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it was ok, 25 May 2000

This movie was o.k but not bad enough to be on the least 100. The one problem was that 2 was enough for problem child. It was funny in some parts but boring in others. In the movie the good parts were good and the bad parts were very bad.

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THIS MOVIE WAS SO BORING. i fell asleep twice in this movie, it had no key parts, no funny parts, and it was totally stupid. I hated it. this has to be one of the worst movie of any year. i hope my vote put this movie down to - 1,000 (if there was one)

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# one on the worst movies, 25 May 2000

I hated this movie so much i destroyed my friends tape, i only watched ten minutes of it and blew it up. I hated the t.v show's,this movie, and the memorabilia. the t.v shows got old the movie was gay and the memorabilia was like pokemon cards.

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Hated, 24 May 2000

This movie was not enough for even one star, it had had too much of a plot twist and the acting was awful. the only good thing about it was the fact that it had guns a blazing and john travolta in it. If its one movie you want to watch in a movie store, skip over this hunk a junk

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Best Movie of the Year, 24 May 2000

Absolutely the best movie, i played it soooooooooooo many times i had to get a new movie. I am not saying i am a total geek for star wars but i do love the movies and the books. George Lucas is a very good director, he made a good cast for this movie. There was only one problem ..... if it is a long long time ago and a galaxy far far away why does obi wan have a british accent??????

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o.k, 24 May 2000

In this game there was action,strategy,mind boggles, and killing. It was very good indeed. i played this game with a couple of friends and we all enjoyed it. there was only one were so anxious to beat the game and fight darth maul that the game actually became boring. If it wasn't for that i would have given my ratings a perfect 10. But the biggest thing was the graphics, they were stupendous.