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She Loves Me (1978 TV Movie)
10 May 2005
I saw this musical on TV back in 1979 as a teenager and never forgot it! PBS showed it for about 3 three years straight during the Christmas season, then stopped airing it around 1982. I searched for 20 years to find a copy, but I could barely find any press on it, let alone a copy! I was finally able to get a copy a couple of years ago and it was as good as I remembered. I hoped it's released soon... It's a musical version of "Shop Around the Corner" (which was the precursor of "You Have Mail") starring Robin Ellis of Poldark fame as Mr. Novack (James Stewart's part in Shop Around the Corner) and Gemma Craven as Amalia Balash (the Margaret Sullavan part in SATC). It takes place for the most part in a 'parfumerie' called Maraczeks, in 1930's Budapest. Mr. Novack is the Head clerk, and fellow employees include Mr. Sipos, an older sort of milquetoast fellow with a wife & family, Ilona, a comely lady who's been around (if you know what I mean), Mr. Kodaly, a playboy, and the owner, Mr. Maraczek. Another employee has left because she's expecting. They're one short, but business is slow so Mr. Maraczek doesn't want to hire someone to replace her. Amalia comes in one day looking for a job and gets hired by Mr. Maraczek after helping him win a bet against Mr.Novack. Unbeknowst to each other, Amalia & Mr. Novack have been communicating by mail, lonely hearts club style. Although in their letters to each other, they're in tune and are very interested in each other, at the shop they dislike each other and fight all the time. If you're familiar with the premise of these types of movies, you can well guess the goings on that come next. While this version omits a couple of songs from the Broadway musical, and vocally the adorable Gemma is no Barbara Cook(who created the role on Broadway) - this is a very enchanting movie! Great music, good performances, a quaint story, funny & romantic, all in all, a very pleasant way to spend a couple of hours....
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Perfect antidote to loud popcorn movies...
28 June 2004
Not that there is anything wrong with popcorn movies..but sometimes you just wanna sit back & watch a quiet, romantic movie, and this one is perfect, a true original. I first saw this movie as a teenager and never forgot it. 25 years go by, I saw it again the other day. I fell in love with the movie all over again! As beautiful as Brief Encounter is but without the heartbreak.

The location is unusual and fascinating. The cinematography, for a black & white flick, is beautiful. Wendy Hiller & Roger Livesey have such chemistry, & I always loved the sound of his velvety voice..

Probably the closest a New York City born girl will ever get to such a remote place..
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Beauty and the Beast (1976 TV Movie)
Release this movie!
8 April 2002
Like everyone else here I saw this movie just once and never forgot was a fantastic movie! I've been looking for it all these years...Please, please, powers that be..release this movie on DVD! (Hey this sounds like a mantra..)
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One of the greatest
5 July 2000
This movie is a favorite of my husband and I, and holds a special place in our hearts. This is the only movie I ever saw in all my years of fanatical movie watching whose ending I couldn't figure out beforehand, totally did not expect, but fully appreciated. It's odd to say, but it was such a rush when I realized who Keyser Soze really was! I couldn't believe it! I absolutely loved the fact that I couldn't figure it out, so unpredictable and original this movie is. I've been looking for that rush ever since but no other movie compares. This is also the movie that made me sit up and notice my beloved Kevin Spacey, who I remembered from "Swimming with Sharks" and thought he was awesome. Everyone else, Chazz, Gabriel Byrne, Kevin Pollak, Stephen Baldwin, Benicio were fantastic in their roles. Fantastic screenplay, The Oscars were deserved!
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Absolutely perfect!
5 July 2000
Absolute perfection, I first saw this movie as a teenager and it just gets better & better every time I view it! I never get tired of seeing it. Richard Chamberlain & Gemma Craven are ideal in the leads. (Was Richard ever more gorgeous than in this flick?) The music, Annette Crosbie, Michael Borden?(the King), and the Lord Chamberlain are all excellent. Euphrania rules!
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