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Great fun for the whole family., 30 May 2000

In response to the only comment I saw listed, I would just like to say that the death of poor little Topsy the Elephant was not merely for the sake of movie footage. As it turns out, Topsy was a three-time man killer (the last victim had fed her a lit cigarette). Topsy was once an attraction/helper at the old Luna Park at Coney Island. Her trainer, one "Whitey" Alt taught her to "sic" the Italian workers, and this is what forced the owners of Coney Island to do away with this 6 ton paciderm. At least Topsy was electrocuted, she was supposed to be hanged. A scaffold had been prepared for such an occasion, but the animal rights activists would not stand for that. Edison had been frying animals (cats, dogs, cows, gorrillas, etc) for years in a battle between his DC and Westinghouse's AC forms of current. So Edison jumped at the opportunity to fry Topsy. He sent his boys to hook up their electrodes, and sent his film crew to tape the occasion. I also saw a show on Alice Guy which had a copy of the short film with it accredited to her direction. Where did you guys see this film in the first place? If anyone knows where I might purchase this movie short, please let me know.