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The most touching Full House episode ever, 23 February 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

One could not get more emotional than this. Usually regarded as a corny old show, this episode is one that would touch anyone with a true sense of emotion. I remember before it aired when I was a kid, the fair forewarning before the show explaining that watching it as a family was best on a "very special episode you'll never forget." They weren't kidding, this is truly an episode one could never forget.

Though already explained in the official IMDb synopsis; the following may contain spoilers:

As explained in every episode guide, Michelle becomes extra attached to her visiting grandfather, who dies unexpectedly. She and her great grandfather develop an extra close bond, which is so adorable and special to see. Initially, she is very shy of the man; as she is the only one not to have a memory of his first visit in an earlier episode when she was very little. Old enough now to understand, she grows very attached and fond of the man. It is very sudden when the family is so saddened; and the music starts to play to hint of it. Brings chills and tears to the eyes of any viewer with half a heart.

It is a very special episode, as Michelle and Jesse hide their emotions at first, but use their usual special bond to grieve and work together as a team through the matter. This is a very beautifully done episode, especially when one can relate their own life experiences to it. Like the announces said and were right about when it first aired--it is a very special episode you will never forget.

Kind of boring, but it's fair, 16 February 2017

I guess this is worth watching if you have nothing better to do. There are many other "chick- flicks" that are far better than this movie, though. I am usually a nut for such movies that are harmless and non-violent, but this one is just a little too slow for entertainment. If you are into chick-flicks and you bored with nothing else to do with bad weather outside--watch it once just to see it (but only if it comes on TV; wouldn't recommend paying to rent.)

It has a good ending, a beautiful song at the end, and an overall good plot; but really has its slow and boring parts. 4/10

Overboard (1987)
Excellent. How was this not a box office hit?, 10 February 2017

This is a truly outstanding movie. Hilarious, adventurous, fun, entertaining, and a great story. How could this movie not been a bigger success? Goldie Hawn plays rich and arrogant Joanna, who is never happy or satisfied with anything. Kurt Russell plays Dean Profit, a dirty man with not huge sense of responsibility. Once the "overboard" incident occurs, Dean pretends to be her husband, initially just for revenge on how she previously cheated him. It's a complete disaster at first, especially with his dirty home and dirty kids that all con her into thinking she's their mother. There are quite a bit of unexpected twists and turns along the way. It's amazing what they unexpectedly and inadvertently teach each other along the way. There are so many laughs along the way, so many unexpected turns, and it is such a good all-around movie with such a humorous plot and great story-line that ends so happily.

Though times have changed and it's now a little out-dated; it's still a great watch if you have nothing else to do, as long as you remember this was the mid-80's and how much life has changed ever since. Wonderful for an 80's movie, and a true 8/10 score in my book. BRAVO, Hawn & Russell!

North (1994)
I can't believe I loved this movie as a kid, 10 January 2017

I can't believe this was one of my favorites when I was a kid. I actually watched it on multiple occasions, and couldn't see how ridiculously bad it is.

First, who names their kid North? That alone is ridiculous--always assumed it was about someone traveling north (which he does in one scene, but that's not the point). North is a kid who is an only child, and feels neglected by his parents with them working all the time, paying no attention to him, never coming to his games/school functions, and fighting at the dinner table. His adventures to come are so unrealistic, not funny, and beyond cheesy/corny--STUPID!

Even on your most boring night with absolutely nothing to do, you'd be better off to sit at home and twiddle your thumb than to see this waste of time and disgrace to the film industry. Sorry I ever was that stupid to think it was cool; boy was I a mindless little tyke!

Very Good for a TV Movie, 8 January 2017

For a made-for-TV movie, this is very good. Don't expect a classic, but it's very heartwarming and touching for a family to watch around the holidays.

A man (Robert Hayes) comes home to his hometown with his preteen daughter (the talented and beautiful Ashley Gorrell, always one of my favorites as a kid and my first childhood celebrity crush!) who is very adorable in this movie and plays her part very well. Hayes is always very talented and a good dad in every movie he's been in, and this is no exception. He plays a very good man who returns to his hometown and gets reacquainted with many people. He has created himself a new life in his new town, and faces a lot of transitions when returning home. This leads to a lot of confusion for the man, being a widower and single dad. He faces a lot of choices and challenges in the process to make possible life changes. All everyone wants is for a Merry Christmas in this dying small town, which creates a lot of confusion and difficulty for many. A lot of surprises happen along the way to throw many expected things off course. Every character is very likable, however, and it leads to a very positive ending.

Being from a small and dying town myself, I can relate a lot to it; and only wish such things could end so well in my area. This movie is well worth watching around the holidays if you are in the mood for a good spirit and good family time. No classic, but enjoyable if one keeps expectations low and realizes it's just a TV movie.

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What a waste, 15 December 2016

Well folks, I just wasted two hours of my time and the money to rent this stupid movie. Actually thought it would be funny based on a friend's recommendation. It started out okay, but just gets to be all the more lame and dull with non-believable action the entire way through. I kept waiting for it to get better, only wanting to get my money's-worth; yet just wasted time. Bad acting, bad plot, non-adventurous, and just plane lame.

It's been a long time since I gave a movie a 1/10. Obviously I'm not the only one if the average rating is 3/10. Wish I'd done more research. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of this garbage.

Best Science Fiction show EVER!, 6 December 2016

With the exception of the first season of the series (which is pretty corny and dull) this is the greatest science-fiction adventure show of all time. Season 2 was decent, and it only got better as the years went on, ending on a high note by the end of the series with the best adventures imaginable. Seasons 3-8 are the best.

Star Trek TNG has the best cast of the regular senior officers, and each episode is very adventurous with great plots and very believable guests and story-lines. It keeps you on the edge of your seat and is very entertaining for anyone from the biggest "Trekkie," to the occasional viewer, to even the not-so-interested. The talented and terrific actor Patrick Stewart stars as the great Captain Picard (greatest in all the Star Trek editions,) who is very likable and a wonderful leader. The rest of the crew keeps your interest, and is well worth getting into for hours of entertainment.

How I wish more shows in the science-fiction area could be this good. A true 10/10, and A+ to stand the test of time and still be watchable after over 20 years since its cancellation. BRAVO, Star Trek TNG!

Carpool (1996)
It's fair, 21 November 2016

I liked this movie when it came out, but I was a pre-teen. Now, it's fair. No classic and no extreme adventure; and definitely very unrealistic with kid jokes to make matters worse. However, it does have it's exciting parts that keep you on the edge of your seat. A few times it really does get you going. I wouldn't recommend see it without kids around, and would only see it if there really is nothing better to see. However, it is better than a lot of family movies, and is worth a try if you're willing to lower your standards.

All the more, and on the plus side; it really has a good plot and good moments. If you really give it a fair chance and "read between the lines," there are hidden messages about team work and self-development. The man on the run has a good heart, but is facing lots of problems. People (even the kids and witnesses) like Arnold's character better than the Dad. The Dad, selfish in the beginning, really learns a lot about putting others before himself - while making a new friend and bettering himself. The kids, who argue in the beginning, also form a bond, and have some good learning moments. They all work together as a team, and it leads to a surprise ending.

No classic, and probably only a 5/10, with just a C grade; but that's better than rock-bottom, and is an all-around adequate movie worth one watch if there truly is nothing better on TV or anything better to do.

Due Date (2010)
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Good movie, but where have I seen it before?, 14 July 2016

I really enjoyed this movie. It had its moments of laughter, good humor, excitement, and adventure. It keeps you on the edge of your seat at times, and never ceases to be entertaining.

That said, WHERE HAVE I SEEN THIS BEFORE?! PLANES, TRAINS, AND AUTOMOBILES!! Although the plot is different and has different ideas with a different story-line, the common- denominators are the same: A cool dude is looking to get home to his family, and encounters an annoying/socially inept travel companion who is lonely and looking for company along the way. John Candy's character in Planes Trains and Automobiles is almost exactly like Ethan in this movie, annoying the Peter (similar to Steve Martin's character in Planes Trains and Automobiles.) Just as in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles - the two lead characters struggle to get across country with one terribly annoying the other. The endings are different (both positive) as well as the struggles to get home and the character personalities/aspirations; but there were just too many similarities with Planes Trains and Automobiles to give this movie a higher rating than a 6.

This movie is very enjoyable and entertaining, and I would recommend it for anyone looking for a good movie. If you've never seen the classic Planes, Trains, and Automobiles - you have nothing to compare it to, so I would recommend it. If you have, be prepared to see some extreme similarities that may lessen the enjoyment of this movie. All that said - well done and well acted still make it positive, and I do not regret watching from start to finish.

The only decent one of the trilogy, 16 October 2015

The first movie is as dull and cheesy as can be. The third is a complete letdown. I loved this one as a kid. Now, I can see how unrealistic it is and kind of dull. That said, it is the best of the three, and at least watchable. It teaches kids about teamwork, and does have a good plot. A lot of interesting moments that are very predictable, but it leads to a happy ending.

For a kids sports movie, this is worthwhile. No classic that has stood the test of time, but was good for it's time in the mid-90's when hockey seemed to be more popular nationwide. Worth watching if you have kids to share with who like sports, or if it's on TV and you have nothing better to do on a rainy day.

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