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10,000 BC (2008)
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Even for the Independence day, Stargate guy...this is bad!, 9 March 2008

I liked pretty much all of the past films that this guy has done (yes even Godzilla somewhat) but this is just plain bad. Now I never would have thought that not working with his usual partner (Dean Devlin) would make such a difference, but man I guess he really needs him. This film is so bad that the fact it just made 60 million over the weekend worldwide is just proof that our society is getting more brainless over time. Granted I did kind of want to see it too because I enjoyed pretty much all of the the others he's done, plus I like to see extinct CGI creatures come to life. Too bad the creatures are done really poorly. Even "Independence Days" Effects were better than this and that was 12 years ago! Hopefully the box office tanks because this is not worth watching, even for a dumb flick (rottentomatoes has it at 7%, WOW that is bad) this is one of the worst I've ever seen. The quality is just a little above par the same ones shown on the Sci-Fi channel and that is really bad. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone over the age of 12 because the so-called story is painfully dumb. I don't just mean mediocre dumb, I mean really really silly. Please Emmerich, get back working with your partner Devlin, because we all miss the "Independence Days" "Stargates" and even "The Day after Tomorrow" was pretty fun. Don't watch this, even on DVD it would be a waste of your money and worse a waste of your time. Only reason I gave it a 3 is because there are a couple decent tracking shots and some of the cinematography is decent. As far as the acting, pretty weak. Not that it's the fault of the actors per-se, because the dialog is terrible, but even the casting is really bad. Camilla Belle is way too pretty and Steven Strait just doesn't fit in his role.

100 Girls (2000)
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very funny, to me, 20 December 2003

Really although no classic, I was interested in the whole time. The lead Johnathan Tucker, was really convincing and had the innocence and the sincerity to make me believe. I really enjoyed the whole corny plot through the entire film. I would say that most people would enjoy this film. Hell there are a lot worst that get released to theatres everyday!

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An inside joke... that isn't funny!, 4 July 2006

A very poor attempt to rip on the south, with a dumb script, poor directing, and some of the worse acting there is! I know they had a small budget to work with but this was just a plain waste in every sense of the word. I am not sure why Eli Roth (Cabin Fever, Hostel) thought he should help produce this, but I have a feeling he will take this as a learning experience, and never do this again. The whole idea of this film was just that, a good idea but with no actual thought past that. Please don't waste your time with this. I imagine that if some might find this funny just because it is that poorly done, but I couldn't find the humor in it.

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Great premise, spoiled with mediocrity., 24 October 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film tried too hard to be too many things without settling with one or two good ones. I didn't love this flick but particularly hate it either. I loved the premise of 30 days of night straight. It was a shame that this film couldn't make up it's mind on what it wanted to be. At times it seemed to take itself very seriously and other times it seemed to cartoony in it's presentation. I thought a lot of the set pieces were excellent, most of the casting was pretty believable, (except for Josh Hartnett, not his fault, just the wrong man for the job) some of the camera work wasn't bad, but at other times it was plain sloppy. I personally am sick of the shaky-cam phase plaguing good (could be even better) movies these days. I understand that some people like the shaky-cam, but whenever I see it I think it's either because they are trying to hide something, or they don't know any other way to shoot the scene. I don't know if it's just me but I blame the overabundance of the shaky-cam epidemic on the overrated garbage "Blair Witch Project." I'm sure it was there before, but it seems to be around more and more, and it just won't go away. Now I don't always hate it, I just think it is used way too much. Can we tell them that it is going to be almost a decade since "Blair Witch" came out. Let's get back to less shakiness and back to some good old fashioned camera shots. I also despised the way "30 days" ended, because for anyone that has seen "Blade 2," well you've seen it before, and better. I love Vampire movies, but I felt this great premise of a film was wasted with a terrible script and very little character development. I loved the overall look of the film and would recommend it as far as that is concerned, but for just a decent vampire movie well that is going to be in the eye of the beholder.

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For the most part a brilliant documentary series., 26 March 2011

I liked just about all of them but the Marion Jones one. As a Former Track stud, the whole documentary made me sick. I lost so much respect for the once talented John Singleton because of the way this was told. She is the definition of a loser. I don't care that she was a good basketball player or not, she helped destroy what Track & Field should & could have been here in the United States. Everything she says is complete BS. I hope she's a pariah for the rest of her pathetic life. It would have been one thing if she had just lied a few times, but the fact she lied FOR YEARS & constantly would go in front of cameras & say she wasn't using performance enhancing drugs destroys any sort of credibility she might have had. She's as bad as anything Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire, Jason Giambi, & Sammy Sosa did. Track & Field seems to still be trying to find an audience & she's a HUGE part of the reason why.

On a happier note. I loved "The U, The 2 Escobars, Tim Richmond, Who Killed the USFL, & the Best that never was, the best. They were all pretty dang good documentaries & many of them could have been released theatrically they were that well done.

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Part of ESPN's series "30 for 30" EXCELLENT., 18 January 2010

This was an absolutely superb documentary about the rise of a the crummy University of Miami. What was most interesting to me was that I had no idea that they were considered a joke pre-1980 something. As long as I knew of the U I always knew of them as being one of the best colleges to go to for any player that possibly had a chance of going into Pro Football, whether it was to play for the USFL or the NFL. In fact if they just went through how many players have turned Pro in the last 30 years I bet it's almost 100 or more. That is extremely impressive & I very much doubt there are any other schools that can claim that. It was nice to see interviews from all sorts of the players, Jimmy Johnson, & the coach that came before him. This was an excellent documentary & any true college or Pro Football fan will be glad they saw this. I hope this gets a DVD release so that it can gain an even bigger audience. My only complaint was I felt this could have been longer & even more in depth especially in the later years.

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The first 2-3 seasons great, then mehhhh., 4 February 2008

I loved the first couple seasons of this show and loved all of the characters. This seemed to be one of those shows that just came together perfectly, with the always excellent John Lithgow in his funniest role he has ever been in, and the other cast members were just the right people for those roles. The most surprising is that the goofy kid Joseph Gordon-Levitt is such a talented dramatic actor now. It just goes to show that you can learn how to act even in comedies just as Tom Hanks did with the god-awful (if not sometimes funny)Bosom Buddies. I loved all of the people in the show and once Lithgow revealed his alien secret and got real romantic with Jane Curtin's character by that time the show was no longer quite as original or fresh. I'm sure this show could have went on longer but thanks to the cast they knew when to quit, so that it didn't drag on and on like so many other unfunny shows do nowadays. I will always have good memories of this show although seeing some of them aren't nearly as funny as remember, so it is sometimes best to leave them they way you remember them.

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Very Interesting, & I'm a Dude!, 6 February 2008

I found this documentary to be not only enlightening, but educational, (For those over 18 up) I didn't know anything about all that goes into sex, you know most of the time it is wham bam thank you ma'am in most cases. I would recommend this to men more than women, as a lot of it is are things they already know. Yes ladies, even when we are married, (But not me for the time being) we tend to forget about your needs. I thought I knew a lot about sex, but man this smacked me in the face of my "so-called" knowledge about it! Back to the Doc. This is a mini-doc, that covers a lot of ground and is something I would have liked to have seen many partners ago. (No wonder they never called back!) LOL This is something that should be seen and it was very interesting, but don't watch it for the sake of nudity and sex, watch it because it's fascinating! I would especially recommend it for couples that are in the same 'ol boring routine. Last but not least, it is done by the BBC so they don't have the damn FCC (The US's watchdogs for programming...oh yeah they suck too) They don't tip-i-toe around things we are going to see anyway. Give it a try, it is professional, well done, and something here in US you would never see because of all the tight-asses we have here for our country. It's not like it makes any difference. We have the highest crime rate in the world, we can't build prisons fast enough, and in England they don't even need their Cops to carry guns. What does that tell you? Please watch this, and particularly watch it with your significant other to get that much more out of your most likely dull love life.

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Better as time goes, 14 January 2006

I am probably biased, OK not probably... I am, but this film was better when you see the directors cut as part of the Alien Quadrilogy, with half-assed special effects and all. Is it a classic, well no it it is not, but compared to all the crap that came out in 2005, well yeah it could be considered a decent film. I am willing to be that Joss, (Whedon that is who wrote the screenplay I believe) has had many more ideas of what else he could have changed and/or added since he wrote this many years ago. All in all if you are a fan of what Ridley Scott's original 1979 "Alien" was or James Cameron's "Aliens" and even David Fichners "Alien 3" you will enjoy this film. I know myself and others would go and watch every single "Alien" film even if they made 50 of them. Sigourney seemed to kind of phoned this one in as well as Winona, (even though Winona really seemed to try, she was just not suited and or believable in her role.) The main problem to me seemed that there were way too many throw-away characters. Granted in a film like this we know that most of them are not going to make it, but it just seemed like they weren't trying to give any sort of personality at all. I have seen much worse and all in all this is not a bad film, hell the whole mutant "Ripley" lab thing as been made fun of and teased to death, so obviously people enjoyed parts of this film at the very least! If the ever do make a 5th film, it needs to be focused more on the "Aliens" and have very little to do with Ripley's character, if at all. If you love the original, at least see the sequels, (especially the sequel "Aliens") so you know what else is left in this franchise so it can be possibly resurrected. It is looking less and less likely now that it has been almost 10 years since the last film. I just hope that this isn't abandoned because there are so many more stories that we have not explored yet. But when in doubt thank the original director Ridley for welcoming us to a new type of film and has had a bunch of copycats since, but no one can come close to this original.

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1st couple years Good, Last couple nope, 29 November 2009

I enjoyed seasons 1, 2, & 3 quite well. 4 isn't bad but getting weak at the end & season 5 is terrible. It seemed pretty obvious that many of the actors knew what was coming and thought it was getting weak & left for good reason. The addition of Hayden Panettiere was the exclamation point of desperation. No, the way they explained her as being Ally's biological mother was ridiculous. Stick with the 1st three years and leave it at that. Boston Legal was solid for it's entire 5 year run but this was not. This is one of those shows that found a solid lead in Calista Flockhart & it might not have been a success at all with out her. I enjoyed many of the plot lines & it had quite a few excellent guest stars which also helped.

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