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The end is near....., 7 June 2003

There is nothing I can add to anyone's opinion about Nemo that hasn't already been said. What I find sad is the fact that a near perfect marriage between Pixar and Disney will soon come to an end due to Micheal Eisner's seemingly eternal greed. Pixar's contract with Disney will end with their next film,and I'm certain that they will not renew,especially with companies like Dreamworks out there.To make a long story short,Eisner claims that sequels don't count with the original agreement between Pixar and Disney. This seems to have been a huge surprise to Pixar after the release of Toy Story 2. It's the reason that we will never see a Toy Story 3,or a sequel to A Bug's Life,etc. I'm sure that legally,Lord Farrquaad has taken steps to assure that Pixar will never be able to use these characters without involving the Disney Co.,but it will be interesting to see what Pixar will create post Disney while Eisner basks in the glory of such classic film releases of Country Bears,or Brother get the idea. If there is anyone from Walt's family that has any control over this beast,PLEASE get rid of him before he turns one of the greatest companies on the planet into entertainment's ENRON.

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Fun with Bela!, 12 April 2003

I'm so pleased that everyone who bothered to comment on this film did so in a positive light. It really is a lot of fun and,for what it's worth,the Alpha DVD release is the best print I've seen to date,and is extremely affordable,although I wouldn't be adverse to spending top dollar for,oh let's say,a Criterion release. Well,I can dream,can't I?

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Oh Joy! Rapture!, 6 May 2002

Since the dawn of DVD,I've waited and hoped for this title. The wait has been well worth it. Do not walk,RUN,and get your copy now of the greatest Rockumentary to date. Never ending thanks to Martin Scorcese and Robbie Robertson.

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Next,please, 23 December 2001

Well,I've always loved the music of Louis Armstrong,and was quite excited to view this disc,self proclaimed as the "Definitive Bio",though it is interesting,and does have some fabulous performance footage,I felt I wanted more once it ended...kinda like watching "The Complete Beatles",and then seeing "The Beatles Anthology". A nice attempt,but I hope another one comes along that really gives the Satchmo story what it deserves.

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What happened to the Stooges?, 3 September 2001

I just watched this classic film again on TCM,which I taped last year,and although it is as wonderful as everyone states,what happened to the shot of "The 3 Stooges"? Their name still appears in the opening credits but the shot of them near the end of the film,as firemen on the scene to 'help' is,for me,noticably missing! I don't know if this is just TCM's print,but I'm afraid to buy the DVD if this brief but 'must have' shot is missing!! No one in my area rents this,including Netflix. Can anyone out there clue me in?

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An incomparable classic, 29 July 2001

After reading some of the negative comments on this film,I felt I must add a comment or two,myself. God bless you,Carl Reiner for taking one of the most laugh out loud novels (By Robert Klane) and turning it into my favorite black comedy classic. My mother,God rest her, was,in many ways very similar to Ruth Gordon's masterful portrayal. While my Mother was still alive,I found many reasons to laugh at some of her shennanagins,especially her treatment of me,and now that she's passed,I have fond,funny memories that if it were not for this film,I'd have spent a lot more time in therapy than I had to. Criticising the film,It's direction,or any of the actor's performences is,to me,ridiculous and can only be a lack of knowledge of the art of acting or cinema in general. Is it the greatest comedy ever produced? No. But it certainly is among the most unique. On newer prints,however,I would avoid the last few minutes of the film,as it does change the overall flavor,and should have ended as it did in it's theatrical releases. Just turn the tape off as you hear the song,"I Don't want to go like this,so I'll just go like that..."

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Pooh,Pooh,Mr. Maltin., 7 July 2000

Yes,friends and fellow commenters,this is certainly one of greatest growing up guilty pleasures of my library.I know there's a DVD version but I wonder if any effort was made to restore it.Anyone? All the VHS versions are pretty choppy in spots. This film has taken quite a beating over the years from our beloved critics,you know,experts like Leonard Maltin (Wasn't he the host and connoisseur of "The Little Rascals" shorts who referred to the character of Mr. Crutch as Mr. Stitch?)who dismissed it as a bomb. However,it's a fine little 50's B-Pic,particularly for Chaney fans.



1776 (1972)
Peter Hunt,if your out there...., 19 June 2000

An absolutely fabulous musical that is woefully underrated.If you have not seen the Pioneer special edition laser version of this film,believe me,you haven't seen it unless you were fortunate enough to be at the premiere at Radio City Music Hall back in '72 when the full version was played for one day until it was mercilessly cut.Please Peter Hunt,if your out there,so much work and care was brought to the laser version,especially your commentary,please,please don't let it die there.We need this masterpiece on DVD so that we can all own as pristine a copy as possible.


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It can be had on VHS, 10 June 2000

Yes,boils and ghouls,this 50's B-movie gem,and a gem it is,can be had on vhs.Contact Cinema Classics in New York City (Manhattan). They have it for about twenty bucks. Although the print is not perfect,it's as good as any you remember seeing in the old "Creature Feature" days. If you enjoy this film as much as I,you also may want to check out Mr. Landres other 50's gem,"Return of Dracula"(aka "Curse of Dracula").Francis Lederer plays the count and this one's as much fun as "Mark of the Vampire".Happy Hunting!