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Charming, 16 January 2005

For an unknown (to me) reason, when I saw this on British TV, it was called "A Night On The Town", a far inferior title than 'Adventures in Babysitting', although maybe they figured that parents would think this a children's movie...

Anyway, the movie itself is charming in that way that only 1980s US comedy films are. There is an air of innocence to the whole thing, before these more conscious and overtly cynical days that we know and hate now - maybe a reason why 1980s retro is all the rage now... that, and things are cyclical.

I thought the film WAS charming, although entirely far-fetched in its plot lines, although I think that was kind of the point. The characters, while not being very complicated, were warm and at least not entirely two-dimensional, and the little girl was quite cute and not extremely annoying as could have happened.

Overall, I'd recommend it to hounds who love to watch 80s films.

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May I Compare Thee To A Stone Circle?, 16 January 2005

The music for this, which mainly consists of a choir of people singing wordless dischords, is certainly disquieting - especially as the music supervisor seemed to have the mic levels too high! The acting is really quite bad, especially by the child actors, but I thought this added to the charm of this eerie series, which I bought on DVD. Both my girlfriend and my former house-mate thought the series was scary and the music horrible. In fact, my girlfriend told me it gave her nightmares, and she is 20, and this was a children's show! Overall, a great slice of old British TV at its best - quirkily unusual and essentially 'English'.

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Enjoyable Murphy Flick, 8 December 2003

i read through some of the negative reviews, and felt I had to add one for the positives. I am a fan of Eddie Murphy, and have noticed that many of his films have pretty poor ratings here on IMDB, including this one, which has a shockingly low rating.

I thought the film had very funny moments, and Murphy had a good rapport with his Ghoul. Also, the plotline was pretty interesting. I thought it worked very well, and I hope that the IMDB rating will improve.

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...cute, 18 October 2002

This is a very cute game for the Playstation - very engaging, interesting levels, and not overly-difficult or easy. I recommend it for anyone who enjoys adventure games that don't involve running around shooting things.

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funny, 16 October 2002

I liked the fact that this satire became more and more outlandish & soap opera-esque as it continued - reading one of the other user comments, it would appear not everyone got this...


A Is for Acid (2002) (TV)
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Above average TV drama, 9 September 2002

Based on the true story of the Acid Bath Murderer, John George Haigh, this TV drama stars Martin Clunes as the odd-looking, charming serial killer.

Normally I don't go in for TV dramas, but since this I have a passing interest in serial killers, I watched it -- I found it well scripted and well acted, with Clunes doing a good job -- at times he did bear a resemblance to the real Haigh (from old photographs I've see), and he brought a certain charm to his character, making his deceits all the more realistic, whilst his narrative voice contrasted this with a certain lack of emotion or inflection. Also, nicely paced.

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the phaaaaaantom of the opera is here, 31 August 2002

if some of these reviewers, especially the Argento fans, had bothered to read Argento's mission statement with this film, then they would not have written the damning critiques they have.

and those who had seen Lloyd Webber's musical, good in its own terms as it is (i saw it in London in '86), and were expecting the same, well, of course they might not dig it ---

i'm pretty disappointed this has got an overall rating of 3.8

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another good comedy from john sullivan, 13 June 2002

i saw this 19 years after it was first released. the BBC have started running it from the start, and i couldn't move after watching the World Cup on tv, and on this popped -- i remember being a kid when this was on, but didn't know anything about it -- anyways, the first episode got me suckered in with a reminiscing jerk of the emotions... i have seen about 7 episodes now, and the one liners can be great, the inter-action between the 2 leads is cute, and i'm interested to see the direction it will go :)

not as good as only fools and horses (sullivan's more renowned comedy series) but very good nonetheless... oh, and i really dig that theme song! ;)

summary of my comments: great comments, really well written ;), 4 May 2002

i obtained the uncut version of this film, and i don't know why it was remade -- the original is far superior than evil dead II -- apart from the strange play-do effects at the end, the effects were great for the budget - the demon/shemp(?) makeup was very good,, the blood was not tacky (and there was an abundance of it), and the acting just the right tone of facetious seriousness (bruce campbell was great as he progressed from '70s slasherflick actor to manic overzealous demonkiller.

one of the reasons that the film is so effective is this: even though we know that a hand is about to come through a door, or up through the ground, Raimi hits us with it a half-beat early, so we still jumps with surprise - he takes our expectation and uses it against us; i think that is one of the main reasons that this film is so well-loved

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not as bad as its reputation, 28 April 2002

this film really isn't that bad - if it had been better visualised, and they had dumped the large amount of stock footage (yes, there is a vast quantity of it), then it would act as a goodish prequal to dawn of the dead, which could then continue where this film left off.

compared to other zombi/cannibal films, most of the lead characters aren't that obnoxious - i agree that there are some bizarre behavioural patterns; such as the lack of help towards people being zombicannibalised, SWAT member putting on a tutu and felt hat and dancing in the cellar (don't ask!); but the overall feel of the film is quite good. Uneven and inconsistent it may be, but then it is a cheap italian zombi flick from over 20 years ago!

one little gripe is the lack of really good effects until the last 10 or 15 minutes - gunshot-wound-to-the-head-FX are mostly bad or make-belief.

i give it a 6/10 (within the zombi film framework)

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