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Quite enjoyable w/a great host., 8 June 2010

This show is for all of us fisherman out there. We would all love to catch at least one of these monsters in our lives. Besides all the great fish, it's really Jeremy Wade the Biologist/Fisherman/Host that makes it the most entertaining. I hope this show goes on for a long time as it's always interesting to hear all of the stories of these monster fish & how in some cases they've killed or maimed people. The only thing that makes me sad is it seems most of the big fish aren't here in U.S. (Bummer) Although he only covers the freshwater fish right now, I can just imagine how big the fish can be when (hopefully) he switches to the monster fish in the ocean. That can be another series in itself which would again be entertaining as long as Jeremy Wade is the host. I enjoy showing people the fish he catches. My favorite fish so far he has caught has been the huge Aripima he caught out of the Amazon & the other fish w/the huge teeth The Goliath Tiger Fish. The Teeth look like they were tacked on because it doesn't look like it belongs here in this time, but more in the Jurassic era. If you have a chance to look those fish up, you will be quite impressed w/these fish. If you enjoy fishing even a little bit, or just like seeming huge fish you will enjoy this show.

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Enjoyable Little known WWII history., 4 June 2010

I seek out everything WWII based & this was no exception. I'd been wanting to see this as soon as I heard about it. I especially wanted to see it because it has Mads Mikkelsen in it who most know from his turn as the bad guy in the Bond film "Casino Royale" but actually showed his acting ability in the little seen but excellent "After the Wedding." This overall although not a great film, still has quite a bit of charm & the story keeps you engaged as well. It seems many forget about Holland or the Netherlands (whatever you want to call it) & it's role during the War. It's films like this that help refresh peoples memories & it it doesn't hurt when it's done well too. If you enjoy WWII films then this is another that should be seen as it's a solid entry in the genre.

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It's either hit or miss w/the Coen Bros...MISS., 17 May 2010

The Coen brothers are the most hit & miss writer/directors I know of in all of the world. It seems nobody puts out more really good films along with really terrible films at the same time. I never understood what was so great about "Fargo" except for a couple of scenes it is completely forgettable. This film is completely forgettable in every single way. It's a film you keep waiting for the plot to come yet never shows up! The acting was good & that's about it. It is one of the most pointless boring films I've seen this year & I've easily seen 500 films this year. Thanks Netflix streaming. I would be surprised if even the hardcore Coen fans can find much of anything to be enjoyed. I thought "No Country for Old Men" was excellent although I didn't think it was perfect like so many others did. However I thought "The Ladykillers" was absolutely terrible as was "Intolerable Cruelty." On the other hand they made "The Big Lewbowski" which I will be forever grateful to them for. The also made "Blood Simple" which was terrible. There doesn't seem to be any middle ground with them, their films are either really good "O Brother where art Thou," or Bad "Burn after Reading." This film is a huge pointless, boring, sleep inducing mess. ONLY WATCH If you are a die hard Coen fan, just don't expect a Lebowski.

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Absolutely heartwarming w/amazing performances., 12 May 2010

This movie I haven't seen in years & yet I often think about it. It was one of those films you were sad to see end. Beyond just the excellent & original story is all of the brilliant performances by all. In a cast that was excellent all around including Tobey McGuire & Reese Witherspoon before either of them were big stars I have to give special props to Jeff Daniels & Joan Allen. I have yet to meet anyone that doesn't think this is an extremely good film. The way all of the characters interact is what makes this such a special film. I honestly don't know how this didn't make at least twice as much money as it did, because it's that original. If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor & watch it & I dare you not to be impressed. I would especially recommend this to fans of 1950's & 60's shows such as "The Andy Griffith Show" & "The Dick Van Dyke show. Have fun & be prepared to be very impressed w/the originality & the tremendous performances by the huge & fabulous cast.

Iron Man 2 (2010)
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Not Bad, but not good either, it's just missing something., 10 May 2010

This was extremely mediocre in the biggest way a film can be. The story. It's barely there at all. Everything about the film was top notch, the acting the special effects, the set pieces etc. However it just goes to show that unless you have a good story & a good script, there is something missing. You never get invested in the story even for a second. That was what made the first film what it was, a really fun & engaging storyline. This had absolutely none of that whatsoever. It wasn't that it was bad, it just wasn't good. The word of mouth on this will spread (badly) & I would be shocked if this makes as much as the first film which relied on the excellent word of mouth to make it such a successful & very well reviewed film. It seemed like they really should have made the script the most important part of the film. Mickey Rourke did the best he was given, but he just wasn't an interesting/scary bad guy at all. Especially comparing to Jeff Bridges of the first film. I wish people would stop comparing this so much to the first film & stop rating it so high based on that film. If you hadn't seen the first, it doesn't hold up well as a standalone film. In fact if this was the first "Iron Man" It would be doubtful we would have seen a second film. On a good note Robert Downey Jr. is good to an extent, but they should have let his own personality shine through even more as he is the reason people love the character. Unless you're a die hard "Iron Man" fan you will find little to want to watch this more than once.

The Collector (2009/I)
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A pointless plot less mess., 14 April 2010

Quite simply this blows. There is basically extremely violence w/out any sort of point. Don't get me wrong I can appreciate good violence when it has something to do w/the story. This just shows violence to show violence. There is absolutely no point to all of this violence. Worse than that is the fact that there isn't any semblance of a comprehensible story either. There seems to be random characters popping up but for absolutely no reason! The first half hour is an absolute waste of time. There are plot-holes (for whatever plot there is) that are hilariously bad also. What is most amazing is that somehow this garbage was released theatrically too! Skip this at all costs.

Hunger (2008)
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Extremely Boring, Hunger strike not till last half hour!, 16 March 2010

This movie is called "Hunger," well shouldn't that have been the whole point of the entire movie, or at least half of it? It isn't even discussed till the last half hour. The should have called, No Bathing, or Shaving, because that is the most of the film. It's not a bad film, it's just boring. Although most of it is boring, the one scene that really stands out is the almost ten minute sequence that has Zero cuts! Extremely impressive in terms of the actors. Other than that scene though most of the movie will leave you bored silly. I imagine if you knew more about the IRA & their cause you would find it interesting, but if you don't know much about it, such as myself, well you won't really care. Good Luck if you enjoy this, but I don't think most people will.

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So far the most original funny show in year, w/a Perfect Cast., 14 March 2010

There is just about nothing wrong w/this show. It is hilarious & very rarely do you ever find such an absolutely perfect cast. Sometimes you see good shows that have the wrong cast spewing out the lines, this show does not have any of that. Each week they just keep getting better & better every single week they just merge better & better as a completely believable family. The cast is fantastic as a whole but I have to say that the three that really standout are (in order of the quality) Rico Rodriguez as Manny, (Ed O'Neil's Stepkid) Ty Burrell as Phil, & Eric Stonestreet as Cam. I love Ty Burrell as Phil but we have seen him in things before, however you've probably never seen Ric Rodriguez before & he is absolutely brilliant in his role. As far as the comedy goes there are so many zingers that fit perfectly in the story being told that week, that DVR's were made for shows like this. One of the best things about this show is the absence of a laugh track. It makes it that much more genuine & truly funny. If you haven't seen at least a few episodes (No one episode is not enough to truly gauge this show) you don't know what you are missing. My only worry is that the quality will go down, but the way the First season has played out, I'm not too worried. Plus the cast is just getting more and more comfortable together. The only reason I didn't give it a 10 is because I feel that there should be more of the interaction between the whole family instead of focusing so much on the core families. However that is my only minor complaint & if they don't add that, It won't change my opinion on the overall quality of the show. Give it a try & you will be happy you did.

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Very amateur & somehow made boring., 12 March 2010

You would think the story of Joe Redner should be interesting, but instead it can't even hold your interest. There is a great story here about Freedom of Speech, the local Gov't, stripping, & much more! It wasn't that it was terrible, it was just done poorly & made uninteresting. For example you would think that things such as making sure when you are interviewing someone, you would make sure that there AREN'T Planes flying up above! Talk about ruining not only the impact of what's being said, but basic sound audio quality. It's not a big thing, but it's film-making 101! Some of the interviews are painfully boring & the interviewer didn't seem to really have any prepared questions ready. I don't know if that's true or not, but c'mon now. I wouldn't really recommend this unless you are a huge fan of Joe Redner or perhaps live in the Tampa area, otherwise you'll be pretty bored.

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Quite a lot of Druken fun., 8 March 2010

My sister is who got me into Beer Pong as she played it a ton going to Sonoma State. It's a huge subculture there & my sister had some friends who basically paid for all of the their living expenses by beating people at Beer Pong. I don't really like to drink but if you have even a little skill throwing trash in the garbage from across the room & enjoy it, you can play this. As much fun as it is to play I would say it's almost more fun to watch all the different antics by the players. You use every skill you have whether you're a hot woman w/big breasts or you are extremely loud annoying & can shout insults w/the best of them. Calling this a sport is probably going too far, but no matter what people say, there is a TON of skill involved. Not only do you have to keep making the balls into the cups, you have to be able to keep that skill as you slowly get more and more drunk. This documentary was fun to watch & the personalities involved are what makes this good. You don't have to have any interest in Beer Pong to enjoy this film. Cheers to all & keep on playing as I have a feeling this someday will become an extremely big "sport."

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