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Excellent Adaption with Solid Performances, 20 August 2000

This version was set in the early 1900's to give the book a more different feel. The Merchant of Venice would have to be my favorite Shakespeare book and this TV movie would have to be the best out of all the movies I've seen on the Merchant of Venice. It should be noted that the main roles in the film are of top calibre Actors who really perform well, especially Laurence Olivier who did a fantastic job of playing Shylock the Jew.

The only over acting would have to come from Prince Arragon and Morocco who definitely go over the top (and I don't think anyone whose read the book would imagine Prince Arragon to be 80 years old)

Apart from that slight hiccup from the Slump duo the film is worth watching and is ideal for anyone who wants to study the book or rehearse The Merchant of Venice

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John Carpenter Won't Be Happy...Robert, 17 August 2000

The overall film was entertaining although the actors and actresses in the film made too may references to other films to make the film more my opinion that was a wrong move.

As for the film, well I think Robert Rodriguez may have got some of the ideas from John Carpenter's "The Thing" and if I was John, I would not be too happy about that.

All in all, apart from the rip-off John Carpenter scenes, I would recommend this movie to a young teenage couple staying in to watch a movie at night on Halloween

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Good Idea But Awfully Made, 29 July 2000

Unfortunately this film, which starred David Bowie playing a rather shy little alien sent to earth to take water back to his planet, was made in such a way that you completely get lost and you end up thinking "what a load of rubbish!"

But if you look deep into this film, beyond the outrageously bizarre sex scenes and all the urinating, you will see that the plot outline is simple.

An alien is sent to earth to rescue his planet from dying and instead becomes an alcoholic and has sex with another alcoholic who happens to be an earthling!

Great Stuff!!!!

Good Work John...., 8 June 2000

I think John Carpenter did a very good job in "in the mouth of madness" and I snub any one who says the film isn't good. It was a very clever film directed by most probably the greatest horror director ever. The cast was very well portrayed and although people criticize the film for its ending I believe that the ending is extremely well thought....Don't listen to the critics John, your still number 1

Roaringly funny, 7 June 2000

This has got to be one of the funniest British movies ever. John Cleese, Michael Palin and of course Kevin Kline were all outstanding in this film mixing good old English humor with modern day American comedy. The plot outline of the film as well as the acting are very well preserved through out the entire film keeping you glued to the screen all the time. Its a shame that the follow up, "fierce Creatures", was not like A Fish Called Wanda because I believe that it could have been yet another Smash Hit 10/10 for A Fish Called Wanda.......

Extremely Brilliant and Scary, 1 June 2000

The sixth sense has to be one of the scarriest films ever made. The whole idea of the movie is very thought provoking and can make you lose a lot of sleep. The story is basically about a little boy who can see dead people wondering around but the final climax of the film is the ending which is superb. I do not recommend this film to anybody who gets scared easily although i think its a shame that such a great film should not be seen. Bruce Willis was very good in the film acting his usual cool self but the highlight of all the acting in the film has to go to Haley Osmont who played the little boy. Very rarely do we see such fine young actors. The only other young actors i thought who were as good was the little boy in "The Champ", the little boy in "Kramer v Kramer" and the little boy in "ET". Only The Exorcist can compete with this film on scary levels.....truly a masterpiece

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Poor Acting but some Good Music Scores, 1 June 2000

Body Double isn't really that much of a bad film although it is no way near to being considered a good film. The film lacks a good gripping story but it does have a good music score particularly when the 1980's British Pop Band "Frankie Goes to Hollywood" do their stuff in one of the scenes with Melanie Grifiths. The acting was overall nothing to be admired about but if your ever feeling in an odd mood then watch this movie with some cheap wine and potato chips......

Batman (1989)
The Best Batman Movie By Far, 1 June 2000

Tim Burton did an excellent job of remaking the comical 1960 versions of Batman. All the actors were very well selected and I was very glad to hear when the movie was to be released that Prince wasn't selected to be Batman/Bruce Wayne (what a laugh that would have been) much to Prince's disappointed. Michael Keaton was the best out of all the Batman's and no one but no one could have played the Joker as good as Jack Nicholson. If you have never seen the first Batman film then it really is worth watching because the acting, Cinematography , atmosphere and music is very "Batman like" all the way. Its a shame that all the other Batman films turned out to be such flops because I truly believe that they could have been more careful with the way they made the sequels .

The Stud (1978)
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Two-Timing Grandmother, 1 June 2000

It has to be said that Joan Collins really swooped down low to make this film. The Stud could almost be considered a soft porn with some outstanding sex scenes especially with the orgy in the swimming pool when Joan Collins (a married woman), another woman and a man engage in some romping activities. All in all the film keeps you occupied because of the situation between the "Stud" and the girl he falls in love with but the whole film is rather too raunchy ....that is if you like that sort of stuff..HEY HEY....

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Good Adaption But Gave Me Child Nightmares, 30 May 2000

It has always surprised me how people could consider The Incredible Hulk as a child's film. When i first saw the movie i was 7 years old and suffered nightmares for the next 2 years. It was however a very good adaption of the comic despite some lousy acting by Jack Colvin who played the reporter. Bill Bixby was a perfect Dr Banner and Lou Ferrigno was a perfect Hulk. The overall film could have had more of a story with perhaps a few more actors and Hulk Scenes. The series went on to be a success so the film must have made some impression. However the greatest thing for me in the film would have to be the final Sad Hulk Theme Song that is played on Piano. The song is actually very touching.

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