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Probably the worst film I haven't seen, 25 May 2004

Hey, this film was awful. I mean, there are bad films that are so terrible they are fun to watch. But this one just goes waaay beyond imagination. There was no way I could bear till the credits rolled and I had to give up around 55 mins into the story at the junkyard scene.

The plot is like it was written in a kindergarten for the mentally disadvantaged. Plot holes of the size even an ocean liner would sink in them.

Mr Griffin is the unfunniest, most annoying wannabe ever giving a try on comedy.

Be warned and avoid at any cost. I would like to ask the guys who scored this garbage 10 what were they able to like in this - er, okay, I just would not want to call this a movie - so in this complete waste of efforts ?

Though the cutting could have saved the film, but then the musters should have been cut lengthwise.

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Why ?!?, 16 March 2004

What a waste of money and talent ...

It is not a bad film as a film, but most - I must repeat, the most - of the film deals with events and characters that are not in the book and were added to the script by some mediocre Italian writers who know nothing about Hungary, where the story takes place. Some of dialogue seem to be simply cut and pasted from a brasil soap opera.

Why ? What is it good for ? Ferenc Molnar's classic novel is a masterpiece on its own. Why to ruin it?

To say something positive, the child actors and the cinematography was good and it was nice to see Virna Lisi again.

The novel has already been adapted to film back in 1968. That film is a lot better than this remake.

Houdini (1953)
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Just in case, 29 February 2004

What an odd coincidence, just in case you didn't know it: Harry Houdini was born in Budapest, his real name was Weisz Erik (Eric Weisz). Tony Curtis was born to parents both born in Budapest, his real name is Bernard Schwartz. Tony Curtis, nearing his eighties, still speaks Hungarian fluently.

Budapest & Budapest ... Weisz and Schwartz - White and Black.

Though this movie is pure romantic fiction, rather than a biopic, it is thoroughly enjoyable, thanks to Ms. Leigh and Mr. Curtis. (i.e. Houdini wasn't born on Halloween's day but on 24. March in 1874, and he had escaped from the Chinese Torture Chamber a lot of times, and as such, he didn't die the way depicted in this movie - he was killed by a punch on his stomach, a trick he wasn't prepared to)

Still, see this picture if you get a chance: it is colorful and exciting.