898. A enlightening experience, one for all the family!

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One of the greatest films of the past few years, 23 April 2001

This film is a brilliant account of the life of Michael Collins. It starts with the Easter Rising of 1916 and ends with his death in 1922. Between that time he managed to negotiate the first treaty of Independence for Ireland. Liam Neeson does brilliantly as "the big fella" and Aidan Quinn also is brilliant at portraying Collin's best friend Harry Boland. Apart from these other great stars in the film are Alan Rickman, Stephen Rea, Charles Dance, Ian Hart and Julia Roberts. Unfortunately some events portrayed in the film are historically incorrect and you get the feeling they were only included to add more drama to the film.

This is definetly a film worth watching and the DVD is even better, featuring a documentary on the real Michael Collins.