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Gloria (1999)
Sharon Stone as Gloria in Gloria (1999)
2 August 2007
The firs time I fell in love with Sharon Stone was in 1990's Total Recall and the last time I like her was in 1999 Gloria. Of course, I like her in Basic Instinct (1992) as Catherine Tramell and Sangre y arena aka Blood and Sand (1989) as Doña Sol.

There is something that I can't figure out. Sharon Stone looks her best in Total Recall. That was in 1990. Then, she failed to look good until 1999's Gloria. I think it must be the movie directors.

This movie is about Sharon Stone. If you like Sharon Stone, this is a must watch. You get to watch her close up all the time. You will see the gorgeous Sharon Stone running in high heels. My favorite quote - Nicholas 'Nicky' Nuñez: I like sleeping with you. Gloria: You're not the first guy to tell me that.

Jean-Luke Figueroa got to enjoy making this movie.
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Ellen Chan Nga Lun / Chan Ar Lun as Yuki in How to Pick Girls Up (1988)
2 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Ellen Chan was Hong Kong's popular movie director Wong Jing's favorite actress. In 1998, Ellen Chan made both How to Pick Up Girls and Inspector Wears Skirt. It was also the same time Hong Kong TVB start paying real attention to this rare beauty.

Eric Tsang stars as "Love Pain Killer", a radio talk show host who provides advice on chasing girls, but the fact is he's got a very ugly wife acted by Sandra Ng Kwan Yue.

The supposedly hot girls in this movie include Chingmy Yau, Maggie Cheung, and Elizabeth Lee. There were supposed to be the hot babes. But, in the middle of the movie, Ellen Chan (Yuki) appeared and really kicked their butt. None of them can compare with the gorgeous Ellen Chan.

Eric Tsang start courting Ellen and surprisingly it was easy. Very soon, they start going out together. Then later, they were starting making love. Everybody was thinking, damn this lucky bastard.

Ellen Chan started to become demanding wanting him to divorce his wife. Eric Tsang said his wife is having cancer there he needs time. Ellen brought Sandra together. We have the top class beauty vs. the home made ugliest. There is really not much choice. Ellen Chan and Sandra Ng appeared in Inspectors Wears skirt portraying the same perspective – best vs. worst. I am surprise that many years later in 2003, it was Sandra Ng who received the 2003 Best Actress Award at the Golden Horse Film Festival.

Hong Kong entertainment industry has become very dull. It could be the Chinese culture that they are shy in giving credits to beautiful woman. In the 80s and early 90s beautiful woman are all over the entertainment scene. The last 10 years were really different. They want to give all the awards and recognition to non beauties. I don't think this is what the viewers want, but the bosses seem to think that way. See what happen to Chingmy Yau and Elizabeth Lee? Back to the movie, Ellen Chan started to be very demanding storming to Eric Tsang's Radio station in her full red dress and threatening to die together for love.

At the end, it was all an Ellen Chan's trick. Ellen Chan was a psychologist and the cousin of Sandra Ng. Ellen wanted to teach him a lesson that beautiful woman are dangerous.

It becomes easier to accept as nobody will believe Ellen Chan will want a guy like Eric Tsang. Anyway, if given a choice nobody will want Sandra Ng when comparing with a top class beauty like Ellen Chan.
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A Must watch for Francoise Yip's fan
15 April 2004
This movie give you the most beautiful look of Francoise Yip. All men fought over her. Two of the men took off her red color shoe and smell them!!!

Do you know that Francoise was also a very good dancer? Take notice of this in the movie.

Bowie Lam must be very happy to get a chance to get close with this diva.

If you like Black Mask, you will like this movie.

One of the best scene was they all use Francoise's beauty to stop a car that they were going to hijack.
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Buried Alive II (1997 TV Movie)
Tracey Needham was excellent
6 April 2004
The story line for Buried Alive II and the first version of Buried Alive was about the same. In the first part, Tim Matheson was known as Clint Goodman who has a very beautiful wife Jennifer Jason Leigh as Joanna Goodman. Jennifer Jason Leigh was not satisfied with her husband therefore, she killed him.

This version is the same case. Stephen Caffrey is Randy Riskin and he had an unattractive wife Ally Sheedy as Laura Riskin. The obvious better choice is to have an affair with Tracey Needham as Roxanne.

But, script writers have not destroys beautiful woman like Jennifer Jason Leigh and Tracey Needham. They can't seem to understand that attractive woman want something more and all men love to be with attractive woman.

Tracey Needham's acting was extremely good.
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Joyce is a true beauty
5 April 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Spoiler Alert!! The main attraction in this movie is Jay Lau Kam Ling, acted as Joyce Lau. She is the girlfriend of Tony Leung Chiu Wai, acted as Tom Chan. Joyce is a very beautiful woman and very successful in her career. However, she did not look down on Tom since they have been together since they were kids. Joyce is everyman's dream, but somehow Tom feels he lacks something.

He went to look for a prostitute named Cat acted by Ann Bridgewater. Cat was not as attractive as Joyce. Joyce was a very honest, frank woman. She once told Tom `There is 15,000 young male millionaires in Hong Kong. I know half of them, that's 7,500. Out of that 40% of them have directly or indirectly gone after me, and I still choose you'. I am thinking, that works out to be 3,000 male who is attracted to her. So, if I work out the math, if she's say 28 years old and these people start dating her when she was 20, in the entire 8 years, she got at least one male going after her everyday!. Strange, but I believe her because she's so attractive.

Even Joyce knows Tom is useless and he had an affair with the prostitute, she still decides to marry him. But, during the wedding day, Tom refused to say `I Do', and Joyce had warned him not to do that. He embarrassed Joyce in front of so many people. Joyce quickly announced she was the one who dumped Tom. I really pity Joyce, she's such a wonderful woman. I hate Tom for hurting Joyce.
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Hayley Wagner, Star (1999 TV Movie)
Meghan Ory as the very attractive Caitlin Curren
29 January 2004
Warning: Spoilers

It is unfair. Meghan Ory was a popular girl in school and her life was perfect until the arrival of Bethany Richards. Bethany Richards is a spoilt girl who dreams about her past too much. She even annoyed Alyson Hannigan! How can Jane McGreggor be so obsessed with Bethany Richards when Meghan Ory was obviously better? Nick Cornish was a totally foolish guy. What is the chance of having someone like Meghan Ory eyeing on him? Meghan Ory did not do anything unreasonable, but the ending of having her voice muted while the whole school was anticipating her great performance as the beautiful Juliet is too harsh of a punishment. REVIEW - Meghan Ory as the very attractive Caitlin Curren in Hayley Wagner, Star (1999) (TV).

Bethany Richards is a very annoying and unattractive girl always thinking that she's a movie star which in fact, she is nothing at all. Bethany Richards went into high school and there was the very beautiful supermodel like Caitlin Curren acted by Meghan Ory. Caitlin Curren is very sexy, great body, nice long blonde hair, and her mouth is so sweet.

Bethany Richards walked into the high school and acted arrogantly, Caitlin Curren taught her a lesson by giving her wrong direction. There was a girl who loves to be with Caitlin Curren. Something likes her bodyguard. Somehow Bethany Richards has a friend, and that was Mira (Jane McGreggor). Mira was somehow not attracted to the gorgeous Caitlin Curren.

When Bethany Richards walked into the class room, Caitlin Curren smartly teased her by saying her acting it's like a `stink' bomb. What a cool girl! Bethany Richards's friend (Mira) said Caitlin Curren is just jealous because before Bethany Richards came Caitlin Curren is the Star of the school. Bethany Richards said she hate and pity her. Bethany Richards must be dreaming that she could bring down Caitlin Curren's fame. But, the real fact is Caitlin Curren is the school's most admirable celebrity with lots of guys wanting to date her. Female friends will want to get close with her.

Bethany Richards like the new guy in school Peyton Bradley. Then, the school has a show for Romeo & Juliet. Caitlin Curren signed up and the school sees hope. Caitlin Curren is going to be the perfect Juliet. Caitlin Curren also warned Bethany Richards to stay away from Peyton because he belongs to her.

Caitlin Curren beat everyone in the petition for Juliet. The teacher loves her acting, her style and her beauty. He had decided Caitlin Curren as Juliet, but Bethany Richards came last and insist for the play. Caitlin Curren's guard wanted to go check her out, but Caitlin Curren said `Who care?' and changed her mind and asked her to go check out and report to her.

Caitlin Curren asked her guard how. She replied `Sad'. Caitlin Curren was happy to hear that but she said `She's good and she's getting the part.' Caitlin Curren then uses her beauty to seduce the teacher to get the role. The teacher must be blind to have considered Bethany Richards. And, how can Caitlin Curren's guard even say Bethany Richards is good?

The final list has revealed. Caitlin Curren is the ultimate Juliet. Bethany Richards's friend cheated Caitlin Curren that there is something called the Juliet curse. Caitlin Curren even asked Peyton to go out during weekends, but he said he wanted to go out with Bethany Richards. Caitlin Curren was angry.

Note - Alyson Hannigan as Jenna Jakes was in the movie for a while, and she's a babe.
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The Powers That Be (1992–1993)
Eve Gordon is beautiful as Jordan Miller
25 December 2003
John Forsythe is Sen. William Powers, he is very lucky to have a very beautiful and talented assistant Eve Gordon as Jordan Miller. Holland Taylor as Margaret Powers acted as the senator wife. But, she can't compare with the beautiful Jordan Miller.
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Zei wang (1995)
Police Torture Suki Kwan
24 December 2003
This is a great movie, pairing Suki Kwan Sau Mei as Ann Kwan Oi-Ling and Simon Yam as the greatest robbers in Hong Kong. Suki Kwan is a very attractive and smart woman and when her special intelligence, bank robbing is easy with Simon Yam leaving no evidence for the police.

Without evidence, the police gave Suki Kwan extreme torture in an attempt to make her confess in less than 48 hours. Poor Suki Kwan. The police should be sent to jail, and Suki should be released!
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Total Recall (1990)
A bullet on Sharon Stone's head
24 December 2003
After watching this movie so many time, I still can't accept the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger put a bullet in Lori's head for Melina. I mean Lori in the movie is a perfect woman. Lori didn't kill Arnold when she had a chance. She only wanted to bring him back for memory implant so that they can be together again. Lori wanted to kill Melina because Melina killed all her body guards and hurt her.

That Richter guy, he was taking way to long to get to Lori. He was late twice for saving Lori. And Cohaagen is mad. Why he had to send Lori to Arnold? Arnold punched Lori in the face earlier.
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Great Performance By Suki Kwan Sau Mei
23 December 2003
This movie is all about the great beauty (Pauline) acted by Suki Kwan Sau Mei as triad leader's wife. Her beauty encouraged Daniel to become an undercover cop, however, he admires Pauline very much.

With Anya as Daniel Wu's girl friend, not wonder he's searching for better alternative. Eric Tsang was great as the No. 1 leader in the triad but sill loyal and faithful to her charming wife - Pauline.
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EXTREME CHALLENGE - Jacqueline Li as Karen was very sexy
22 September 2002
Marital artists from all over the world congregate and compete at the first world martial arts competition to be held live on the internet. Stunt maestro Tung Wei directs Ken Chang and a list of martial artistes in this exciting competitive actioner where friendship, betrayal and hidden agendas go hand in hand. Director Tung promises a great competition setting and adrenaline pumping fight scenes.

Ken Cheung (Chi Hiu), Patricia Ja Lee, Jacqueline Li, Yeung Chuen Ai, Paul Rapouski, Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho), Ken Wong (Hap Hei)..

Film Director(s): Stephen Tung Wai Film Producer(s): David Chan, Shi Jiu Hui Released: 2001 [Hong Kong]

MUST LOOK OUR FOR Jacqueline Li as Karen. She was very sexy
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Diana Pang Dan - Brother Forever
22 September 2002
Diana Pang Dan has acted in many movies. But her most sexy appearances are in the movie title `Brother Forever'. She's got everything - beauty, sexy, body, attitude, intelligence and fashion all at 100% perfect mode. After so many Diana Pang's movie her looks in this movie is the most desirable.

In the movie Brother Forever, there is no worth watching stars other than Diana Pang. She acted as the mistress of the Taiwan mafia. The boss love her so much, that he will buy her mansion, beat his own daughter, and do everything for her. But Diana wanted more; she wants to be the boss.

This guy came to seek revenge and like the mafia's daughter, and not attracted to Diana. He even almost exposed Diana's plan. The big boss has 2 guards. Both of them love and respect Diana and are ready to betray the boss. Diana even has an affair with one of them.

Then, there was this drug deal lead by Diana. I do not know why the boss will let Diana be the front to be exposed to possible danger. Anyway, she appeared at the port with about 6-7 guards. Wearing tight fitted leather, black skirt, and high heels, she walk like super model to the port. Waited for a while, and she gets cautious and started scolding his people for poor arrangement of time. When she sees the other party approaching, she asked everyone to be careful, which means take precious care of her.

Her guards proceed with the dealing and she just stand there look pretty, and monitoring potential threats. Suddenly, she heard police siren, she turned around and look shocked, and she turned around and ran towards the boat. Damn, the police are firing shots at her. Somehow, none of the police manage to shoot her. You can see she is running sexily in her tight outfit and high heels. She hides behind and boat and started returning fire. Wow, she was hot. She was sure the police would never hit her. Then she notices one of his people was betraying her. Somehow, she manages to escape. I have played this part many times, and I can't figure out how she escapes. Maybe, the police let her go or something.

Later, she decides to take control and attempt to kill the boss with her 2 loyal guards. Suddenly, one of her man, betray her and side the boss. She was shocked again. But after some struggling, they killed the boss. But, the strange man suddenly appeared and they all started fighting again. At the end, the police came and take Diana to jail. Diana was crying.

I don't understand. There is no evidence against Diana. During the drug deal, she was not directly involved, and she managed to escape. Now, no one sees her kill the boss except her own man. And I'm sure her man (the guy she had sex with) will never ever betray her even if it means spending his whole life behind bars. Then, the last fight was just and ordinary street fight, and she didn't even win the fight or kill anyone. Why are the police arresting Diana and not the guy?
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Ellen Chan's Career Peak in Pretty Ghost (1991)
21 June 2001
This movie was at the peak of Ellen Chan's career. Ellen acted as a beautiful office lady and all men in the office were going after her. She was wearing those black high heels, tight black skirt and red office blazer with long curly hair. Everybody just go crazy over her. Then there was this ghost acted by Rosemuan Kwan. How can they name this movie Pretty Ghost, they should have name it `Pretty Office Girl!'. Well at the end, Ellen did the right thing by not risking her life to save this guy. Smart girl.
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Sweet Sixteen – watch this movie for this pretty arrogant girl
21 June 2001
This movie was just an ordinary movie about a bunch of schoolgirls, the goods battling the bad. But, you must watch this movie for the leader of the bad girls knows as Cindy Phan in the movie. She was just so perfect, healthy skin, curly hair, great body, adorable attitude, and somehow she has very attractive mouth. Well, she led the girls to bully all the new comers and even the disables. She was the queen of the school with many followers and the greatest sports woman in the school with many boys going after her. Everything was perfect for her until this girl came into the picture and started challenging her in every ways…
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Sexy Spider Woman - A Chinese Odyssey, Part I (1994)
21 June 2001
This movie was about Chinese monkey god acted by Stephen Chow Sing Chi. other useless casts were Ng Man Tat and Karen Mok Man Wai. Athena Chu appeared a little and she was beautiful. But you got to really watch out for this very exotic super beautiful devil Spider woman played by Yammie Lam Kit Ying. She has a rose tattoo on her body. She went to the desert and kicks the bandit's entire butt. Her sister Karen Mok who falls in love with Monkey God betrayed her. When Yammie wanted to kill the Monkey God, they tricked her and almost crushed her neck. Another time she was tricked and accidentally has sex with the ugly Ng Man Tat. She was angry and she cried thinking `The world is unfair, I am as beautiful as flower, how can I got pregnant with this ugly man?'
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Guilty as Sin (1993)
Rebecca Demornay looks the best in Guilty as Sin (1993)
21 June 2001
Rebecca made Guilty as Sin so interesting. Acting as the best lawyer (Jennifer Haines) in the city, she wears that corporate business lady suite and makes intelligent statements in court and her body languages made everybody awake. No lawyer I have seen in my life in any movie was as beautiful, intelligent and sharp as her.
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Top Squad (1988)
Very Pretty Ellen Chan - Inspector Wears Skirts (1988)
21 June 2001
This was a typical Hong Kong police movie with girls being trained to be super cop. It is worth watching because of Ellen Chan (known as Jean) in the movie. She acted as the most pretty and outstanding, and smart girl in the lady cadet. All the lady cadets like her and the guy cadets keep on going after her. Other cast like Sandra Ng Kwan Yue and Alex Toh were unknown at that time. This movie was the masterpiece that makes Ellen Chan one of the most popular actresses in the late 80s and early 90s. When you watch this movie, expect your jaw to drop when you see Ellen.
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Married with Children (1986–1997)
Christina Applegate (Kelly Bundy) was the only reason to watch Married with Children.
21 June 2001
Kelly Bundy was really an American icon as beautiful sexy blonde lady in the 80s. And that was the only reason why people watch Married with Children, hoping that she will have more scene time in each series, wondering what tight skirt she is going to wear, what naughty statements was is going to say. Those blonde hair, tight skirt, perfect body, legs, attitude, and real pretty face are truly American's dream. A girl who every guy dreams and a girl who every woman wanted to be.
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Huo zhu gui (1989)
Burning Sensation - Lai Yin San as Sexy Ghost!
19 June 2001
The lead actress for this ghost movie is Miss Lai Yin San, who was the 1st Miss Asia Pacific. She appears in almost every scene in the movie, making the movie interesting. In fact, in the movie poster, she lay seductively right across the poster. The question is, why IMDB doesn't mention her name? Other cast like Dodo Cheng, Kenny Bee and Wu Ma were merely there as supporting roles. Well, Lai Yin San was an extremely beautiful ghost seeking revenge by killing men using her seductive ability. She managed to kill many men, until she met a fireman who was protected by another ghost (Dodo Cheng). Through out the whole movie you'll see Lai Yin San seducing people, and being hurt by Dodo Cheng. I couldn't say more on how beautiful she is, if you need her pictures, email me. I have tons of them. This movie is good because of Lai Yin San. No question!
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Parent Trap – Beautiful Bitch Elaine Hendrix
18 June 2001
Parent Trap was just a comedy about separate parents and 2 identical twins, but the interesting part was the very beautiful girl Meredith Blake acted by Elaine Hendrix. She was the intelligent, high class and hungry for money type whose plan was destroyed by these 2 kids with childish act like putting stones to her bag, putting lizard onto her hair and putting her into water while asleep. The last part where she screamed at the guy asking, `It is either me or them, you choose!' Guess what was the answer…
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Bad to the Bone (1997 TV Movie)
Kristy Swanson was very seductive!
2 February 2001
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers Kristy Swanson acted in this Movie called `Bad to the Bone' and the taglines for the movie were `She had good looks. A great body. And killer instinct.' Guess what this movie was all about.

Kristy Swanson acted as Francesca Wells, a drop dead gorgeous lady with great body and attractive attitude. Kristy stayed with her parents and a 17 year old younger brother (Jeremy London) who loves her. Kristy hates her parents.

Kristy's brother just love Kristy. His existence in life is just to protect Kristy. When Kristy helps him cut his hair, his heart melted. He will just do anything that Kristy tell him to do. Kristy get fed up with her parents and killed them and inherited millions. She then go out with a guy who owns a club. Eventually Kristy gets tired of this guy. Kristy never satisfy with anything.

Kristy plans to kill this guy, of course not risking herself. Kristy tells her brother how much she suffered being with this guy. Her brother get angry and suggest to kill him. Kristy was very smart, she did not mention anything, but to make it so attractive for his brother to initiate the killing. The guy went to kill him, while Kristy was having dinner with a guy to protect herself as possible witness. When the job was done, she went back to the house and the cops were there. She was shocked to find his brother came back to the house later and look for her because he missed her. Kristy was very angry, cause his appearance may may make her suspicious.

The cops get both of them for separate questioning. This woman cop asked Kristy, is it possible that his brother get jealous of her boy friend. She said admitted that. Wow, what a confidence lady. Anyway, Kristy was bailed out because a lawyer offer to pay for her freedom. Her brother will stay in jail. Kristy visited her brother in jail and use her sweet seductive skills to make sure that she will be 100% okay.

She flew away, have fun, and go out with many rich people. One day, she bought a newspaper and was shocked to find her face appeared as a wanted person. Her brother betrayed her. She tried to run away. Many people notice her when she was moving from town to town but no one wants to report her. Then she made a call to the prison in a phone booth and the police track her down.
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Passenger 57 (1992)
Liz Hurley was beautiful!
2 February 2001
Passenger 57 is a movie about terrorist in a plane. A team of police officer brings a suspect aboard. Wesley Snipe was an airline security expert on holiday. In the plane, Liz (Elizabeth Hurley) acted as Sabrina Ritchie, a beautiful airline stewardess. There was another black stewardess.

When the passengers came to the plane, a few of huge guys smile at Liz. Very professionally, Liz directs them to the right seat. Her first few scenes were extremely friendly, charming, sweet and warm. Then Liz met this black stewardess. She was amazed to see such a beautiful Liz on board. Liz was really very pretty. Her long straight blonde hair, pretty face, perfect body, and as usual seductive slang were very attractive. And, she looks gorgeous in that stewardess dress. Even though Liz and the black girl wore exactly the same uniform, Liz shines. Liz makes friend with her and kind of seduced her; cause Liz wants this black girl to be on her side. The way she talks, smile makes her the favorite among the stewards on the plane. Later, this black girl told Liz that there is a security officer (Wesley Snipe) on board. For a moment, she was shocked and feared that this guy may ruin her plans. Later, she thinks that all her bodyguards will ensure her safety and the execution of the plan.
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Francoise Yip Fong Wah in Romeo Must Die
6 June 2000
Francoise Yip Fong Wah is so pretty in Romeo Must Die. She has always acted with Jet Li. She's much more beautiful than the other black lady in the movie. In fact, Francoise saved the entire movie.

Her special appearance was only a few minutes. She just killed a few guys when Jet Li arrived. Riding a bike, dress in full black leather, she together with another killer chase Jet Li and want to have him killed. During the chase, the other killer was killed. Francoise tried to run but Jet Li attack back by driving his car towards her. She was in danger, but because she was very skillful, she managed to escape unhurt.

Later, the fight. When Françoise's helmet was removed, Jet Li realized that she was a pretty lady. Jet Li doesn't hurt lady, especially such a pretty one. Francoise tried to take advantage, but later Jet Li uses the body of this black girl to attack her. Jet Li has no intention of hurting her. In fact, Francoise is so sure that she'll win cause she'll never get hurt. Not to mention her great fighting skill.

At the end, during the fight, Jet Li kicked Francoise. She fell down and accidentally dropped onto on a sharp object and died on the spot. You can see from her face, that she was shock to end her life like this.
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