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One of the BEST shows ever!, 11 August 2001

This show was excellent! It is one of my favorite shows of all time, and was great for people of all ages. My favorite character was always the middle child, Stephanie. I guess you could say that she and I grew up together, because we were the same age, and she and I had a lot in common. She was played by the very talented young actress, Jodie Sweetin.

As a child, this show taught me quite a bit. It had many different parts to it such as happy times, sad times, adventurous parts, and most of all, extremely hilarious scenes! Every now and then, I continue to watch re-runs, and can see it from an adult's point of view. I get a kick out of every character.

After Danny's wife died, his brother in-law Jesse moved in to help raise the girls, along with Danny's best friend Joey. Although Danny was kind of strange, he was a very kind man, and was an excellent father. Jesse was a pretty cool guy, although was often kind of grouchy. He really improved his life by moving in and helping raise the girls, and even met a lovely woman who he married. Played by the beautiful and talented actress Lori Loughlin, Rebecca began as Danny's co-host when he was promoted from sports caster, to a morning talk show host. Jesse got to know Rebecca, and they married and had two twin boys. Joey was very good friends with Danny, and I got a kick out of him! He was into comedy, and was a kid at heart, but a great guy. The oldest girl D.J was an excellent big sister to Stephanie and Michelle, and I always wished my sister had been that great! Stephanie was a great girl, very smart, and funny. Michelle (played by the Olsen twins) was extremely smart, and was always so cute! She was extremely fun to watch, and I still enjoy watching the re-runs of her growing up. I often become a kid at heart watching this show, but as an adult, it gives me some good ideas for when I'm a father someday. It ran for eight years, and should have run longer! It was so much fun to watch the kids grow up, and grow up with them as I watched it all those years, as well as seeing the adults improve themselves.

On a scale of 1-10, I give this show a 10, and a grade A! If you like a good comedy with lots of laughs, as well as learning experiences, I highly recommend this great show for you!

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Great show, should've lasted longer, 19 August 2004

This show was really a good family comedy, and should have lasted longer. Some people preferred the first season, when the older brother dressed as "Mama J." to keep the family together after losing their parents. Many criticized them for copying Mrs. Doubtfire, but it had a totally different plot and was still funny. It was then pulled off the air from December, 1994; to March, 1995. After that, they changed the plot, saying that Josh (the oldest brother) was granted custody. That was good too. Naturally, that way wasn't as humorous, but was still a good show for the family. It's too bad it didn't last longer. It really would have worked if they hadn't based it on "Mama J." as being the only funny character, as people would have liked it anyway, AND Josh could have continued to dress as her but not as often.

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Why can't modern kids' shows be this good?, 27 January 2003

I grew up watching this show. It was my favorite for three years. Now I would like to know, why do all kids shows filmed these days have to be so dull? YES, I know that Pee Wee Herman was a goofy guy, but he was just acting. If you watch this show, you'll see that he could be serious, and was when trying to make important points. This is one show that I can still enjoy, even being in my twenties. It's funny for kids, and it also teaches kids important facts, such as episodes where they talk about fire safety, health care, nutritious foods and many other things too numerous to mention. Not only that, but there is some great adult humor involved, which I can now understand MUCH BETTER!

It was STUPID of CBS to cancel this show just because of Pee Wee's arrest. They shouldn't have arrested him in the first place. It's not like he was in a kids' movie--he was at an all adult XXX rated movie. What harm did that have on kids who watch his show?

Just go to internet sites like e-Bay, and see how popular Pee Wee still is. Then see about other old kids stuff, like Power Rangers! Pee Wee's playhouse had a great plot, and was funny. Talking furniture, and goofy characters were fun to watch, and I will never forget the entertainment the Pee Wee provided me with! BRAVO, Herman!

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Excellent show for kids, 16 July 2000

I highly resent the way many people talk about this show. Many of the things Fred Rogers does may seem ridiculous to us adults, but this is the best show ever to teach little children valuable skills for their futures. Fred Rogers is a wonderful man and really cares about kids. He hosts a show that is very educational for kids all the way up to age 7 or 8 and teaches good manners, what goes on in life, and introduces young children to the world they live in.

Personally, I grew up watching this show. I watched it until the age of seven. I learned a lot from Mr. Rogers and have great respect for the man. His show is very good at teaching little kids important things, and explaining things to them. It is also good for parents to watch with their kids. Many kids these days lack the skills which Mr. Rogers teaches. It is also very entertaining for kids. I highly recommend every little kid to watch this show. Kids and even some adults can learn skills which every body needs. Judging this show from watching it as a kid: On a scale of 1-10, I give this show a 10 in the way of kid shows, and a letter grade of A+! It may seem dull for adults, but it is very educational, and valuable for the future of kids who will one day be grown ups like us.

"Batman" (1966)
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Crazy, but I still like it, 28 July 2002

This show is completely nuts! It is SO goofy, and I can realize that now that I'm older. I watched this from when I was 7-12, and always loved it. I still like to watch it whenever they air the re-runs, but now laugh AT it, not WITH it! I've heard of crime fighting, but this is ridiculous! STILL, I like to watch it because I'm a fan of Adam West and Burt "HOLY" Ward! I'd recommend it to all kids who like super-heros, but any body else had better prepare themselves for the "cheesiest" ride of their lives! "HOLY TELEVISION! IT'S ON EVERY DAY NOW!" So folks, tune in tomorrow (and every day): same bat time, same bat channel!

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Great movie, 11 April 2002

I only saw this movie once, back in 1995. However, I remember how I always liked the book when I was a kid, and this was just as good. A boy found an alien in his cereal box, who advised him to stay away from a new kid at school. The new kid at school (Dorf) was also an alien, and the most popular kid in school. However, Dorf was a bad guy, and it was up to Henry to save the world! I hope someday they air this movie again, as I'd really like to see it again. If it is aired again, I'd recommend it for you, if you like adventures!

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Voice-overs ruin the humor!, 19 July 2003

Personally, I like this show. The videos sent in are funny, but just like the other "funniest" shows, the stupid voice-over jokes in the background take all the humor out of it. In order to enjoy the show, I have to mute the TV just to find them funny! When I do that, they are humorous. Unlike America's Funniest Home Videos, the videos sent in are cute/funny and done well. They rarely show dumb clips of people/animals getting hurt, and therefore they are funny. But AGAIN, they should "de-voice" that Matt guy who does the corny joke voice-overs, as his dumb jokes take all the fun out of the good videos. If it weren't for him, I would give this show an A. BUT, for now I have to give it a C-, and him an FFF! I would say that 9/10 of the videos sent in are funny and well done.

Beethoven's 4th (2001) (V)
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The first two were enough!, 22 December 2001

To anybody who hasn't seen any Beethoven Movies, I would strongly recommend watching the first two great movies, and then stopping! Beethoven and Beethoven's 2nd were excellent movies, with the great actors Charles Grodin, Bonnie Hunt, and Nichole Tom! The third and fourth didn't have any of these actors, had dumb plots, different characters which were acted poorly, and were very dull! Hasn't anybody ever heard of quitting while you're ahead!

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LOUSY! Two were plenty!, 30 April 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

WHAT?! Stupid, dumb, poor scripted, sad, awful... Those aren't enough words to describe it! The first movie was good, the second was outstanding, so why couldn't they have made this one the best, which would have been a perfect conclusion? If you haven't seen this and would like to, I'd recommend stopping at the second! HERE COMES SPOILERS:

SPOILERS: First, the great guy Gordon Bombay can't even coach them anymore. Second, they are placed in a good academy, but are treated like dirt, and are badly bullied by bigger kids on the varsity team. There is very little hockey played, and like he should be--Charlie is furious with the new coach (a jerk at first) and the awful time he's having. Things improve, but what I hated was that their good friend Hans died. BAD ENOUGH THAT WE HAVE TO DEAL WITH THAT IN REALITY, so why did they make them lose such a close friend?! FINALLY, things start improving, when coach O'Rion gets his head out of his butt and starts being nice. UNFORTUNATELY, Bombay never comes back! They win the Hockey game and get their two MVPs back, but don't have what they started with! Not only that, but it was just a TERRIBLE ending to the great first two movies! Poorly written, and definitely not as much effort and hard work as the second! Why was the second so wonderful, and the third GARBAGE?!!!!

I strongly suggest stopping at the second. This was terrible, and I give it a grade of D, and a LOW 3!

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No Classic, but a good plot, 25 April 2009

This movie is great for kids, and any kid should see it. Many teens and adults may find this movie wasteful, but anyone who keeps an open mind and makes efforts to "read between the lines" can really see that there is a lesson to be learned.

As in reality, there are many towns such as the fictional rural town this movie takes place in. In such towns (with closed industrial mills and no jobs,) you will find kids with too much time on their hands like in this movie. At the beginning, the kids didn't see a point to their lives and just didn't care. Sheriff Tom Palmer (Guttenberg) didn't have much of a life either. Anna Montgomery comes to town as the school teacher and really turns them around. She really teaches them to believe that they are no less of people than anyone else and that with hard work and persistence, one can achieve their goals. They don't even know how to play soccer in the beginning, but it goes to show that hard work, heart, persistence, belief, and teamwork can go a long ways. Anna Montgomery is a terrific teacher, coach, and leader. Towards the end, anyone can tell that they are changed for the better and learn to believe in themselves on and off the field, thanks to true leadership.

I admit, this is not a movie with tons of adventure and excitement. Though it may not be a classic like Forrest Gump or Citizen Kane; it really is a great family movie and really goes to prove a point. I recommend it to anyone with a family and a heart to see the good that can come with good leadership and teamwork.

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