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Looks fantastic on Blu-Ray, Despite story, 20 May 2009

This is a complete guilty pleasure for me. No it isn't a great film & Megan Fox is nothing more than eye candy but damn she looks good, although kind of whorish, but that's OK w/me. The sound, special effects & the huge set pieces are what make this a fun film. As good as it was in theaters it looks just as good @ home w/the Blu-Ray. Crank up the sound & wow it sounds cool. I have a Wide Screen 37 inch TV but man I bet my rating would be even higher if I had a 50 plus one. I am looking forward to the sequel as it looks even bigger and better & I'm sure when it hit's Blu-Ray it will be kick-butt! Even if you didn't like the film, this is a perfect film to watch on Blu-Ray that is for sure. Get this Used & watch the great sequences especially the end as it looks and sounds superior especially compared to the now defunct regular DVD. Skip some of the relatively dumb plot & watch the robots kick each others butts because it is very cool. Nothing but praise but I gave it 2 extras stars just because of the excellence of the Blu-Ray experience.

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More One-sided then a Michael Moore documentary!, 14 May 2009

I am not a fan of Kissinger & I'm sure he has done quite a many disreputable things. However this is so one-sided that it shouldn't be called a documentary at all. A lot of this is interesting but how much is truth? This does nothing but say how horrible the man is & all the bad things he has done especially during the Vietnam War. The one thing that is for sure is that Kissinger didn't seem to have any sort of scruples or loyalty towards anyone but himself. I'm not sure if that is good or bad, but as far as his Foreign Policy issues are concerned, he would do whatever he had to or follow whoever he thought would win an election so he could stay in power. This is mildly interesting but again you only get one side. Everyone attacks him & it seems no one stands up for him at all. I must say that his wiretapping of his own people is quite unforgivable no matter who you are. He reminds me a lot of J. Edgar Hoover & I bet he had all sorts of blackmailing files just like Hoover did which is probably part of the reason he was so powerful. If you attacked him, well he could really hurt you.

Earth (2007)
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It's good, but "Planet Earth" crushes this., 3 May 2009

I very much enjoy nature shows & most of the extraordinary creatures that are out there. If it weren't for the facts that James Earl Jones narrates this & I have already seen the absolutely superb 10 part BBC Discovery channel co-production of "Planet Earth," I would definitely appreciate this more. However as good as this is, I've seen it all before one way or another & I don't need to see this on the big screen. Worse is the fact that although I love nature, I am far from the tree hugging sort that are out there. What's worse is that again the harping on the "supposed" global warming. What the earth goes through is stages that can occur over hundreds & sometimes thousands of years. Right now it is getting warmer, but if take a look at the earth for just the last 5000 years you will see that it has been this warm before & gotten really cold before as well. In fact if we don't blow ourselves to pieces in the next 50-100 years, you will see that "global warming" will cease to exist. If there is one thing that science sure as hell can't seem to get a handle on, is that the earth is something that constantly is able to renew itself no matter what the obstacles. Granted we need to save quite a few creatures both for the fact they are cool & it could possibly universally damage the food chain, but also we should be held accountable for the outright dumping & use of chemicals & other products that we know are damaging to the environment, especially because just like the earth, we as the human race are constantly renewing ourselves as well. Again for those that love this kind of film, or don't see them a lot check it out, but if you absorb every sort of program on National Geographic Channel & Discovery channel, well you saw done perfectly already in the aforementioned "Planet Earth."

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Unbelievabe ignorance all over the world., 26 April 2009

This documentary is OK. Again the subjects prove time and time again how ignorant these people are. The guy who does nothing (as in Unemployed living on Welfare) but sit at home producing racist video's all day is not only pathetic it just proves what real losers these people are. I'm guessing that these people would cease to exist at all if they didn't have somebody to hate. What's worse is that they think they are better than those they hate, yet if you see who they are despite their racist ideals they are still losers. Did they learn nothing from WWII? What's sadder than all of this is that it's fine if they poison their own minds w/ignorance, intolerance, not to mention a lack of education it's that they do it to their own children & other extremely susceptible people. If these people had a little more knowledge about other people and cultures and weren't so... well let's say it STUPID & UNEDUCATED they might not be like this. Notice how most of these people don't have any kind talent. For example the so-called music they make isn't in the least bit any good. Take away the racist lyrics and there still isn't any musical ability there. They are a joke in the legitimate industry & it's not just because of lyrics, it's because they have the ability of 10 year old kids. Another interesting fact is that there aren't any Neo-Nazi, Skinheads or whatever they are calling themselves now, that have any sort of secondary education. None of them seem to have a Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorate's degrees. It just goes to prove that basic skinheads are seriously lacking in education which makes them extremely foolish by their one-sided ideas without any real knowledge to back it up. No knowing "Mein-Kampf doesn't count either. Watch this documentary because it's interesting, but there are a lot that are interesting about this subject.

Elling (2001)
A brilliant little film in the Vein of "The Station Agent.", 24 April 2009

This is one of those films that reading the synopsis about on the back of the DVD cover 99% of the time you would put it back. That would be a mistake. This is a fantastic film about those of us lost in the world & the connections we can make when we make a little bit of effort & also some coincidences. This is truly a feel good movie & don't let the fact it's subtitled turn you off in a way. I very rarely give 10's but this is a 10 for all the right reasons. The storytelling, the acting, the script, & the characters are all just right. I say this is in like the "The Station Agent" but it's probably more the other way around as this came first. I would be surprised if that film wasn't at least partly inspired from that brilliant film in it's own right. There is a reason this was nominated for Best Foreign Language film in 2002. In fact although "No Man's Land" is good it shouldn't have won Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars, this should have. Give it a watch & be patient because it's fantastic.

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Superb show w/great Father & Son hosts., 23 April 2009

This is an excellent series that covers all sorts of battles. Dan & Peter Snow do a really good job covering all sorts of battles. They each take different sides to the story & are really energetic & seem to be knowledgeable on all sorts of the subjects. I don't know if they know all they are talking about, but they sure are enthusiastic about the way they tell the stories, which brings you right in. This is an excellent series which is well produced & presented & would make a great addition to anybody interested in some of the major historical battles. I'm not sure if more episodes have been done or not, but this has the makings of a fantastic history channel series as there are many battles that haven't been covered. Again if you haven't seen this, be sure to catch Father & Son Snow investigate these historical battles.

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Absolutely terrible in every way, Don't watch good actors make fools of themselves., 23 April 2009

Bewildering that the fact the creator L. Ron Hubbard came up w/this as well as the so-called religion..."Scientology." It is astounding that a Science Fiction writer can have so many fooled into believing his other nonsense. I believe what this "Religion" should be called what it is. That's right kids it's nothing more than a sophisticated Ponzi scheme. What is more amazing is that so many are fooled into believing. In fact his Dianetics is nothing more than a Sci-Fi book, and not even a good one at that. It would be scary if they had an even bigger base, fortunately the majority laugh at the absurdity of it. I BEG you to to read both of the books and watch this terrible movie too. This is 2 hours of boredom by a mediocre writer slash religion starter. Everyone involved makes a fool of themselves & the best script in the world couldn't have saved this snooze-fest.

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Wasted opportunity w/less than mediocre storytelling., 17 April 2009

This was film I was looking forward to, but I found it to be extremely generic & plain boring. Granted there are lots of Holocaust movies just not usually from the point of view of a child. I have been told that the book is a fantastic read. I guess it was all lost in translation. One of my main complaints was how these characters are all cardboard cutouts. I know David Thewlis & Vera Farmiga can act, but they are completely wasted having pretty much nothing to do. The adaptation from the book is done extremely poorly & the direction is really bland as well. Unfortunately this is the same director that did one of the worst movies ever made in "Blame it on the Bellboy." I don't know why but although this is barely 90 minutes long it still seemed extremely long. There are a lot better movies about this subject so skip this. Try watching the superbly done 5 part documentary/re-enactments (good re-enactments too) "Auschwitz: The Nazis and the Final Solution." You can get a lot more entertainment & learn something at the same time. "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" however has nothing new to say.

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Still brilliant storytelling after all these years., 11 April 2009

I was raised Christian, It was force-fed to my young ignorant mind & besides all the thee's and thou's I saw another rulebook. Looking at the book for "historical" purposes this is still the best story of the best-selling book of all time. Charlton Heston OWNS this role like no other had ever really done before. How this isn't in the Top 250 is beyond unbelievable. Nope not Jewish, hating or anything. A boring white dude who knows a good story when it's told. To all the kids that can't stand that things aren't being blown up or going to see "Hannah Montana" Man that kid is going to be sick of being known for that by the time she is 20. For making the snore-worthy (sure they can have their place) "Quite possibly worst sequel name ever "The Fast and the Furious" to "Fast and Furious." Is anybody trying anymore or kids don't care at all about story structure & ridiculous NOT even Soap Opera worthy plot-lines? We will have to endure 80 minute films w/out credits & actors trying to look happy that they are in another car movie. Seriously even if you can't appreciate this Flick yet, give it a try when you're older for all the right reasons. This is a film & it is that good. $70 something million opening weekend here in the U.S. so we can expect, "Faster 2 the most Furious...err...9 & they'll be serious in non-"Naked Gun" Joke Title Contest. Yeah that is comedy. The 1st two. Ask all the funny guys now who they watched. Mel Brooks "Blazing Saddles." Anyway you can always catch this every Easter but commercials can ruin the flow. Oops, that sounded snobby. A true 10.

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Epic fight sequences ruined w/pointless love story., 10 April 2009

This could have been a great film and it had a lot of potential...too bad it's ruined w/meddling love story. It's not that the acting is bad or the very absurd hardly true story of the famous Russian sniper. Yes the German's sent one of their best to kill him, but other than that there isn't much known. This could have been a good flick about Stalingrad, but that seems to be secondary to the completely forced love story/jealousy garbage which is a shame. Hopefully another good story about the truth of Stalingrad & the entire WWII battle on the Eastern Front because they don't need to invent anything to make any more interesting. The stories are there, they just need to be found.

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