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We walked out, 16 May 2002

I went to see this movie last night with my wife's 15 yo grandson. We sat through the first 45 minutes that lay the groundwork for the rest of the film and we kept wondering when it was going to get interesting. Then, the actual raid on Mogadishu took place and both of us were bored, yes bored, by the action. There weren't any interesting characters to care about or even decent dialogue. All it was was a documentary-like view of the incident. Unfortunately, that isn't what we paid to see. We were hoping for an entertaining movie but all we got was carnage. Maybe I missed the point of the movie but I didn't really have high expectations, just to be entertained, and this film doesn't.

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A superior rendition of the book, 28 January 2002

I went to see the new production of The Count of Monte Cristo this past weekend and then rewatched the one with Richard Chamberlain. This one captured the book far better than the new one did. It follows Dumas' original more closely and the character of the Count is calculating and single-minded just as in the book. The supporting actors weren't bad but Richard Chamberlain is who makes this movie as enjoyable as it was.

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Much better than expected, 17 January 2002

I had heard a lot of mixed reviews about this movie and rented it with more than a little trepidation. However, once we started watching it, I was totally drawn in. This movie has everything I love -- an interesting story and characters you really care about. I enjoyed the love story in the first part of the movie and then the attack came and focus shifted to the war. Then, at the end, the attention is once again put back on the love story. Of course, I was able to enjoy the movie because I didn't sit there and try to pick it apart because of "historical inaccuracies". If I want to see a documentary about Pearl Harbor, I'll look to the Discovery Channel. I was there to be *entertained* and this movie does that remarkably well. I would give it 8 out of 10 stars.

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Just plain fun, 28 December 2001

I think the people who criticized this movie missed the entire point of it. Ready To Rumble isn't supposed to be a "good" movie; it is just supposed to be a "fun" one. I don't think the folks who put this film together had any illusions about it winning any Oscars but I think they made a very good "dumb" movie. I am NOT a wrestling fan and I still enjoy watching it because I can enjoy it for what it is without expecting more out of it. I watched it last night with my 10 yo son and he thought it was great. Those who found fault with the movie need to take themselves and their entertainment less seriously.

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What a waste of time!, 26 November 2001

I guess I am very much in the minority but I totally disappointed and disgusted with this film. I had a really good attitude when I put the tape in the other day having heard so many positive things about the movie over the years. It wasn't long into the movie that I started wondering when it was going to get good and the problem is, it never did. Just one dumb attempt at humor after another, nothing really connected, and almost none of it was very funny. A great deal of it was absurd and bizarre but nothing that really made me laugh at all (except maybe for the monks hitting themselves in the head with a board and the bit about the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch). I was left wondering just what the folks who did the movie were trying to accomplish and really couldn't figure it out. I will never waste my time with a Monty Python movie again.

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3 out of 10, 18 November 2001

I was extremely disappointed in this movie. It was all style and no substance. It was great special effects and that's all it had. The story was boring and more than a little confusing. The actors put NO heart into their characters at all. I couldn't help but compare it to Raiders of the Lost Ark. Raiders didn't have the whiz-bang effects that Tomb Raider had but it DID have characters you cared about and that is a serious flaw with Tomb Raider. All in all, I would not recommend this film.

10 out of 10, 18 November 2001

I went to see this movie yesterday and loved every minute of it. I am 35 years old and was completely carried away by the sheer delight of Harry Potter's world. Everything was perfect -- the acting, the story, the special effects. You care about the characters and feel everything they feel. Not to give too much away, but I really felt like cheering during the scene where the house cup was awarded. A superior fantasy movie and I would recommend it for kids of all ages (8 - 80).

Fair to middling, 6 May 2001

First of all, this movie was VERY derivative of Cocktail. I don't mind movies borrowing plot elements from other films but Coyote Ugly went a bit far. Also, I found the characters and situations totally implausible. You have this guy who works these odd jobs and yet somehow manages to afford a really cool convertible. Yeah, sure. I didn't think there was much chemistry between Piper Perapo and Adam Garcia and none of the characters were really developed enough so that the viewer could care about them. In summary, except for a few laughs, I really didn't care much for this movie.

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A very entertaining film, 2 March 2001

I went to see the movie tonight and loved it. I don't understand why people think a movie has to be 100% realistic to be good. The movie kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. I thought that Bill Paxton and Scott Glenn were great.

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A great movie for kids AND adults, 28 November 2000

I have read a smattering of the reviews here about the movie and what really gets me are the adults who went to see it and state that kids wouldn't enjoy it. I went to see it the day after Thanksgiving and took three kids with me, ages 2, 6, and 9 and guess what? They all LOVED it. My 9 yo son and I laughed our butts off the whole time. My 6 yo daughter also enjoyed the movie a great deal. Jim Carrey was absolutely wonderful as the Grinch. His expressions and the way he moved were perfectly "grinch-y". I thought the humor was great and the narration very appropriate. My favorite part was the rendition of the song "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch". That really had me rolling. I think that the adults who went to see this movie and didn't like it need to really lighten up. Kids aren't interested in "acting ability" or "detailed storyline"; they just want to be entertained and the movie succeeded in that arena superbly.