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A devastating unflinching look at the U.S. military., 15 October 2008

I'm a proud American despite all the people going on vacation saying their Canadian. (grow up take some responsibility & know at least SOME of what's going on in the world huh? Unless your teenager because you are terribly self-centered and can't really help it, thanks hormones!) Anyway this is just another example of the 2 sides to a story and how the lowest rank are always the ones that take the fall. Nobody above a Staff Sargent was ever charged, that's non-commissioned officer's. Imagine that?! This is a very revealing portrait that shows just how screwed up the military can be in times of war & in general. The investigator made a couple outstanding points: 1. if there were never any pictures, we never would have heard of this. 2. The Colonels/Generals can be extremely intimidating to a young 18 year old just out of his parents house for the 1st time. Hell you don't have to have a High School education to get in the military anymore, so these kids don't really have an understanding that a hardened military man has who has seen everything. I don't care what anyone says, this is a pretty good look & is pretty fair in it's portrayal of everything & everyone involved. The people seemed to be puppets more than anything & the higher ranks KNEW what was happening. When people are going to learn that TORTURE DOESN'T WORK is beyond me. People will say anything under the right condition to get out of the pain they are being in. This is interesting documentary & maybe it will keep a few from getting involved in things that are beyond there comprehension or capability. I'm not a politician nor want to be, (they make me sick) but getting out of the war is going to be mess just like every other war & it is going to be a no-win issue no matter what we do which is really sad. Give this doc a try & try not be moved by the issues.

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I cannot appreciate Art, but this is very good., 15 October 2008

This is another fascinating look at the devastation of everything that happened during WWII. This is a little known fact about the systematic way the Nazis stole everything & didn't think about any of the actual consequences of their own greed. I am the 1st to admit that I really know nothing about art and can't "Get it." I cannot understand the Van Gogh's or the Renoir's as much as I'd like to. I understand and like history & that is what I understand and appreciate just like movies & know a interesting story despite the topic if it is presented well. Just like understanding math, Art is in the same league, you either understand it/and or can do it, or you can't. It's not something you can really teach, just ask the failed artist Hitler. Just as this film suggests what if he had gotten into the art school? Would he have been the monster he became? Very doubtful & it explains his love/hate relationship w/the subject. Even if you can't understand why a painting sells for 5 million or 100 million (like I can't) this is still an interesting study.

The Visitor (2007/I)
Beautiful film that is screaming Oscar for Jenkins & McCarthy!, 15 October 2008

This is an absolute gem of a film that is screaming for at least 2 Oscar nominations for Best Actor for Richard Jenkins most notably known for his fantastic work in "Six Feet Under" & the writer/director for best original screenplay. This a superb film from the fantastic guy who did the critically applauded yet little seen (by the masses who see other garbage) "The Station Agent." There are very few films that I can't see coming a mile away, but this guy continues to surprise me. He tells such boring sounding tales in fantastic thought provoking excellent storytelling to physically making my smile and care for these characters. He also brings out some of the best performances from usually little known actors to do there best work they have ever done or been a part of. If this doesn't get seen or get some award season nominations I will be truly discouraged since "Goodfellas" didn't win for best picture. "Dances w/Wolves" is great, but "Fellas" is classic a-la-Gump. Here's hoping at the very least Jenkins gets nominated because his performance is perfection, and I challenge any intelligent moviegoer that doesn't need things to blow up constantly to disagree...unless you're 12, then don't bother because you won't get it. Do give it a try when you're older though, because then you will understand what the beauty & message this is trying to convey. I would also like to say that I'm not somebody that has posted only one review. But a movie is only has good as those it can connect with & this is really only for adults, or those who have went to the only school that counts. The school of hard knocks.

Downfall (2004)
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Brilliant in it's entirety. Amazing film., 29 September 2008

I'm a huge history buff especially WWII & the German History of the Nazi's rise to power. I've read & studied about Hitler, Goebbels, Goering & especially Albert Speer, who was the only one to say he was "sorry" @ the Nuremberg trials. His books that he wrote "Inside the Third Reich & The Spandau Diaries" are fantastic questionably true portrayals about his life who was the closest thing to that Hitler had as a friend. This film for whatever reason didn't win the Oscar for best Foreign Language Film, but it should have. I have seen this probably a dozen or so times & know the History extremely well & yet this film still has tremendous power every time I see it. The actors are Superb especially Bruno Ganz in a eerily similar manner & look of Hitler. His performance is brilliant & he captures the manic that was within that truly was shown towards the inevitable end. Even if you aren't a fan of History (which is a shame, "those that don't learn from history, are doomed to repeat it", great quote can't remember who said it) this is still a great film in of it self. It doesn't matter if you know the story or not because you will be fully engrossed once you start watching this superbly done film. I wouldn't have been able to appreciate this as much when I was younger *cough* teenager, like I can now, but if you miss out on this film It will be a shame. The fact that most of this film %%80-%90 percent of it is probably true too. This was extensively researched by those involved & the commentary by the director is extremely informative and interesting as well. By far one of the best commentaries I ever heard. He rarely stops talking (in a good way) & always has something interesting to say about the making of the film, the characters, & the basic true stories of those he profiles. A great film in every way which everyone should see. I'm a pretty tough critic so feel free to check my other comments to see where I stand. I don't give 10's very often maybe 1/500 films I see is a 10, so that is saying something, but don't take it from me, figure it out for yourself.

Vitus (2006)
An excellent if not little seen gem of a film., 12 September 2008

This is one of those films that is very misleading w/it's cover & even it's basic explanation of what it's about. I won't give anything away except that it shows a little boy on the cover playing the piano. That little boy is the star of this movie as well as the man (Bruno Ganz who played Hitler brilliantly in the 4 star movie "Downfall") that plays his grandfather. This is a terrific film in so many ways. It has a great story & is extremely heartwarming. If you haven't seen this or even heard of it give this a whirl. Ebert gave it 3 stars which is a little less than what I would give it. Even if you don't like subtitles (get over it already huh?) this is a film that you won't mind having them. If there is anything to complain about it's that it might be a little too dragged out in certain places. That is my only complaint in the entire film. I am keeping my eye on the people involved in this very enjoyable movie to see what will come next.

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This isn't a "Super Size Me.", 26 August 2008

I can see why this didn't do well box office wise, because quite frankly it's pretty boring. I like Morgan Spurlock & think in his future Documentary's he should always be in front of the camera as well as producing & directing it. He is a great personality, and if the subject is right, he can make even a questionable subject enjoyable. However this film is a very long 90 minutes & doesn't seem to have any real point to it. I loved "Super Size Me," & even his FX show 30 days is more interesting & has more to say than this. Unless you are a die-hard Spurlock fan, I would skip this. I will say w/a better subject & a little bit more direction & set-up, he could very well have another good theatrically released documentary. This just isn't it. There are a couple good chuckles here and there, but the story really doesn't take you anywhere that is very interesting. Spurlock will always have the excellent "Super Size Me" to his credit, but here's hoping he can get another good subject to tell us about in a more interesting & entertaining fashion.

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A superb film if you can wait for the buildup., 26 August 2008

This is one of those films that you don't necessarily need to see more than once. Don't get me wrong this is an excellent film & one of those films for whatever reason didn't translate to U.S. Box office. I saw this in Theaters all by my lonesome when it came out. It wasn't that it wasn't advertised well, no one seemed to want to see it. This is a fantastic film & those that can wait, will be thrilled for some of the biggest fight scenes ever put on film. What is most surprising, is that the best part of the film is the ending & I won't put any spoilers, but I will say that it doesn't involve fighting at all. Chow Yun-Fat is great as the Emperor & Gong Li as his Queen are both really good in their roles. The two sons although not really known also hold their own & lesser actors would have had a hard time playing opposite the two stars. If you are one of those that loved "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hero, or House of Flying Daggers," then be sure to check out this. If you just liked those, well skip to the fight sequences because more than likely you need to see things blow up & don't care about the excellent character & family development. This isn't quite "Crouching Tiger" but it is better than the later two films I mentioned. Especially if you live in the states and consider yourself a true movie fan, no matter the language, (they're called subtitles, deal with it!) then stick this in your rental queue or check it out at the video store. Be sure to know the name because most clerks won't have a clue what you're talking about & that is a shame.

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Except for the music, well it's just good...not great., 25 August 2008

I remember this film of course for the music but especially when you're a kid you overlook story-telling. Just like everyone else this music is some of the best ever put in a movie. It's funny how everyone seems to forget that just how absurd and unbelievable a lot of it is. For example the kids go from hating her to liking her in an extremely short time. Strangely enough, this movie is long & yes even some of the musical numbers drag it out longer than it needs to be. There is a lot of fun to be had especially for children & big fans of musicals. If you are willing to forget some of the weaker story-lines (I get it it's a G movie) but the Nazi's hardly play any significant or actually scary bad guys even compared to other G-Rated films. Still this as really good movie & I wish I would have just stuck to remembering how great it was when I saw it as a kid.

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Interesting but 16 is still a child in the U.S. as well as in maturity., 21 August 2008

An interesting British Documentary although not great in the way it's done. Here in the U.S. 16 is statutory rape & for good reason. I know when I was 16 I was too young and immature to sleep w/a woman twice my age. Although it's still happened in the States & we don't know much about most of the cases I'm sure, 16 in the U.K. is still too young. What's most surprising is that it doesn't seem to actually happen much at all w/an older woman & younger man but 9/10 of and older man w/a girl and not the other way around. It seems most of the girls have a Daddy complex & most of the women have some major self-esteem issues. It is actually quite pathetic to have a so-called "relationship" with basically a girl or a boy not a man or woman. This documentary is interesting but still pretty mediocre considering it's content. I know that even a woman 10 years younger than me barely has anything in common with me let alone a 16 year old girl. I don't care how mature they think they are, they still don't have half the life experience I have & their really is nothing in common w/them despite what they say. I very much doubt the two that are the basic stars will last either. It's different how they can show the faces of the minors in the U.K. where is forbidden. I also think the women w/the younger boys are fooling themselves by thinking what the boys are doing w/them is anything other than something the boy can brag about to his friends. Everyone has had a crush on a teacher or few in their lifetimes, but most teachers don't cross that line. The one lady w/both children of her own sleeping w/a 15 year old boy is just plain pathetic in all reality. She is a sad figure & I feel sorry for how she feel for a BOY. If you've seen the excellent Judi Dench & Cate Blanchett in "Notes on a Scandal," This is basically true stories of that excellent film.

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Great show, w/ the Great Phil Heartman Taken away., 20 August 2008

I watched this show faithlessly every week. I again watched it when it was every day starting from the beginning until I'd seen it a few times through completely. I loved the story the acting was great, the casting, the love, hate, Phil Hartman, and the very young a very beautiful Maura Tierney known for both movies and her starring role in the last seasons of "ER." Of course most only remember that Phil Hartman's wife killed him, then herself in the middle NewsRadio's Run. The went another year or 2 but the show just wasn't really any good anymore without Phil. It took the life of Phil & the life of the show went with him. I would recommend watching the 1st 2-3 seasons, buy maybe skip the last too. It almost ruins it. The last minute Hartman friend Jon Lovitz as his replacement just doesn't work despite him trying his best. Both Hartman & the role were fit right for him & the show ran around him.

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