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Not sure what you were expecting, 2 January 2010

I thought this was a perfectly fine sci fi made for TV flick. Do any of you remember what made for TV movies used to look like even 10 years ago? You can't compare this to Avatar for triff's sake.

Yes it did not stick too closely to the book and no the writing was not great, but I thought the acting was fine and the special effects were as good as one can expect for TV sci fi.

And it was scary enough that I did not let my 8 year old son watch past the first 20 minutes and he and I regularly watch Doctor Who.

Anyhow I think everyone should cut it some slack and enjoy the "free" movie.

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Good for its intended audience, 25 March 2006

My 4 year old son loves this movie. It's on the "On-demand" movie channel here and he watches it at least twice a day.

I've seen 80% of it and it's harmless fun (for kids his age certainly).

There are lots of imaginative things in there (like the extension cord/wire dogs). And the storyline is fine too. I agree with the person who compared it to The Neverending Story. It was very strange and "silly" when it came out, but now it's a children's classic (even parodied in Family Guy!)

While it's not as good as Spy Kids 1 or 2, it's on the same level as Spy Kids 3. This move is not bad at all.

Solaris (2002)
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Watch it again, 18 September 2004

I had a very negative reaction to this movie the first time i saw it. I dismissed it offhand as a weak twilight-zone-like story about benevolent aliens interacting with human on a remote space station. Then, due mostly to the repeating schedule of the movie network I watched it again.

It is really a very good movie. It's not science fiction, although it reminds me most of the Martian Chronicles. Like those stories it is ultimately about what it means to be human. In this light it is quite successful.

Sure it's atmospheric and moody but really well done.

Try watching it again, late in the evening, when it is quiet.

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Keep watching until you get it..., 3 April 2004

It's worth the time. This is an excellent movie, it's not LOTR but for the scifi genre it is done amazingly well. I can't believe people would downrate it simply because they didn't "get it".

Think back to 2001 A Space Odyssey, did you understand the ending when you first saw that one? Do you even understand it today? Is it a great movie? OK.

This is the same kind of film. Groundbreaking in it's visuals and in many ways even more cutting edge in it's plot and story.

Watch it a few times, it will come to you.


Excellent, 19 December 2003

Excellent. Best of the best. I sat sweating through the whole thing. Emotionally draining. I will see it again.

Just what you'd expect..., 22 July 2002

Spiders, webs, spiders chasing people... it's a fun movie with good acting all around and some laugh-out-loud moments. You get what you pay for!

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Great Movie! Not for young kids though., 8 April 2002

The only problem with this great imaginative film is that it came out as a sequel to Babe. Babe is a great family film for all ages. Pig in the City is really only for kids 16 or older (maybe very mature 12 year olds). That is the ONLY problem with it. Please don't blame the film maker for poor product positioning. I loved this film, it is ingenious and endearing and I could watch it over and over again because it is chock full of wonderful performances (human and other) and brilliant visuals. In many ways it reminded me of Moulin Rouge with its hyper-kinetic pacing and sense of humour. Please don't miss this gem, just don't bother trying to explain it to small children.

Unbelievably Great!, 20 December 2001

This movie brought me to tears and it wasn't at the end where they might be expected. It was in the very beginning when they were in the Shire. It was so beautiful and so "right"... all through the movie I was nodding to myself as scene after scene played out as I imagined them... even more real then in my head. Maybe it was helped along by a sense of nostalgia since I haven't read the books in almost 25 years, but at that time I read them over 7 times and as a teenager I had my walls plastered with previous years calendar pictures... let's just say that I was a big fan of the books.

But the movie only added to all this... made it better and more real. I will watch this again when my 19 year old son comes home for Christmas, I am sure that he will have seen it at least once by then as well. Great movie. Touched me deeply. See it, even if you haven't read the books. It is amazing.

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I laughed, I cried, it changed my life..., 17 June 2001

Well maybe not the last part, but this is an excellent film. Yes, it is a musical, and yes, there is a reference to the Sound of Music, but this is unlike any musical every made before. I am not really a fan of some of the high speed frenetic film editing that you can find in today's music videos but somehow I was not bothered at all by the video acrobatics that make up most of Moulin Rouge, it really seemed to fit with the whole picture.

But for all the flash, this movie is first and foremost a romance. And not a sappy sickly sweet love story but one that can really touch you... if you let it. It reminded me most of "Shakespeare in Love"... but actually was much more effective in showing the love between them.

It's also one of those movies that you want to see again... immediately!

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Not THAT bad..., 11 January 2001

Boy that's a lot of negative reviews. I thought it was not that bad... not excellent, but certainly above average. The music and camera work were very interesting and fitting. Everyone did a respectable job acting-wise (although k.d lang seemed a little uncomfortable at times). I heard a lot of people compare it to Double Jeopardy... now THAT movie was certainly overrated and I would put Eye of the Beholder way ahead of that sad story anyday. It was a cool movie. Not Citizen Kane but certainly watchable. I would recommend it to friends. My only complaint was the ending... a little weak... but weak is always better than stupid.