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Defintion of trying to fix BS from the 1st., 12 July 2014

Embarrassed that at 1 point I wanted to believe becuz the 1st was well told in the best manipulative & edited way possible. Go look at real facts & you'll laugh that you ever thought Fracking had anything to do w/anything. It's a completely made-up premise that has found much real support since the 1st film came out? I'm sorry if I think energy independence & being able to drill sideways is backwards thinking of me. Josh Fox is a Fraud. He just wants to be star, doesn't matter how. How's his career went where since is Oscar Nom for the fiction "Gasland?" He had to make a 2nd? Really? Why? That's right you have to make up excuses about the things u said in the 1st film completely proved false.

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Interested in the Infantry? Not after this., 10 September 2011

This was a terrific no holds barred look at the men in a particular company. There was truths from the men that are edited and removed from most other docs.

The thing that I did find sad is that it seemed like nothing is actually getting done. It's not the soldiers fault either. We are not engaged in combat like we were in WWII or even Vietnam for that matter. We're fighting a war it seems half-assedly. I applaud all the individuals including the reporters for giving us this info.

I would recommend every kid thinking about the military should watch and see that real life is not like "Modern Warfare." You don't get to re-spawn and try again.

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One of the best casts & scripts I've seen., 2 May 2011

Granted I'm just a bloody American, but I freiking love this show. The 3 & or 4 leads are what make this show. The scripts are funny as hell & the acting seems completely natural too. I loved the boss they had in the 1st year or two & was sad when he jumped out the window? but the guy that replaced him is brilliant too. I've never been to England or the U.K. whatever they prefer it to be called, but this is as good as the American version of "The Office." It's not quite up to par w/the English version of "The Office," but it's damn close. I keep hoping I'll see the stars of this show in other things & I'm glad to say I just saw the main dude now in "Bridesmaids" w/Kristen Wiig & Maya Rudolph, (she was the last person I thought would have a career after SNL but she was so good w/Jim Kransinski of the American "Office" in "Away We Go,"It's quite thrilling for her.) I just think if you enjoy any sort of Ricky Gervais' type comedy you'll enjoy this little known series too.

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For the most part a brilliant documentary series., 26 March 2011

I liked just about all of them but the Marion Jones one. As a Former Track stud, the whole documentary made me sick. I lost so much respect for the once talented John Singleton because of the way this was told. She is the definition of a loser. I don't care that she was a good basketball player or not, she helped destroy what Track & Field should & could have been here in the United States. Everything she says is complete BS. I hope she's a pariah for the rest of her pathetic life. It would have been one thing if she had just lied a few times, but the fact she lied FOR YEARS & constantly would go in front of cameras & say she wasn't using performance enhancing drugs destroys any sort of credibility she might have had. She's as bad as anything Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire, Jason Giambi, & Sammy Sosa did. Track & Field seems to still be trying to find an audience & she's a HUGE part of the reason why.

On a happier note. I loved "The U, The 2 Escobars, Tim Richmond, Who Killed the USFL, & the Best that never was, the best. They were all pretty dang good documentaries & many of them could have been released theatrically they were that well done.

Videocracy (2009)
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Wow what a messed up country., 16 February 2011

This was absolutely eye-opening of what's important in Italy. I don't know much about Berlusconi (The Italian Prime Minister) but for him also to run 90% of the state run television doesn't seem like it should exist. What's worse than that is he is completely above the law as he has given himself immunity from any sort of criminal prosecution...ever! What's dumbfounding to me more than anything is that the way the TV shows & things are run is nothing more than a somewhat cleaned up version of the way the mafia is run. I thought Americans were obsessed w/celebrity, but my god the Italians have us completely beat by a mile. Anyway it's interesting and sad to see the way women are completely objectified & how such a huge percentage are trying to make it by their looks alone. I have never seen a western country that treats women & they allow themselves to be treated so poorly. It reminded me of The Ms. America Pageant times 1000. It was quite disgusting as far as the culture & what's important in life w/what's going on there. I've never been a fan of Women's Lib, but that country needs it so bad.

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Terrible, but only for the sake of it., 31 January 2011

This is one of those movies you know is going to be bad. What's frustrating is that just because you want to make a bad movie, doesn't mean it has to be done poorly. I guess what's so depressing is the woman that directed this also directed "Pet Semetary." I loved that flick w/ the creepy little kid & the scalpel! You've got to find it depressing when you're working w/has beens such as these two former teen idols. Even for a SyFy movie this movie stunk. It also seems they are trying to do a worse & worse job w/so-called special effects. I have a feeling it will just be claymation pretty soon. Heck it would probably be better too. If you enjoy laughing @ terrible movies then this is right up your alley, just realize nobody involved in this was actually trying.

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How could this have gone wrong?, 30 January 2011

This is one of those movies that you really have to do a lot wrong in order for it to be lousy. This movie has all of those things wrong. The Script is full of absurd dialog & it turned good actors in to rotten ones. Everything that "Seabiscuit" was, this film was not. I couldn't believe how many good actors were involved in this film. Diane Lane was completely miscast & you don't believe for a second she actually has any idea about horses, even though the character grew up w/them. The only saving grace was James Cromwell in his small but pivotal role. If you want to see the way a Horse Racing film should be made don't see this. Save your money & your ears from the ridiculous cliché ridden lines this film spews out. Go see "Seabiscuit" if you want a truly great film.

Piranha 3D (2010)
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Mildly fun, took too long to get fun., 12 January 2011

This was an OK film. I knew what I was in for, yet you go to see lots of Piranhas eat people & watch all the cool ways to kill them. Unfortunately they had to mess w/trying to have some semblance of a plot which was pointless. We didn't care about the boy not admitting he's in love w/the girl. WHO CARES? The 1st hour is basically a complete waste. However once you get over the boring 1st hour, the last 1/3 is pretty fun. I think they should have had more Kelly Brook of course & more Jerry O'Connell playing the complete douche-bag. He plays it well & seems to be having fun w/it too. The best thing is that although the film didn't too to well here in the states, it cost $24 mil only made $25. It made an extra $54 mil worldwide so it was quite a success. So now in the sequel maybe they will have learned to just really go for it in "Piranha 3DD." Here's hoping!

Tapped (2009/I)
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A Scam on a global scale!, 12 January 2011

Now it's not that film is anything great it just presents a lot of facts that you would think most people would already know about. I have probably bought bottled water maybe a dozen times in my entire life. It was only when there was no other option to get any other sort of water or I needed a bottle to fill up w/ god forbid tap water! I cannot understand for the life of me why Bottled water is a business at all. It is after all nothing more than a giant scam. It simply amazes me that this is a $10 billion dollar or more industry. How is this possible? There is a great "Penn & Teller Bull-Sh*t" that proves just what a joke it really is. They test a bunch of people drinking bottled waters against regular ol' tap water & guess what 8/10 of them went for the tap water! The thing that will upset you the most is the way the "Nestle" company continued to bottle water in Maine, while they are in the middle of a drought! So basically these people all had to ration there water so that "Nestle" could continue to bottle their water. Now I understand to a certain extent the companies side too, because it's a huge boon to them considering they are upping the price by 9,999% so it's an obvious cash cow. Plus you have to imagine even if it is a joke people are buying it & it must help w/jobs & w/the local economy too. Overall it seems really stupid, but there are good arguments on both sides of the fence.

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3 Oscar acting Nominations for sure., 3 January 2011

This is easily one of the best films of the year. Overall it has been a terrible year for movies besides a few exceptions. Granted I haven't seen some of the favorites such as "The Fighter," but overall people & the movie industry wonders why they were down in profits? It wasn't because we didn't have money (we had less last year!) it's because the selection for the most part stunk. I predict this film will get a minimum of 6-8 Oscar nominations this year. Colin Firth is about as close to a shoo-in bet for a nomination I'd bet on it if it was in Vegas. Perhaps he will win, but I'm not sure. Geoffrey Rush will get nominated, but I felt that he was in the movie too much to be stuck in the same category as Helena Bonham-Carter (who will also get a Nom.) for Supporting Actor. I usually don't notice musical scores as most of them are completely...well they're just there. I thought this score was excellent. I think it is a shoo-in for Best Picture & should get a Best Director & hopefully screenplay nod as well.

My only suggestion is that most kids under the age of 21 won't appreciate it & find it boring. That's fine but when you're tired of watching Garbage like the "Step Up" movies or have to watch stuff explode over and over & it is completely devoid of a plot, come back to this. You'll be glad you did, if not for Colin Firths' performance alone.

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