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You guys are too harsh, 5 March 2007

Geez it's not the Next Great Sitcom(tm) or anything, but it's not even close to "1 star". That's just silly. It's better than half of the sitcoms currently on TV, but only barely, so I think a "6" is better warranted. There's some real chemistry with the cast, and I actually laughed out loud a couple times, so I'm giving it a shot next week, too. The last line of the second episode tonight ("This isn't us...") was very genuine and clever, and if the show can find THAT tone more often, it'll last the year.

One other thing: I was a huge, huge Arrested Development fan. But surely even the most ardent AD fan will acknowledge the quality went down season by season. That's the problem when you start so brilliantly. At least this show has room to improve. ;)