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Worthy semi-reboot to the Gamera franchise, 30 January 2015

Decades after watching Gamera sacrifice himself to destroy monsters threatening the world, a recently widowed man's son finds a strange glowing stone with an egg nestled in it, and when a baby turtles hatches he decides to secretly keep it as a pet. But the boy soon discovers that his cute but seemingly normal little turtle is anything but that as it learns to fly, breath fire and grows at an astonishing rate. Suspecting his pet is in fact a descendant of the legendary Gamera he begins to worry if it will ultimately meet the same fate, and when a vicious giant monster begins to attack Japan he is unable to stop his friend from rising to meet the challenge, however unprepared.

Very well written and endearing semi-reboot to the Gamera franchise is far from perfect, having plenty of plot holes and gets a little too silly towards the end, but for me being someone who grew up watching the original films in all their cheesy splendor it hits all the right cords.

I'd give it a 7.5 out of 10 though IMDb doesn't allow 1/2 votes so I gave it an 8, not for everyone but veterans of the originals will almost certainly appreciate it.

Zombie (1979)
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Director Lucio Fulci's gore tour de force (5 - 10), 19 February 2007

When a seemingly abandoned sailboat drifts in to New York harbor a couple of police officers go to investigate, and are promptly attacked by a living corpse hiding in its hull. The boat is traced back to the father of Ann Bowles (Tisa Farrow), and along with a reporter played by McCulloch they set sail with another couple to the island for which her father was last seen, only to find out the island is plagued with the nasty problem of the dead not staying dead.

Not the worst of its type but not that best either, this "Dawn of the Dead" knock-off basically only has its relentless gore to distinguish itself. However the gore effects are exceptional and there is one incredibly nasty scene involving a splinter to the eye, but everything else is pretty routine and doesn't offer any real scares or surprises.

5 out of 10, this might rank a 6 or higher amongst Fulci fans or people just looking for something extremely gory.

Otherwise stylish film undone by flat script and tedious pace (4 - 10), 19 February 2007

Four college students rent rooms at an old, creepy looking sea side house, run by an elderly woman and her rather reclusive son. Unbeknownst to them a mysterious stalker hiding somewhere in the house quietly watches and preys upon them one by one in typical slasher fashion.

This movie would have been plenty creepy if there was some payoff every so often, but unfortunately it just keeps building up and building up to a climax that is neither particularly scary or surprising. It does have a few good moments here and there, such as a close-up of the unseen killer peering through a vent, or secretly breaking into the cobweb ridden crawlspace, but these moments are ultimately swallowed up by the relentlessly tedious pace. The cast does it's best with the material but there's simply nothing for them to work with. Balding, who shows plenty of charisma in her next film "The Boogens", is completely wasted in a thankless role that gives her little more to do other than stand around looking cute in spite of ridiculous looking clothes.

4 out of 10, despite otherwise creepy direction this film is just too long, tedious and uneventful to hold you interest.

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Doesn't quite cut it (3 - 10), 19 February 2007

A group of men exploring an old mine get trapped in a cave in, and after weeks of starvation decide to draw straws, and have the unlucky loser serve up an arm for lunch. After much scuffle the unlucky winner is soon liberated of the offending appendage, and Murphy's law being what it is they are rescued mere seconds afterwards. Fearing for their reputations everyone except obviously the victim agrees to lie and say that they had to cut his arm off because it was crushed in the collapse, but being quite perturbed because he can no longer clap and can only row boats in circles he vows revenge. Things start off a few years later when the man whom first suggested the idea receives a severed arm gift wrapped in the mail, and with few exceptions that's where this movie's creativity ends.

Not particularly bad but overall pretty slow and boring, although there is a little bit of a haunting surprise at the end it's not enough to make it worth while. Be weary of the severely edited 83 minute version missing all the gore, its like the editors took a hacksaw to the film stock and made an already extremely weak movie worse.

3 out of 10, strictly blood and guts, although it doesn't do that all that well either.

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Surprisingly good post-nuke drama (5 - 10), 19 February 2007

A husband and wife along with their son and another couple find themselves stuck in a rather sophisticated underground bomb shelter after a nuclear war, with there only contact with the outside world being a somewhat temperamental short-wave radio. But an affair between the son and the wife of their friend, along with boredom, drug abuse and diminishing supplies cause tempers to flare and things slowly descend in to desperation.

Although very low budget and almost entirely taking place in the shelter, this film struck me as oddly affective and kept me involved all the way through. 5 out of 10, relatively well written with the characters being for the most part interesting and well acted.

The Lift (1983)
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Pretty good... for a movie about a killer elevator! (6 out of 10), 19 February 2007

Elevator serviceman Stapel takes it upon himself to investigate when the elevators at a stylish high-rise building begin to have lethal malfunctions for no apparent reason, but inexplicably finds his efforts resisted by both his boss and the manufacturer of the elevators.

Silly to say the least, but surprisingly creepy and atmospheric despite its rather ridiculous premise, showing the occasional glimmer of imagination and humor, not to mention some nasty gore effects. The acting is adequate and although his voice is dubbed, real life racecar driver Stapel seems pretty laid-back and convincing in his role. However one character who gives a lecture on experimental microchips that is unintentionally hilarious, see if you can count how many times he says the word "chips"? 6 out of 10, fun if you park your brain in neutral and don't take it too seriously.

AKA "Attack of the Killer Candle" - Mediocre time waster at best (4 - 10), 19 February 2007

Rebar is an astronaut who goes on the world's first space mission to Saturn, but of course this being a horror movie things turn ugly and he returns to earth as the only survivor. Stricken with some bizarre condition that causes him to slowly melt and lose his mind unless he regularly consumes human flesh, he kills what apparently is the only nurse in the hospital and escapes to the neighboring town to stalk more victims.

I liked the premise and the monster and gore effects are actually pretty good, but the space scenes are just pasted together out of stock NASA footage and the hospital looks curiously like a warehouse. A very weak script, little character development and overall poor acting keep this one from rising above being anything other than a mediocre slasher flick with the novelty of having a living candle as the killer, and more or less only has its gore effects to hold your interest.

4 out of 10, strictly for the most die-hard monster movie fans.

Headhunter (1988)
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Made somewhat watchable by its sense of humor (5 out of 10), 19 February 2007

Plots revolves around an evil voodoo spirit terrorizing a neighborhood in Miami which is mostly populated by Nigerian refugees, chopping off and stealing their heads. Police detectives Crawford and Lenz are given the unenviable task of investigating the murders, and soon find out for themselves that they are in WAY over their own heads.

Sometimes creepy, sometimes boring, but its sense of humor perks things up throughout and helps hold your interest. Unfortunately when you do finally get to see the killer is a big let down, and it most resembles what you'd expect a living-dead pro-wrestler with a machete to look like, except made out of foam-rubber. Crawford and Lenz do an excellent job in their roles and help hold things together despite this films serious weaknesses, with Crawford delivering some pretty good one-liners.

5 out of 10, not for everyone but a passable time killer.

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Another snooze-fest with an ironic "DON'T" in the title (3 - 10), 19 February 2007

A group of heirs to a mysterious old mansion find out that they have to live in it as part of a clause in the will or be disinherited, but they soon find out of its history of everybody whom had lived there before them having either died in weird accidents or having had killed each other.

You've seen it all before, and this one is too low-budget and slow paced to be scary, and doesn't have any real surprises in the climax. No special effects or gore to speak of, in fact the only really amusing thing about the whole film is the quality of the English dubbing, which at times is as bad as a cheap martial arts movie.

3 out of 10, pretty low in the pecking order of 80's haunted house movies.

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DON'T waste your time! (3 - 10), 19 February 2007

A homicidal maniac, who never is explained, dresses like a caveman and sounds like a bad impression of a pirate, slices up hikers and campers he stalks in the forest. After barely escaping with his girlfriend one of the victims returns to the woods to find his missing friend and to get some payback on the nutcase who attacked them.

Yet another low-budget attempt to rip-off "Friday the 13th" with extremely annoying shock sounds, jerky camera work, terrible acting, sloppy editing, and characters uttering brilliant phrases like "Come out you jerk you!". Lots of carnage all around but the gore effects aren't up to the task, and the blood is so bright-red it looks like it could have been Hawaiian Punch.

3 out of 10, forget it.

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