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6 out of 10, 26 June 2000

Kevin Kline is excellent in this modest, very well-cast, though not entirely successful black comedy about a betrayed woman (Tracey Ullman) and her mother Joan Plowright trying to kill husband Kline with the help of friend River Phoenix and nutty blokes Keanu Reeves and William Hurt. Funny and quite charming, this looks better than it is. If you want to see a film about perfectly killing your not-so-beloved husband or wife, then dig to DIVORCE - ITALIAN STYLE with Marcello Mastroianni.

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2 out of 10, 26 June 2000

Incredibly stupid, silly, clichéd, soft-focused adventure love story about a boy and girl stranded on a island and trying to survive as well as understand each other sexually. Only of interest to see the stunning cinematography and to see Brooke Shields in a wooden performance as well as nude and very young. The only thing that disappoints even more than the actual film is the artistical let-down of one Randal Kleiser, who once defined John Travolta's coolness and Olivia Newton-Johns sexiness in GREASE. How could he make such a waste?

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7 out of 10, 26 June 2000

Absolutely hilarious, but wildly uneven, towards the end really disappointing spoof of historical king and knight movies. The troupe are in great shape and deliver terrific punchlines. Still some just don't work and the lack of story really lets this falter along the way. Still, the most imaginative running gag when the movie is mixed with reality works very well. Great art direction, costumes and atmospheric cinematography.

Marnie (1964)
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6 out of 10, 26 June 2000

A very interesting, but flawed Hitchcock psychological drama with beautiful Tippi Hedren as a notorious thief and Sean Connery trying to solve her problems. The two leads are excellent as well as the striking visuals with some of Hitchcock's shock moments, but the story doesn't really come to life. It can't hold up to other Hitchcock masterpieces. Still, worth a look.

4 out of 10, 26 June 2000

Highly erotic, beautifully photographed and highly atmospheric and over-styled drama about a fatal love triangle between sexy Maria Schrader, boring Mark Schlichter and excessive Jürgen Vogel, who communicate during Christmas night via telephone and sex. Psychologically muddled, chlichéd and not really satisfying, but ambitious German flick that could have been so much better. The performances at least are impressive.

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9 out of 10, 26 June 2000

Fatally underrated, brilliantly acted, strikingly photographed and excellently directed prison drama about con Burt Lancaster and his passion for birds and his mother Thelma Ritter. Flawless performances and a moving script make this a classic and one of Lancaster greatest on-screen appearances. To be rediscovered.

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10 out of 10, 26 June 2000

As if he had nothing else to do than eat way too much, Orson Welles made this highly influential, basically flawless, brilliant, dark, brooding film noir cult classic under the pressure of the producing studio. From the stunningly long and perfectly choreographed opening shot to the final classic death scene this masterpiece has everything going for it. Great performances, excellent direction and a very smart script.

Focus (1996)
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7 out of 10, 26 June 2000

One of the most radically stylish, shocking, disturbing films to hit the screens in a long time, this media satire succeeds where NATURAL BORN KILLERS failed. In showing violence as disgusting, horrible and mind-blowing as in reality, the makers of this unpleasant film opt for a documentary-style, which is even more disturbing than the story about a young man going insane after a TV-team gets all too commanding of his hobby. The performances are all around terrific, but it's really hard to take. Not recommended, but excellent stuff. Too radical for some tastes.

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1 out of 10, 26 June 2000

As with the sequel to THE GODFATHER, they all said it couldn't be done, but the makers of the RETURN TO THE BLUE LAGOON really managed to make a sequel that's even worse than the first one. Again some bland teenagers (one of them the son of the couple from the first film) strand on the same island, try to survive, fall in love, make love and so on. Essentially a remake, rather than a sequel, this is probably one of the worst "teen" movies ever made. Still, it has Milla Jovovich being young and pretty.

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8 out of 10, 26 June 2000

Fatally underrated comedy drama, a little, sprawling, funny, smart and exciting epic filmization of the brilliant novel of John Irving, with a great cast and a wonderful direction. Critically mauled, this is a wonderful, if uneven hodge-podge of brilliant scenes of tragic, humour and erotic. With Jodie Foster as sexy as she has never been before and afterwards, Rob Lowe genuinely charming, a likeable Beau Bridges and a lot of fun.

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