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Movies can tell alot about a person. What they find enjoyable or moving can truly be an insight into a person's thought process, logic, morality, etc. These are the movies that move me, whether it be dramatic or comedic covering from 1931 to the present day.

These are in release date order and I didn't attempt to rank them among each other.
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Worst movies ever made.
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My top 25 favorite movies. These all had the greatest impact on me and are benchmarks on what I consider makes film art.
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I've seen a lot of horror movies, and as many horror film fans know there are many types out there. Some love blood and guts, some love supernatural. Others go for the mystery or thriller angle, and others love only what they can laugh at because it's so bad it's good.

Most of the favorites in my list deal with the story, what is setup visually for us to see and anticipate, and then usually what is not shown makes it even scarier.
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Hitchcock is a technical wizard. His ability to hold the audience at the edge of their seat, to throw in a plot twist, or to make them laugh at a morbid joke is still second to none. Hitchcock had a long career that began with the silent movie era and went all the way through until the late 70s. He literally made movies his entire life and has a very prolific body of work. Although he made magnificent movies in every decade from the 1930s on, the 1950s in particular saw him make a string of films that redefined the way movies were told, shot, and shown. His impact on changing the levels of violence and sex shown in films in particular is an important piece of film history. Filmmakers like Kubrick, Fincher, DePalma, Scorsese, The Cohens, and Eastwood have borrowed very heavily from his technical genius for camera-work and cinematography.
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These are my favorite 10 superhero movies.
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These movies are worth all the awards, praise, and recognition they are given. Some of the finest examples of why movies matter as a serious art form.
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These are movies that although may be decent, I don't feel deserve the praise they receive.