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Appleseed (2004)
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Great visuals and sound, but not a good movie, 8 December 2004

This movie astonished me in two ways. First the visuals and sounds are more than breathtaking, but on the other hand I wondered how they can tell the story in such a confusing way. Maybe it was the subtitles, but it just didn't feel right. The storytelling never minded to explain the background a bit more.

The movie reminded me of the Korean anime "Wonderful Days", which also had great visuals but the story just didn't fit seamless.

That said, if you like last generation visual animation, good sound and a lot of action this is *the* movie for you. And the story is not bad, but missing pieces.

Animation: 10/10 Story: 6/10

Oseam (2003)
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Great, but definitely not a family movie., 24 October 2003

This animation is great. About everything is right. But be aware not to watch this movie with children! Despite that it is an animation, it is a sad movie and will be too much for most children.

Despite this, I recommend this movie to everyone who is able to get their hands on this!

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Typical Jackie Chan style movie, 24 August 2003

Don't be fooled by Jackie Chan being listed as Actor: He just appears for a few seconds. On the other hand the movie is produced by Jackie Chan and offers much of the same action and the typical a-bit-cheesy story.

If you mainly want to see good kung-fu and stunts, than this movie is the right one for you.

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If you like dramas, you'll love this one, but..., 7 June 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you like dramas, you'll love this one, but if you're not totally into them this movie might not appeal to you.

*** slight spoiler ***

This movie included so many small drama parts, it looked to me a bit like the author just threw together all the ideas he found in other movies/stories and made a new movie out of it. The result is a emotional roller coaster, which actually was too dramatic for me.

But I can very much image that other people more recipient for this really love this movie.

Even if you're not very recipient towards dramas, this is not a bad movie. I'll give it a 6/10 even though some part were overdone to me.

Addicted (2002)
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After falling in a coma, waking up in another body?, 24 February 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Eun-su and Ho-jin are a happy married couple, after a few years of marriage still exchanging love letters. They life together with Hi-jin's bother Dae-jin, who is addicted to his car and drives races for his profession.

But this happy idyll is broken, after each of the two brother have an accident at the same time: Dae-jin has a car crash while racing and Hi-jin's taxi gets smacked by a truck.

When Dae-jin wakes up out of the coma, it's not Dae-jin speaking, it's Hi-jin!

This theme might sound familiar, but in this movie there are still some surprises waiting for you...

It is really worth watching!

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Promising start, but gets boring after first half, 24 February 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Korea is divided into South and North Korea. They share the DMZ (Demilitarised Zone) and also in the past spies showed up on the south korean coast. Thats why Coast Guards are all around the coast to protect South Korea from damage.

This movie is about a south korean soldier, who serves as a coast guard. He is very enthusiastic about his services and takes it a bit too serious. In one night he shoots a "spy" who shows up on the coastal area. But it is actually not a spy, but a civilian who lived nearby. This event seriously messes up the lives of many people.

*** Small Spoilers ***

I thought this was a promising theme, but after about the first half of the movie, the movie gets out of hand and tries to be a thriller, while picturing the now lunatic minds of the involved persons. For me the second part was just too unbelievable.

They could have made a much better story with showing the people trying to deal with it.


Fun Movie (2002)
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Quite funny, if you know a bit more about korea(n movies), 17 February 2003

If you want to enjoy this movie you have to already know some other korean movies, since this is a parodie on them. Knowing a bit about Koreas History with Japan and the two Koreas in general might be helpful as well.

In this movie some japanese Terrorists try to ruin the world-cup (hosted by Japan and South Korea) by blowing up the South Korean President, the Japanese Prime Minister and the Chairman of North Korea.

The main story is taken from "Shiri", but there are a lot of scenes out of "My sassy girl", "Peppermint Candy", "Beat", "Joint Security Area", "Ditto", "Nowhere to hide", "Friend", "Volcano High", "Attack at the gas station" and many more...

Most of the parodies hit very well.

If you do not know many korean movies the rate is maybe 4/10, but if you know them I'd rate this movie 8/10 !

And by the way: those korean movies are good movies, so go out an watch them ;)

Family (2002)
If you want something to laugh, you at least got the plot..., 11 January 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


A few gangsters are ordered to take over Incheon, but they struggle with madam of a hostess bar. One of the gangsters falls in love with one of the hostesses. The gangsters are betrayed. More love involves. With the help of the hostess they take over Incheon by themselves and get happy.

This movie has some quite funny scenes, but most of the time you laugh because of the plot. You can find Drama, Romantic and Action in this movie, but none of it can really evolve, since the silliness is just too much.