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Final Descent (1997) (TV)
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Surely unrealistic, but pretty funny Tv-movie, 13 August 2001

This movie is not much realistic, sure. It is more realistic than airport 79 (that movie where a Concorde is far more manouverable than a military jetplane!), but it is obvious... Indeed, I have to say that this Tv-movie is full of nice ideas in the plot, movie ideas, OK, but also funny for this reason. So, if you like the catastrophic genre, take a look at this very economic movie. But don't expect a realistic movie: no one has realized, up today, a really realistic movie about the airplanes.

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Action-packed police movie, 8 August 2001

A war between the young, cynical, astute Italian delinquent "Chinaman" (Tomas Milian) and the experienced, cold, pitiful, New-york boss Frank Di Maggio (John Saxon) has started. And is a war for the criminal domination of Rome.

Only a really stubborn policeman can stop these crime giants.

In fact, this man is inspector Leonardo Tanzi (Maurizio Merli) that is as though as he comes...

Solid, action-packed police movie with very intense characters.

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Action and Irony in this "first-manner" Milian Police movie, 8 August 2001

Here we have the rude, ill-mannered and unkempt Nicola Giraldi (Tomas Milian), a Roman policeman forced to hunt a band of senseless pickpocketers and thefts in the outskirts of Rome.

But when an American boss begins to mysteriously kill this young criminals one after another, Giraldi shows his exceptional inspection abilities.

Strange and entertaining movie, that starts like a rough comedy and turns into a serious police movie.

See it.

Gladiator (2000)
The only realistic movie about ancient Rome history, 4 August 2001

The producers of this movie must know well ancient history, and, in the same time, they know well how to add fantastic elements to transform a simple movie into an awesome one...

Surprisingly, this movie shows high class elements in scripting, direction, acting, photography and action scenes.

The opening is epic; it represents a battle between Romans and ancient Germans. Never a movie on ancient history has shown a battle scene so well realised; not only it is highly exciting and dramatic but also, there is a historic realism in representation, battle technics, nomenclature. Apart classic elements, like an exciting show of the Roman phalanx in action covered with shields repelling German's arrows, You will see a series of innovative realistic historic features: very good costumes, war dogs, catapults and so long. The battle shown in "Spartacus", although good, was less realistic, and surely was far less enjoying and thrilling.

Another important thing is that this movie, unlike all other of its genre, shows the real religion of ancient Romans (substantially, the adoration of ancestors) with realism, respect and seriousness, not like old movies of this type, where this religion was considered only "paganism" and never showed.

And then, after this, You have wonderful actors and fantastic plot, perhaps a free variation on the real story of the despotic Commodus (in the reality, Commodus was killed in 192 a.c. by an ambush of a gladiator, Narcissus, hired by his sister and the Senate).

It is really the case to say: thumb up!

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The unbeaten (and only) high quality masterpiece of the genre., 8 July 2001

Even this genre, so understimated by the reviewers (although fun, often), has a milestone.

But this is a particular situation: "Enter the Dragon" is probably far better than any other movie of this class, old or modern, edited until now.

Let's see why: on the first side, Lee, Saxon and Kelly performances are excellent - this characters are enjoying, and the public likes it.

On the second side, the combat scenes has something, like a taste of realism, thrilling and suspance, that make them exclusive, never emulated so far; this thanks to the coreographies, edited by Bruce Lee himself. But there is some other things to say: we all know Lee is an excellent athlete in martial arts (and in this movie he exceed himself, with outstanding performances): but the surprising thing is that both Kelly and Saxon was trained incredibly well for this movie; particularly John Saxon performs at the end of the movie some combat scenes that are at least exciting!! And, finally, the movie is really intriguing, that is probably the most important thing when you choose to watch a good movie.

Definitely, this movie has created a genre and simultaneously has concluded it.

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Superb!, 9 July 2000

If you want to see a very funny and addictive action movie, you must watch this one... Here we have two rival wreck car racing pilots(Bud Spencer and Terence Hill), both very skilled, so skilled that after a tremendous race they finishes simultaneously... and together they wins a dune buggy, the prize for the winner. Naturally, each of them wants the buggy for himself, so the tough guys decides to bet the car in a "beer and beans" contest(!). But just when the "contest" starts, the bad ones, led by a megalomaniac rich man and his psychologist, destroy the dune buggy...... You can imagine the reaction of Spencer and Hill...

A remarkable scene: the one of the killer ("Paganini") in the auditorium.(A masterpiece!)

Banana Joe (1982)
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nice movie., 9 July 2000

Joe is a good man, that lives in a south American forest commercing bananas in surrounding villages. He doesn't have a surname, an identity document, a selling licence: this became a problem when local crime attempt to seize the bananas commerce of the state...... A good comedy, ironic (in the style of Corbucci), and with the usual iron punch of Bud Spencer! (here without his classic buddy Terence Hill).

Moonraker (1979)
A very good "bond movie", 4 July 2000

This one is a very well done action movie, underestimated by many people, that have criticized it probably for some humoristic scene.

It has many good features: good actors, intriguing plot,a frightful villain, a great soundtrack by Shirley Bassey (Goldfinger). And, first of all, the space scenes, although a bit dated today, have something epic that is rarely represented in modern action movies.

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Thumbs down!, 1 July 2000

This awful movie is the fair of stereotypes: all the goods are smart, cool and heroic (like Clooney in the role of an American official), all the Russians are idiots, the bad is a Jugoslavian that, poor him, has suffered too much that now instead of understand the value of peace wants to make all people suffer like him.... transporting an atomic bomb in New York(with timer! in the backpack!!! you understand!?). And the nice thing is that he was visible by satellites by means of radiation emitted by the bomb, but he survives happy only because in that manner he can be killed by the overmentioned hero........ too bad!

A real eye punch...

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One of the most realistic historical movie., 1 July 2000

About me, this is a masterpiece of the genre.It is a story about the brutality of war, telling the terrible events happened in the Italian front during world war I. Here we have General Leone, a cruel high official that, without any respect of human life, send his men to the slaughter armed only with guns against the austrian-asburgic machine guns. He is an imaginary personage, but is probably inspired to the real existed General Cadorna.He sadly famous for similar behaviors(such as collective executions of his soldiers for insignificant motivations,like for example thefts by an unknown),and for this,after an heavy defeat at Caporetto, he was replaced by much more able and honest General Armando Diaz. All of this represented with heartbreaking realism in this movie, that unlike other similar, prefer the historic accuracy instead that unrealistic heroism.

I have to signal the excellent photography.

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