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Superfire (2002) (TV)
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If only they had all burned, 1 November 2003

Whilst on night-shift I happened to catch this durge on Sky movies. All I can say is that after about half of it I wished I was in the center of that fire. I know it's a TV movie and on a low budget but thats no excuse for making a film that made me want to scoop my eyeballs out with a rusty teaspoon. Avoid at all costs.

Slick, Stylish and unusual thriller, 15 September 2001

I can understand why a lot of people hated this film. Its not the easiest of films to watch, kind of reminds me of reading american psycho. After I got through the first half hour (which was pretty horrific) I started to enjoy the film. certainly not a film for the faint hearted but a dark look inside the mind of a serial killer.

Horrifying, Violent Brilliance, 18 July 2001

A clockwork orange is not for people without an open mind. Nor is it for people that have problems dealing with Rape and "ultra violence". In fact as most people who watch this are already aware of its shocking content, I needent go on about it. This film is quite simply awesome. It portrays a young gang who are evil beyond belief. With no morals or conscience these men rape and attack people with brutal concequencies. It is shot brilliantly and acted fantastically. The storyline is bizarre but still amazing. The dialogue is even more bizarre but extremely effective, all in all one of kubricks best films.

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Great Soundtrack..Tired film, 18 July 2001

Im a huge fan of the series and was extremely wary of the fact it had been stretched to 88 minutes....and rightly so.....after the first couple of jokes they never improved....which was what made the series so never tired of the jokes because it was a 2 minute clip. That said it was a good attempt to transfer on to film what should have stayed on tv...but it should have stayed on TV. 2 out of 5

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John Woo hoo, 21 July 2000

Well, what can I say...I went into this film with my 'this is going to be crap' head on and came out with my 'that was crap, but strangely enjoyable' head on. The plot itself is completely laughable..but then its supposed to be...the action scenes are totally unbelievable...but again, they're supposed to be...and the film itself moulds together like badly mixed cement, yet I walked out of the cinema grinning like Tom Cruise with the knowledge that John Woo had done it again, made a film out of nothing. Ive read a lot of criticisms about MI2, and completely understand them, however youve got to remember that this film wasnt made for the oscars, it was made to sell, and it sells itself very well. All in all, a great action film if a little over the top.....8 out of 10

Rounders (1998)
lets play some cards, 21 July 2000

What an outstanding film, and this is a person who finds cards boring.Outstanding performances from all cast members....a must see if youre into wheeling and dealing films....lock stock without the violence....9 out of ten