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Layer Cake (2004)
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Damn Good Movie, 15 October 2005

This was one helluva ride!! There are enough double and triple crosses to make your head spin. Daniel Craig delivers as the ultra cool drug dealer. The second half of this movie almost plays out like a spy drama. This guy is going to make a very good and different James Bond. Unlike what's being said on the James Bond website forums, Daniel Craig is by no means ugly. Looks like a spy that could kick ass if he had to. Anyway, Layer Cake is an excellent movie and too bad that we "yanks" have never gotten wind of this movie prior to Craig being touted as the new 007. I ordered it from Amazon out of curiosity and have now seen it 3 times . Each time I discover another layer to this film that I hadn't noticed in prior viewings. This guy is damn good!!

"Harry O" (1973)
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Excellent!!, 7 September 2005

This was one of the best shows on television. The writing and the photography was outstanding. David Janssen was one of my very favorite actors and I really miss him. He had "mumbling" down to an art form and his understated style of acting was second to none. Harry-O made me feel good every time I would sit down and watch. Harry Orwell was an everyman's type of guy. You could relate to him. I think it was because you could sense his vulnerability. Episodes did not always end on a happy note and that added some credibility to the character and his profession. Warner Brothers needs to hurry up and release this series to DVD. I would buy the entire series in a heart beat. A classic!!

Open Water (2003)
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I Want My Money Back!!!, 23 August 2004

What a piece of crap!! Has everything a loser could ever ask for. Poor acting, crap visuals and no plot. This is the worse movie that I have seen in the last 10 years. I cannot believe that USA Today rated this film ( and I use the term loosely ) 3.5 stars. I saw this stinker ooh...sinker on Saturday wiith my wife on our 22nd wedding anniversary. She doesn't like going to the movies in the first place but went after I told her that it got a pretty good review from USA Today. After seeing this she gave me $&!@ big time!!! I should have stuck with my first choice which was Collateral with Tom Cruise. Were the people at the so-called Independent Film Festival on crack when they saw this? They too, gave it high marks. Oh well, live and learn.

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J.D. Smith was "the man", 2 August 2002

I was 8 years old when this was on. I don't remember too much about this show other than Jack Elam as J.D. Smith. I thought his character was real cool. He wasn't physically handsome like the other "good guys" on television at the time but the way that he portrayed his character and the way he walked made this 8 year old boy take notice. I just watched an episode that I have on tape and realize that this was a well-made western. Too bad that it didn't last longer.

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In A Class By Itself, 2 August 2002

This series to me was in a class by itself. The stories were first-rate and the stars were very charming and sophisticated. I always did admire Gene Barry as an actor and his work in this series made me a lifelong fan. I loved the clothes that he wore on the show and hence have tried to emulate his sophisticated style ever since. I feel that there were very few actors at that time other than Craig Stevens and Robert Wagner that had the same aura and screen presence. I also greatly enjoyed the episodes that Tony Franciosa and Robert Stack headlined. This series had the feel of a theatrical motion picture and one could tell that big bucks were being spent to produce it. I have some episodes on tape and still think that they hold up very well as compared to dramatic television today. Like the old saying goes; "They don't make 'em like that anymore".

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I liked this show!, 1 April 2002

I liked this show as a kid !! I thought that Craig Stevens as Michael Strait was one of the coolest guys on T.V. I must admit that I was still crazy about " Peter Gunn " and was upset that it was cancelled. "Man of The World" was a bit more sophisticated than " Peter Gunn " and the locations added a bit of international intrigue. The premise of Stevens playing a photo-journalist globe-trotting all over the world was somewhat of a novelty in 1962. The closest show in comparison at that time was " The Saint ". " Man of The World " did not have a huge audience and was canceled after one season. Mr. Stevens' next series was " Mr. Broadway " and that didn't even last one season! Too bad in both cases. Craig Stevens had an air of sophistication that showed on screen and his work in all of his t.v. series will forever be appreciated by me.

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good, but...., 28 September 2001

Good thus far, but I thought that the 60s' t.v series "Combat" did a better job of character development. Additionally, I feel as though "Combat" conveyed the horrors of war to the viewer without having to use the gory special effects as those displayed in this mini-series. Still, a good story with good acting

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Fun Show!!, 30 June 2001

This was a fun show to watch!! Not has good as Combat or 12 O'Clock High, but quite enjoyable. I thought William Reynolds as Capt. Jim Benedict and Robert McQueeney as Conley Wright were pretty good. Most of the story lines were predictable, but nevertheless fun to watch. Had some really great guest stars( Robert Conrad, Peter Breck, Peter Brown, Guy Stockwell and Van Williams to name a few). This was a Warner Brothers show so I guess that they used most of the T.V actors that were under contract to them and starring in shows of their own as guest stars to help boost the ratings..I also thought that it had the most gut-wrenching theme song that I had ever heard!( I was 8 years old at the time and I damn-near cried every time I heard that song at the end of each episode). The action was enjoyable, but not of the same quality as Combat. This show was canceled after one season. With some better writing, this may have lasted longer.

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" Let me get this straight....., 6 April 2001

I remember that line as if it were said yesterday!! Robert Wagner as Al Mundy had a big influence on me as a 13 year old looking for a "style" of his own. I combed my hair like him and even tried to dress like him. This show had it all; beautiful women, exotic locations and a real cool theme song. I remember being quite devastated when this show was cancelled. Thought the folks at ABC were nuts!! We all know that Mr. Wagner went on to star in "Switch", "Hart to Hart" and the underrated "Lime Street". But I must admit that this was and still is my favorite. What a Gem!!

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As Cool As Ever!, 6 April 2001

I am a huge fan of Craig Stevens and I too thought that this series was well done. Mr. Stevens was not given enough credit for establishing the "cool dude" personna that a lot of other actors are recognized for. "Mr. Broadway" had a great location, theme music and guest stars. This was sophisticated television so I guess that's why this show did not appeal to the masses. Too bad. What a gem!!

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