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Dragonfly (2002)
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I have to say, i was not disappointed when i went to see dragonfly. i had waited for a year and a half for it to come out and the day it opened I was at the theatre. I took my seat with my husband next to me and we enjoyed it very much. Why do so many people go to the movies nowadays looking to criticize, rather than enjoy? I did not go to compare it with any other film. I did not go to see if Costner would fly or flop. which he didn't. I went because I knew that any movie with Costner, that showed a smidgen of sentimentality would be great. He does it so well. and he did not fail to make me sad and happy, as well as make me laugh. Whats wrong with sentiment? Why is the notion of a love so strong it has no boundries sentimental crap? It seems as if the whole world is full of cynics. I enjoy going to a movie and being moved. And Dragonfly gave me my moneys worth. Dont listen to the naysayers, this is a movie worth going to see. If you love the idea of love, as well as a nice eirie background to the story, you won't be disappointed

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This has to be one of the best movies I have ever watched and watched and... well, you get the picture.It is a revealing account of relationships and feelings and trust. Set during one major league baseball game, a man relives the past five years of his life from the pitchers mound. He realizes, over what may be the course of a perfect game, that his life has been anything but perfect. That the really important things in life are slipping away from him.This movie is full of life, it's sweet. It draws you in and holds your interest. I think the movie was underrated because of the subject matter. A romantic baseball movie? but that's just the surface. This movie goes very deep. If you give it a chance you will see that the reality of the setting and the people are extremely captivating, as well as fun. I can't think of another movie that has made me feel so good and so satisfied at the end. If you like baseball you can't help but love this movie. It's full of the most realistic ball playing I have ever seen in a film.If you like a sweet romance that doesn't have to rely on sex and nudity to tell the story, well, this is it. This has to be my all time favorite movie. I own it on vhs as well as dvd. The spotlight on location is a wonderful feature on both versions. It gives a fun look at the making of aspects. It also shows you interview clips from the professional ball people who were involved in the making of the film. I urge anyone who just wants to relax, enjoy a good story and feel better for watching it, to get this movie .

Rebel (1970)
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O.K. FOR A SLY FIRST, 5 September 2001

I own this movie under a different title "REBEL". It's ok. A bit slow, but it does have a plot. It tells the story of a young man having to choose between his desire to be part of a social movement in the late sixties. Or the love of a country girl, a true "flower child" he meets on his way to Manhatten. I liked it because it shows Sly before he became so pretty


This is a purely romantic fantasy. A young girl meets young man. The music, the dancing, along with the overtones of the changes brought on in the mid sixties, all the ingrediants add up to a delightful movie that makes you want to laugh and cry, as well as sing and dance. The sixties were turbulent. but not the early sixties. People forget that there was a part of the sixties that was young and innocent. Dirty dancing shows us the end of that era. Before Viet Nam, the death of kennedy, and the riots and violence of the later years.A time when families, even those with older kids did do things together. I loved the movie. I watch it regularly with my children, ages six through thirteen. They ask me questions about the clothes, the cars, and even in the case of my older kids, the social ideals of the people involved. but mostly they love the dancing and the music.Their favorite travel music is the two soundtracks from the movie. Baby's parents are pretty typical of their social class of the era. Parents trusted their kids, and classes weren't supposed to cross over the lines that society had set up.There was still a very distinct two sides of "the tracks" attitude. So yes, in many ways Dirty Dancing is real. And the dreams of a young girl are always real to the young girl doing the dreaming. I loved the movie. I actually smile in awe at some of the scenes. the feelings seem to be so real that you forget you are watching a performance.I think that many people smile when they watch DIRTY DANCING.

"Laramie" (1959)
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Marry me, marry me, way out in laramie. That was the first line in the song. Slim Sherman, with his white blonde hair, slow easy smile, and gentle ways.was wonderful, but it was Jess Harper who had my little five year old heart. Deep voice, wickedly mischievious eyes, and hey, he just looked great in a cowboy hat.The show was for families. Something you dont see much of anymore Spring Byington,as the somewhat flustered Aunt Daisy, was an anchor. A kind of ditzy but loving MOM figure. For me it rated right up there with the Rifleman, Bonanza, Wagon Train, Gunsmoke and The Virginian. They always had a message of love, loyalty,morals, human values and pride. Laramie was exciting.It had heart. It was serious, funny, a bit violent very much like real life is now, or then, or a hundred years ago. I miss Laramie I would love to see it amoung the western rerun line-up. making the rounds of nostalgia television.I feel it would fare just fine on todays T.V.It would'nt hurt to let our kids learn some of the charicture building examples,shows like Laramie can teach.