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Color Me Perfect (1996) (TV)
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Female "Charly", 22 January 2001

The same story of "Charly" (Oscar winning for Cliff Robertson) or its novel "Flowers for Algernon" by Daniel Keyes, but starring by a female, Michele Lee in a one-woman-show. Very bad, very conservative, and very narcisist, with Lee as the central point of all, and a horrible happy ending.

Diferente (1961)
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Strange Spanish musical fantasy, 30 October 2000

A strange musical drama, with some surrealistic ideas and a subterranean homosexual allegory, is about a young man son of a VIP, that like dance and very rude men. A rarity in Spanish cinema, that ignorant censors don't understand and can be see today as an error of them

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One of worst Spanish movies, 30 October 2000

"Plan Nine from Outer Space" the worst movie of all? Don't! It's this! A classic representative movie of Paco Martínez Soria's movies, about an old man from a little town who proclaims his conservative morality and his pedestrian ideas. Primitive in all his means.

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Pedestrian homophobic comedy, 30 October 2000

A man simulates be homosexual for be near of women and see, touch them. A very bad movie, with pedestrian and homophobic humour, it's the classic example of the old Spanish "machismo". It's very representative of a happily extinct period of Spanish cinema, and it tell name to a type of movies named "landismo" (by his leader actor, Alfredo Landa), about reprimed and sexual altered men.

Marcellino (1991)
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Poor remake of a classic of Spanish cinema, 30 October 2000

Poor remake of the masterpiece of Ladislao Vajda, with the poetry of the original convert in a style like a mini-series of qualite. Only the good performances of old actors have interest, but the movie don't have interest in contrast with it's original.

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The masterpiece of Spanish western, 26 June 2000

Based on a real story about director's grandmother, a very sad western with great fatalism. Very good directing, good performances -specially Jesús Puente, sometimes Spanish voice for James Stewart-, superb cinematography, this is a little big movie that must be seen.

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Very ugly monster parody, 26 June 2000

Regaliz, a Spanish musical group for childs, go to a castle and torture the classical monsters: Dracula, the Monster of Frankenstein, the Wolfman (Paul Naschy) and Quasimado. Sometimes, they torture us singing. A horrible movie, that doesn't like to people to love classic monster movies of Universal.