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If this is real police work..., 10 June 2000

Well, after I watched some episodes of this series, I asked myself why so many Germans watch this TV-series... I mean, in one episode there's a huge crash on the highway, with explosions and obviously heaps of injured people, and the first thing the two "policemen" did was to get out their guns and shoot into this wall of fire!!! Not caring about whether they shoot anybody, not caring about anything! In another episode there was another crash (surprise, surprise...) and the ambulance came. Did anybody notice that the crash took place on the highway near Berlin and the ambulance car was from Wuppertal (which is more than 600 kilometres far from Berlin)? Huh, seems to me that this ambulance car was beamed over to Berlin, eh? Well, at last the makers of this series changed the place to Cologne (where the series has always been made!)... Great work, boys, really, great work...

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Something for real fans..., 7 June 2000

... but I liked it (I'm a fan)!!! I suppose the story is quite hard to understand for someone who doesn't know the video game, and those who know it might say, the game is better, but I really think it's a movie to be watched!

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Better than Top Gun!, 7 June 2000

I really like Pensacola, it's a perfect mix of action, drama and war... But I like the first episodes much more than the later ones, I liked the actors more, that is...

So, if I had to recommend the series to anybody, all I'd like to say is: Watch it!!!