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The Visitor (2007/I)
Very touching (sad but a good point), 31 January 2011

This is a very good movie. It really goes to show that a person's life can be changed. The professor was an unhappy man at first, but the unexpected encounters really changed who he was. It really does the man good.

As a warning, don't be surprised if what looks to be good turns sad on you. The ending is not what you may expect, and was not what I had hoped for. HOWEVER, it is still a great movie and very touching. Though the professor was a totally changed man by the end, and found new hope and new reason. Be prepared for some sad moments, but if you read between the lines, you'll see how positively transformed a person can be with new inspirations and new paths they unexpectedly take.

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From unmissable to unwatchable, 20 October 2010

In the Bob Barker days, this show as an absolute 10. Bob Barker was very charming, entertaining, caring about the contestants, and just fun to watch. Announcer Rod Roddy made it all the more fun with his great sense of humor and wonderful talents. Then, things started to go down hill when Roddy's health deteriorated and sub-announcers made it boring. Luckily, Rich Fields was a good replacement announcer.

As everyone knows, Drew Carey replaced Bob Barker in 2007 when Barker retired. It has never been the same. Drew is a comedian, not a game show host announcer. Now, even fields is gone, having been fired by the fools who couldn't see he was the only good thing left. The models are still pretty, but they don't have the charm the old ones did. The spirit of that show is really gone. Worse yet, the efforts to see the show in person are a nightmare. One must wait in line outside for hours, go through countless screenings and checks, and wait too long. The selection is extremely unfair, as they pick contestants on how you look in a very brief pre-screening, instead of fairly drawing names out of a hat. Security is very rude, and it is so loud in the studio--it's hard to even hear yourself think.

Bob, you are sorely missed. In Rod We Trust to make the show comeback someday with a much better host than Drew Carey, and boot new announcer JD Roberto. Then, maybe loyal friends in true will be able to watch the show again. For now, the spirit of the show has died and is no longer worth watching if remember the past three decades and before to compare it to.

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No Classic, but a good plot, 25 April 2009

This movie is great for kids, and any kid should see it. Many teens and adults may find this movie wasteful, but anyone who keeps an open mind and makes efforts to "read between the lines" can really see that there is a lesson to be learned.

As in reality, there are many towns such as the fictional rural town this movie takes place in. In such towns (with closed industrial mills and no jobs,) you will find kids with too much time on their hands like in this movie. At the beginning, the kids didn't see a point to their lives and just didn't care. Sheriff Tom Palmer (Guttenberg) didn't have much of a life either. Anna Montgomery comes to town as the school teacher and really turns them around. She really teaches them to believe that they are no less of people than anyone else and that with hard work and persistence, one can achieve their goals. They don't even know how to play soccer in the beginning, but it goes to show that hard work, heart, persistence, belief, and teamwork can go a long ways. Anna Montgomery is a terrific teacher, coach, and leader. Towards the end, anyone can tell that they are changed for the better and learn to believe in themselves on and off the field, thanks to true leadership.

I admit, this is not a movie with tons of adventure and excitement. Though it may not be a classic like Forrest Gump or Citizen Kane; it really is a great family movie and really goes to prove a point. I recommend it to anyone with a family and a heart to see the good that can come with good leadership and teamwork.

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From unmissable, to unwatchable! (Should of quit while they were ahead.), 29 April 2006

I remember when this was the best show on TV. Bravo to Matt Groening for when it was. It was so funny and entertaining from its premiere in 1989 until about 2002. They had great characters, story lines, humor, etc. After that, it became way too "far fetched." Now days, episodes are way too unrealistic. I know it's just a cartoon, but it used to seem possible. Suddenly, they got new writers, new story lines, and changed the plot. Ever since, the things done on the show have become so bogus and bizarre, nothing is enjoyable anymore. In the old days, this show made you think about how dumb everyday people are sometimes. NOW, dumb people seem smart compared to how dumb and unrealistic this show can be. My recommendation: Get seasons 1-13 on DVD, and avoid ever watching any new episodes. Hasn't anyone ever heard of quitting while they're ahead?!?!?!?!

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Suprizingly excellent!, 23 May 2005

WOW, I was very impressed with this movie. I didn't think it would be so well done, entertaining, enjoyable or marvelous! Considering it was based on a simple picture book, I didn't think there would even be very many words spoken. Tom Hanks and company put together a great film. This was a great adventure for all ages, and anybody who went into it with an open mind.

On a scale of 1-10, I definitely give it a high 9 and letter grade of A. It is definitely worth seeing, and will probably become a Holiday classic many years from now. I recommend Polar Express to anybody with an imagination and who likes a good adventure!

Shrek 2 (2004)
Only 8.5/10, not 10 like the first!, 2 February 2005

YES, this movie was funny. It was even a tad bit more adventurous than the first. However, like many sequels, it can't measure up to the first. I don't know what it is, but this movie is missing something. It isn't as funny as the first movie, and there are times that just don't fit in with the whole Shrek story. The ending was slightly disappointing, as they didn't end up the way I'd hoped. However, you (like many) may disagree and be glad about it! Not much else to say about it. If I hadn't first seen the original Shrek, I would've loved this movie. That's the problem when the first movie is such a success, the sequel is expected to be equally as good, if not better! On the other hand, if you see the original Shrek first, then you can't understand it as well! My advise is to watch Shrek 1, then watch Shrek 2 BEING PREPARED that it just isn't as good of humor as the first.

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Good show, despite several faults, 28 October 2004

This really was a good show. Whether or not you like Steve Urkel, it is not a bad show. I always did find Steve Urkel funny, and he really did have a good heart, just not a good way of showing it. The only problem I see, is eventually--everything got old and the only thing that kept them standing was Urkel. The youngest girl (Judy) left the show, and suddenly they pretended like she never existed instead of saying that she was still there, just never showing her. Unfortunately, Rachel and grandma Estelle didn't last and they also left the show. At least they sometimes appeared as guest stars, as Judy wasn't even a family member any more!

NO, Steve Urkel did NOT steal the show. Yes, he was a favorite, but that's part of the reason the show was such a success. Point being, (until about the last three seasons) they managed to still make the show entertaining and enjoyable, with AND without Urkel. Some episodes barely had any Urkel scenes. What did bother me, Urkel was always funny, but in the last few seasons, he was all they had left. For example, Laura was old enough to dress however she wanted after she was 18, yet Carl got mad at her about it. It's unfortunate that without Urkel, the show became quite slow during the last few seasons. It's nice that every body improved themselves so much, especially Steve. Laura came to realize what a good heart Steve had, and that he really did mean well. What would have really helped, is if they had just quit after the Spring of 1996 (which was planned originally.) If they had, they would have been a success the whole time. Unfortunately, from 1996-1998, it got boring and only Urkel was left popular. That's why quitting while they were ahead really would have been to their advantage.

If you want a good adventure, laugh and family show, this show (episodes from start-1996) is perfect for you. Just avoid the last few years, as they really did get boring (unless you only watch it because of Urkel, then you'll always like it!)

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Great show, should've lasted longer, 19 August 2004

This show was really a good family comedy, and should have lasted longer. Some people preferred the first season, when the older brother dressed as "Mama J." to keep the family together after losing their parents. Many criticized them for copying Mrs. Doubtfire, but it had a totally different plot and was still funny. It was then pulled off the air from December, 1994; to March, 1995. After that, they changed the plot, saying that Josh (the oldest brother) was granted custody. That was good too. Naturally, that way wasn't as humorous, but was still a good show for the family. It's too bad it didn't last longer. It really would have worked if they hadn't based it on "Mama J." as being the only funny character, as people would have liked it anyway, AND Josh could have continued to dress as her but not as often.

Too Cool!, 12 August 2004

I loved this movie! Most movies these days have a lot of violence and dumb things happening. Movies like these are innocent, creative, adventurous, and make you stop and think.

Jenna was a girl growing up in the 80's. It was her 13th birthday, and she had the popular girls over for her party. It didn't go as she'd hoped, so she made a wish. They say "be careful what you wish for, it might come true." IT DID! Jenna woke up the next morning (16 years later!), not knowing what was going on. She was lost, and didn't know who to turn to. She had a very interesting adventure. Just imagine when you were 13, if you'd had to live the life of a grown up! Wouldn't be so easy, would it?!

Yeah, I'm a guy, and this was a "chick flick" but who cares! Chick flicks are harmless, don't give you nightmares, and you can just enjoy them! If you're up for a good laugh and interesting adventure, this movie is great for you. I give it an 9/10 overall, and recommend it to anybody with a heart!

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Awesome!, 22 August 2003

Now this one was GREAT! I work at a movie theater, so I get to see a lot of movies. I just got done screening this one, and it was probably the funniest movie I have seen this year! I wasn't expecting it to be that great, but I haven't laughed so hard since who knows when!

This guy Tom has a really strict and mean boss who has a daughter (Lisa) Tom obviously has it for. He somehow gets invited to their home one night, and things go bananas from there! Let's just say a lot of crazy people come, lot's of really weird (but hilarious) things happen, EVERYTHING goes wrong for poor Tom who is trying his best but can't stop it, and worst of all--this all happens when the boss is away and putting trust in poor Tom. While all this is happening, Tom is trying SO hard to make a good impression for Lisa, but she always catches him at the worst possible place/time! Can Tom do anything to get out of the mess he's in, keep his job, and most important--get Lisa to like him?

If you love good comedies like I do, this movie is perfect for you! For the first time in quite a while, I give this movie a good solid A grade, and 9.7/10! If you want a good laugh and to see that life is a ball again, go watch this great film!!!!!!!!!!

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