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Tango (1998)
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I adore Tango music, 12 August 2004

The dancing in this movie was wonderful to watch. The posture of the dancers amazing. The colours magnificent. I found the tale fascinating. I believe what we watched was the film being made and the story told was what the director wanted us to see, because at the end, everyone was clapping and all were friendly.It was all make believe. The tale was not to be taken seriously, it was a play within a play.

On the otherhand what happened in Argentina many years ago was true and the way the director directed this sad time was very inventive. It showed through dancing the tragic story.

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Not as bad as the critics said!, 31 July 2004

I did not expect much from this movie as all the comments I had read had been rather bad, but to my delight, I found it quite amusing. As I live near New Canaan, Darien and Norwalk the movie had local interst for me. The Lockwood Mather Mansion was definitely the star of the movie, it filmed beautifully.

As to the movie, there were some really funny parts, though, unfortunateley, I was one of the few in the audience to laugh, people seem to have lost their sense of humor. The acting was quite good, but must admit, they did find some rather ordinary looking men, but that was the whole point of the movie.

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Disappointing, 11 January 2004

I had read the book, and it is one of Philips Roth's great novels. The acting in the movie was excellent, but it concentrated too much on Anthony Hopkins & Nicole Kidman being together. There is so much more to the book. There should have been more about Silk when he was younger, the inter play between the faculty at the college. They should of explained why the woman teacher was sending the mean letters etc. I suggest everyone should read the book. This is not a great adaptation, I even found parts tedious.

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unwatchable, 20 December 2003

This movie is utterly awful, we gave it about half an hour and then gave up on it. I very rarely give up watching a movie, but could not stand it. How it came to win awards, I do not know.

I am just reading on the back of the DVD that this movie is supposed to be "A Movie of Undeniable Power, A modestly scaled Masterpiece." Whoever wrote this must be nuts or easily pleased.

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Utterly Charming, 6 December 2003

My husband and I just watched this beautifully performed movie. It is an old fashioned movie with wonderful scenery of the Highlands of Scotland. Of a life that is no more. Robert Norman as Fraser the little boy is perfect for the part. He is very curious and causes no end of trouble. This movie takes place after World War I and is based on the novel "Son of Adam" by Sir Denis Forman. It is a gentle movie and I highly recommend it to those people who want spend an hour and a half in a time that will not come back. Rosemary Harris as Gamma, as always, is perfect. ColinFirth as Edward the dreamer, inventor and father plays the part to perfection. Both Irene Jacob and May Elizabeth Mastrantonio are beautiful and a pleasure to watch. Do see it.

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Wonderful depiction of early 19th century navel life, 24 November 2003

I have read quite a few of Patrick O'Brian's novels and loved "Master & Commander" the movie. You feel that you are on board The Surprise. You are a member of the crew. Paul Bettany as Stephen Maturin and Russell Crowe as Jack Aubrey both play their parts to the hilt. You know that they are friends. There are moments of extraordinary tenderness, when after a young midshipman has lost his arm, Jack gives him a biography of Nelson, who had lost his arm also. You know that Jack feels sorry for the boy but is not maudlin. There are scenes of brutality, but this is war. I think Patrick O'Brian would have approved and I hope people will read his novels.

The movie theatre that I was at was packed and at the end of the movie the audience applauded.

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A lot of fun, 6 March 2003

This movie was directed by "Mars" Callahan. He plays Johnny Doyle the lead character , who "was a kid that the cue was part of his arm." This is a very entertaining movie and all the performers have a lot of fun. Callahan must love pool and my husband and I had a good time at the movies. The cast includes Christopher Walken, as always good, Rod Steiger in his last role, and a group of youngmen, who are very amusing. This is pure entertainment. As Ebert says, "a young man's film humming with fun of making it.

Outstanding, 26 January 2003

After seeing the first movie I could not wait to see "The Two Towers". It lived up to my expectations. The Middle-earth came to life. Peter Jackson has done the impossible by bringing J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy to the screen. These movies are in a league of their own. The landscapes are spectacular, the music fits the action and what action. The battle scenes are awesome. I am now waiting for the final installment. One should not wait to see the movie on DVD as my husband is, you will miss so much. These movies are for seeing on a large screen with good sound . Go and see it and join the people of Middle-earth.

A Period Piece, 23 January 2003

This is a beautifully acted film set in the fifties, touching subjects that at that time were not mentioned. I though found the first part of the film to be quite ordinary and was only moved towards the end. I think that the character that Julianne Moore played was too perfect. I was just married at the time the movie took place and though I wore clothes similar was not perfectly dressed all the time. Those full skirts she wore every day were just too much. I know this is being rather fussy, but I found it annoying. I do think that the younger generation would learn a great deal from the movie and find that we have come a long way since the fifties--it truly was not such a wonderful time!

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Inspiring, 23 January 2003

At the beginning of the movie, I said to myself, why another holocaust movie, but I became engrossed with the story of the survival of Wladyslaw Szpilman. Adrien Brody became Szpilman, what a part for him to play. This is Polanski at his best. The film is one that especially the younger generation should see. I highly recommend it.

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