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Never saw the first version, told I should be glad., 28 May 2008

Well as this was first a BBC show for, well I was told twice as long as the American Series M.A.S.H. which I watched all of in re-runs. Too young and all. Well this show although shown on the sci-channel in the states, is better if watched all at once on DVD. Most Shows that come out here make room for the god-awful commercials that make said shows. This is one of the shows that commercials really ruin the show just as movies shown on TV do too. I would suggest picking up the DVD from series one with the too briefly excellent doctor Christopher Eccleston (although David Tennant has grown on me) to start off preferring to completely ignore the original. I only know that from an American standpoint so I could be totally wrong I liked not knowing anything about who the Doctor was in order to learn as I went along as do his companions. This is a great series, and best I've seen as far as original series are concerned from the BBC. Don't get me wrong "Torchwood" is kind of fun too, but the best writers seemed to have hung on the truly superior storytelling obviously passion project "Doctor Who." Give this one a try, and if you don't like the first Doctor, you can always give him another try in Season 2.

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Worse than the highly profitable first., 28 May 2008

This has such a great cast & special effects that you wonder just how this & the first can be so bad! I can't believe that the first made so much money $347 million & this one almost made half a BILLION WORLD-WIDE! I hate to think that has a society we are not only getting lazy in our story-telling, we are all willing to accept it! This film's plot which again seemed like a cool idea like the first did and yet...boring. First off the cast is probably one of the best you could have, but they have nothing to do but act surprised about who knows what, but not the script that is for sure. If you liked the very dumb first I'm sure you'll love this very good idea, yet poorly written, executed, & plain ol' dumb movie. I would hate to think Walt Disney having anything to do with this hack film, yet they continually pump out these mediocre if not well financed flicks. If you want to see a good Nic Cage film, try watching his amazing non-special effects film "Leaving Las Vegas" where he won his Oscar. Oh I guess we have to have every single film with CGI now. Please skip this very mildly entertaining film. Unless you're 12, then I'm sure you won't care about plot.

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An absolute disgrace to both the book & the film., 27 May 2008

I can't begin to say all that is bad about this extremely long terribly boring mini-series. First off the script is terrible. Here is one of the worst things that is said & mind you these are supposed to be some of the smartest minds of all. "Oh the power is out so there is no way to get up to the other floors, so well why don't we just climb up manually? Wow that's a brilliant idea." I'm not kidding this is actually said. Besides the script even the effects and the acting is wooden. This wouldn't be as bad if it weren't for the fact that you have to endure this for 4 HOURS!!! Well not counting commercials it is probably ONLY 3 hours but even still it is just not watching. Considering the fact this was done better (although outdated) in 1971 makes this version even worse. Please don't waste your time with this snore-worthy mini-series drivel.

Vexille (2007)
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Beautiful to look at, but you might as well mute it., 21 May 2008

This was a very good looking film. The characters were well done and the machines and robots looked excellent as well. Just as its known that for every time you have a good experience you tell one person, when you have a bad experience you tell ten, so goes this plot-less film. I thought that this looked very similar to the animation of the "Appleseed" movies as the screenplay was written by the same guy. Too bad that the first "Appleseed" (although not too great in itself) did circles around this utterly meandering story. I am not sure who thought that this had a complete story to begin with. It very much seemed like they just decided to do a bunch of cool CG then decided to fit in some sort of storyline as an afterthought. As I wrote in my heading, you will probably get just as much out of this with the mute button on as you would with it off. I would suggest skipping this unless you are a hardcore Japanese Anime fan. If you want to see something good, try watching "Appleseed" or the classic "Ghost in the Shell, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, or Akira."

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A giant waste of talent., 18 May 2008

How this film was made with so many big stars is beyond me. This is a terrible cliché' ridden film with the worst acting any of these actors have ever done. It really surprises me that so many of these A list stars would agree to this unfunny film. What's even worse is the fact that is made almost 100 million here in the states. It does go to show however that big stars can pull in the bucks, even if the film is terrible. I felt sorry for everyone involved in this snore-fest. Billy Crystal tried his best with the what he was given and the rest of the stars seemed to be walking through the motions. Whatever you do, don't fall for the excellent cast because no one could have saved this.

Botched (2007/I)
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Absolutely terrible! One of the worst movies...ever., 16 May 2008

Easily one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Pointless dumb as a post plot, terrible so-called acting, & easily the worst script a movie could possibly have. I have no idea how this was made or how anyone in their right mind would have spent any money helping produce this. If you want to watch something entertaining, try watching paint dry. Stephen Dorff I still like but wow he was bad. It's not even his fault except that he agreed to do it. As far as the review I read, well he helped make this so of course he's going to say it's the best thing ever. I don't think it's right that his is the review that everyone sees on the front page. If you want a truthful review & not from someone that helped make this garbage, read more than one of the reviews. I don't even mean my review, read others to see just how bad this really is. Anyone that knows what actually makes a good movie will know that this blows chunks.

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Wow his non-hits (UWE BOLL) just keep on coming!, 6 May 2008

This is absolutely terrible! I will admit that watch his films simply to laugh at them and see how it is possible they get worse every time he makes another. You honestly don't know how this guy can be just so non-creative and talentless but again he has proved it! Where to start. Well I'm not going to waste too much of my time. First the cast is a pretty dang good one, how this continues to happen is beyond me although this is probably the best cast he's assembled. Too bad some of them are so miscast is terrible. Matthew Lillard anyone? Embarrassing to say the least. Second the story is just terrible and pointless beyond measure. Last but not least the execution of all of it is some of the worse stuff I've ever seen. If fact this is as bad, if not worse than the Sci-fi Channels original movies but with a much larger budget. At least Uwe will have a harder time now that the German tax loophole he exploited so well is no longer around. Here's hoping he never makes any more movies.

Juno (2007)
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Didn't believe the hype, I was very very wrong. (Unusually), 5 May 2008

Well I never did see this because the new thing seems to be the huge promotion on the little independents. I thought "Little Miss Sunshine" was promoted fantastically for a very mediocre film. I held out longer than anyone because I was sure this was another of the so-called independents that wasn't worth it. However the script is very much like "South Park" with a lot of it's irreverent although oftentimes both true and sound like I still talk. (Yes I will be saying Dude probably till the day I die) I related to all of the characters, and thought that they were very similar to the way I felt and many of my friends did as well while in High School. I will never doubt Jason Reitman again, although Diablo Cody's script is great, I'm still not convinced w/her. Reitman however did the absolutely excellent (yet very little seen) "Thank You for Smoking" which everyone should see. That is just my two cents, and please take it from a guy who has seen more movies in his lifetime than everyone I've ever known combined. OK that sounded braggy, but I watch a minimum of 2 a night.

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I heard it was very bad, but it is even worse than that!!!, 1 May 2008

This is so bad that it's not funny. How this garbage gets made let alone w/supposedly intelligent people that watch this crap. I will admit that I've only seen a couple episodes but even still all I can say is WOW! Terrible, Terrible, Terrible is the sum of this crap-o-la. What i'd really like to know is who watches this and what is wrong with them! This is worse than anything on television on right now. I don't know if it's because it's a black show (I'm not) or what, but it is a pathetic piece of film. I don't care what color you are, there can't be any logical reason why this is watched!! I am not kidding that someday this will be called the worst show ever made. Whatever you do just watch 1 episode and see just how bad this garbage is. In fact this is probably a great series to show people the exact way that a TV show should not be made. The acting is pathetic, the so-called scripts are non-existent, and the jokes are just not jokes. Please god don't watch this, and most of all get over the whole Tyler Perry phase already. He isn't all! I think he knows how to market himself well, but that is about it. Has he made anything good yet? um, NO!!! Embarrassing for everyone part of this up-chuck of a series!

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A good film (not great) that is terribly dated., 30 April 2008

I imagine when this came out it was a great new thrill. However this film doesn't really hold up to well 60+ years later. As much as this is a good film, it really doesn't deserve to be in the top 250 of all time. This is a very solid film but there isn't anything great about it. I would recommend this to those that like good ol' fashioned noir flicks, but not to those that want something really original. I shouldn't say it's not original because it was then, but it has been done a lot better since. If anything else the acting is the best thing going for it. Especially the always excellent Fred MacMurray although Barbara Stanwyck ain't no slacker either.

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