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It's a scary one, folks., 23 October 2001

This movie messed with my mind like no other. There's some truly disturbing sights and sounds that will stick with you long after you finish watching (put the DVD on slo-mo during the video screen playbacks for some nightmare material). I saw this on a bright sunny afternoon and left the theater jumping at my own shadow. I hesitate to watch it alone at night.

Ski School (1990)
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classic college film, 7 June 2000

I discovered this film back in college a few years ago, and it is easily one of the most fun and quotable films I've seen. Keep your finger near the FF button so you can skip some of the mandatory skiing scenes, or just use that time to grab another beer! Definitely a guy film--women I've shown this to just don't appreciate the humor. I've bought three copies as gifts so far--where's the DVD?!? "I could dance with you til the cows come home--better still, I could dance with the cows til you come home."