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Ninja Man (2002) (V)
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VHS home video, 9 November 2003

This is a VHS home movie. Made by none actors and technicians with little or no experience. Audacious in concept the film is poorly realised and suffers unfortunetly from it's miniscule micro budget. Two funny lines in total but an eternity has to be spent waiting for them to be delivered, yawn and you may miss one. Still professional people have spent millions making films that are worse than this i.e. Rancid Aluminium, The Avengers & Mission Impossible 2 all being examples.

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Very weird, very different, loved it., 16 June 2000

If you get a chance to get hold a copy of this movie show it to all your posse after a night out and they won't know what's hit them. Weird and very kooky, the sound track had me in stitches and the horror story came out of the blue, yuck! Good luck in getting hold of a copy though, I got hold of a preview copy doing the rounds.

Fast Food (1999)
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Sad, very sad.Not funny., 16 June 2000

This is the most unfunny comedy I've ever wasted some of my life on. One for the shredder. Not one laugh throughout, the sound levels are poor, I couldn't here most of the dialogue, why does low budget English indie stuff always mean films where you can't hear or understand what people are saying! Sarah-156