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One of the best guest star performances in CM history., 25 December 2013

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Patrick Stafford plays the unsub and 911 operator and he adopts the perfect soothing voice to talk to callers and kids he takes from parents who have major problems. Stafford nailed this part and totally takes over the episode but because the episode has bookends involving Rossi and his ex-wife I feel that he might have even more time to stand out. But either way he stands out almost more than any other guest star. He has a monologue that is just one of the highlights in CM history. The show was intent on really delving into this character and not being a monster of week or whatever. Definitely want to highlight the writers Bruce Zimmerman and director Anna Foerster. Multi Emmy winner for The Bold and The Beautiful Heather Tom excels as one of the flawed parents.

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Drowning in a moral quagmire, 13 April 2013

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This episode is so compelling and interesting with a twist that leads to the quote from Jack McCoy about the moral quagmire.

The most interesting parts of the episode have to do with the discussions between Jack and Jamie for which Adam is a witness to and delivers some great lines about what a trial would be like with these kinds of issues which would be guaranteed to divide people! How could a verdict be unanimous? The first half with the investigation is also good too. Trying to deal with a schizophrenic possible victim Briscoe and Curtis have to maneuver a real mine field!

All the actors in both the regular cast and gust cast deliver. Waterston, Lowell and Hill along with Bratt and Orbach. Edie Falco as the defense lawyer and Erik Jensen and Marin Hinkle as well as a short role for Todd Stashwick.

Suzanne Oshry just wrote a really dynamite script here. Well directed by Chris Misiano.

Game Change (2012) (TV)
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A project reflecting extreme partisan hatred, 19 March 2012

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The extremely vicious and mean spirited Game Change reflects the donations that almost all the people involved gave the Obama campaign in 2008. Director Jay Roach, Writer Danny Strong, Producer Tom Hanks, and actors Julianne Moore and Ed Harris. HBO got this project to exploit the extreme liberal hatred of Palin and they made a movie of red meat to bash and try to ruin her. Now Palin decided not to run for President but when they were discussing this movie it was a possibility and Super Tuesday was very close to this movies air date. It was meant to be a major attack on a possible Republican Presidential nominee.

The movie's content is shocking in its viciousness. Palin doesn't know Germany, she doesn't know about the Prime Minister of England, North and South Korea, she "doesn't know anything" according to Schmidt played by Woody Harrelson. The movie makes no sense because how did she continue as VP nominee? No one makes that clear. First she doesn't know anything, then she becomes so mentally imbalanced they have a doctor spy on her to profile her for mental illness. Nowhere is it discussed anywhere if she should remain on the ticket. Later on McCain played by Ed Harris said he could turn on him. How did she gain control of everyone and the campaign? She was working for them. She could have been let go as VP running mate and the mental illness and doctor profile could have been made public.

There are so many lies in this movie it is hard to keep track of them all. She never wanted to be on the stage with pro-choicers'? When did Joe Liberman stop being pro-choice? How about Rudy Guilani? The movie is bizarre in its claims that are easily disproved. She opposes all Stem Cell research? Since when? The movie says she was addicted to the Atkins diet which is opposed by a half dozen people.

This movie uses her public mistakes to create wild fantasy about her behind the scenes conduct. You think the woman portrayed in this movie would ever be allowed to do a VP debate? "Right after we profile her for mental illness we will put her out to debate Biden for VP!" Schmidt and Wallace did horrible jobs and want to put all the blame on Palin by making up a supremely ridiculous story.

This is a movie that just makes no sense and it is an example of the extreme partisan hatred that is very prevalent now but usually just blamed on Republicans.

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Carter's performance is good but the script has problems, 18 March 2011

The Theory of Flight has a good performance from Bonham Carter but in a underdeveloped role. Too much of Branagh's character. Her "My Left Foot" the movie is not. It was directed by Paul Greengrass before he went all shaky cam. A movie that was more about Carter's character would have been better because her performance is so good that it deserved the Oscar buzz it received. Because the movie is not about her however and is so focused on Branagh's unbalanced but not as interesting character the movie is basically just OK rather than being a film like My Left Foot. The direction from Greengrass has some interesting moments but a lot of time there is just too much overdoing of scenes with Branagh.

Excellent movie, 13 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Bright Star was excellent. Cornish and Whishaw gave great performances. The final scene of the movie with the Cornish reciting the poetry was a really good idea that was executed well. Enjoyed the Cornish/Schneider banter even if Schneiders accent was never clear. Jane Campion really returned to form with this movie. It was by far her best movie since The Piano. I liked Portrait of Lady but it was a step down from The Piano and of course In the Cut was not received well at all. The cinematography, costumes and sets were all top notch. Abbie Cornish was nominated for several awards for her performance but not enough. Oscar and BAFTA nominations were deserved for this very promising young actress.

Very Good, 15 April 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Really enjoyed An Education. Mulligan, Sarsgaard, Molina gave excellent performances. I considered doing a blind buy here but didn't but it really would have been worth it. Sarsgaard was really good-sure he was a creep but I would have liked it he had been nominated. Emma Thompson had the small role of head of that school but all here scenes were well acted and her and Mulligan had good dialog (the screenplay was written by Nick Hornby) in their scenes. A downside is that I could believe that the parents would allow her to go to Oxford but Paris was a bit much-also it may have been too blunt how seduced they were by David. Banana scene was funny. Olivia Williams is good as the main teacher in the life of the main character. The film was directed by the really talented Lone Scherfig.

Brothers (2009/I)
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Impressive, 15 April 2010

I saw the Danish Brothers before I saw the remake and I read that the remake was too polished or studied but I thought the remake was able to evoke some of the original in tone. Tobey Maguire did a great job with PTSD. The girls birthday party and the trashing of the kitchen were where Maguire really acted well. Before I saw it I wondered about the actors being all a decade younger than the ones in the original but I think it worked. Directed by Jim Sheridan the movie is well acted across the board. The small roles are well cast like Sam Shepard as the father. He is very good. I also liked seeing Mare Winningham and Clifton Collins Jr. The girls who play Maguires daughters are also great. With this and In America he shows he really can direct kids realistically.

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Maggie Smith steals this great movie, 5 September 2008

In this version of Richard III the action has been moved to England in the 1930's. The move to this time period is flawless. While not as good as Titus (which is similar) this is a great film with fine performances. Maggie Smith as the Duchess of York steals this movie with her expert handling of Shakespeare. The scene she has with Ian McKellan (Richard III)by the stairs is amazing. Maggie Smith should have been a candidate for an Oscar for Best Supporting actress, a truly flawless performance. Annette Bening is very moving as Queen ELizabeth. Her best scene is in front of the building where her sons are being held prisoner by Richard. Krisitn Scott-THomas is riveting as Lady Anne. Ian McKellan is astounding as RIchard III. This is probably his best performance (even better than his performance as James Whale in "Gods and Monsters.") THe costumes and sets are also expertly done. Richard III is a near masterpiece.

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Parks Nails It, 5 September 2008

A musical biopic of Al Jolson which stars Larry Parks. Parks got an Oscar nomination as did William Demarest who plays Jolson's mentor. Parks is excellent as Jolson. He has a real sense of enthusiasm and his eyes are expressive. You can see why he became a legendary entertainer. Jolson was the star of The Jazz Singer, the first "talkie." The black face is disturbing, but it was a popular form of entertainment. You hear Jolson's singing of hits like Mammy.

One of the main selling points of the movie is not only Parks performance but the all of the scenes that led to Jolson becoming an entertainer. You see scenes from his youth and his family life. The actor who portrays the young Jolson is very good.

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Excellent worth watching, 5 September 2008

Holocaust is an excellent miniseries. The acting by Michael Moriarty, Meryl Streep, James Woods, Rosemary Harris, and other cast members is very good. One of the most powerful scenes in the entire miniseries is when the Streep character (who is a Christian) goes to church and the Priest starts to criticize the persecution of the Jews. As most of the congregation starts to walk out she sits their stoically. Moriarty convincingly transforms from fairly liberal German to someone who participates in crimes against the Jews. Also interesting is the script which repeatedly brings up why the Jews didn't fight harder against the Nazi's.

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