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Great, 2 August 2002

I knew coming in to the movie that it was not going to be the best comedy sequel ever released but I admit that I was surprised to say the least. True the story isn't all that complicated but who cares? Barry Sonnifield changed the whole plot when he did the first film, and judging from that alone the plot isn't supposed to be all that good. I admit that jokes were re-hashed somewhat and it had a lot of eye candy in it but overall there were a lot of really funny jokes (my favorite was the alien civilization living in a locker with the adult bar being the big attraction). I laughed through the whole thing. One disappointment is that Sonnifield was obviously relying on big name stars for attraction. Patrick Worburn was mentioned big in the credits even though he was in the movie for maybe 5-10 minutes. Otherwise it was a lot of fun.

Cast Away (2000)
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Misunderstood, 8 April 2002

I simply loved this film but was shocked by the bad reviews that people gave it. To this I say to them: You seriously misunderstood the meaning of it. Although I won't reveal any real details about the meaning because I think that you should try and understand it yourself. The movie was terrific and simply breathless the whole time. I felt awestruck about how the life of one man could be so changed after an experience that Hanks went through. I say that every element of the film was perfect. And for those of you who hate Wilson, you have to understand about how human he really was to Chuck. I was amazed on how well this movie was made and think that everybody should have an experience that should cause you to take stock of your life. I was so adamant to get this movie; I got it at 8:00 the day it was released. I give it an 8/10. Well done Robert

Rat Race (2001)
Absolutely Funny, 3 March 2002

I went into this film expecting to see a typical Jerry Zucker film but I was really surprised to see that it was much funnier than anything done before. The only think typical about the movie was the introduction of humor by namely presenting a bad situation and making it worse for that character in the situation i.e. with Jon Lovitz family and the Barbie museum gag. This only makes it even funnier and I was laughing so hard the entire time, I couldn't control myself. True the humor was somewhat predictable but it wasn't entirely so but that fact made things even better when you know something will happen but you don't know exactly what it is. The only thing I hated was the ending which looked really silly and very predictable. An all-star cast of some very funny actors could make it seem like they are trying to cover a bad script but in fact, it just keeps the movie going with one joke after another. Terrific.

Truly Spectacular!, 14 January 2002

When I first saw the trailer for this back in August I believe, I knew that I wanted to see this film and bow was I amazed when I saw it put on screen. I regret on not reading the books before hand (I'm reading them now) but who cares? I was utterly amazed at the amazement of everything presented and from start to finish, it utterly awed me. True it may not be exactly like the book that was written but the thing is, no movie is. Besides, if Jackson went purely by the book, it would not be the same thing. It would have probably been longer and more boorish. The movie left me wordless on what I had seen but now I would have to say that it was one of the best films I have ever seen. I left the theater excited to see what would happen next and I know that I will be gong to see the rest of the movie. 10 stars!

Bad idea, 30 November 2001

The plot line of The Mexican can be summed up in one line: stupid. I truly believe that the only reason they made this movie is one big excuse to have two big Hollywood players: Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt star in a movie where the success of that movie was based on their names alone. The problem is that that they ignored the primary rule of film making: don't make a movie around actors. The result is a film in which the characters do not even remotely act naturally. The plot is horrible and the stars cannot even work with the plot themselves. They do not have on screen charisma and it proves that if you want believable characters, the actors have to fit them, not the other way around. The result is a movie that makes no sense, is not realistic, and is based purely on the actor's names alone. Perhaps the worst thing is that the movie makers had to have known this. Horrible

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A true Piece of art, 22 May 2000

If I could summarize what Being John Malcovich is, it would be beautiful. The movie tells a story that all of us dream about - being someone else. In this movie you can be John Malcovich for 15min. Throughout the movie we further gain a glimpse into a persons life as he would see it and by doing that, we see that there is a certain mystery attatched to John Malcovich that everybody sees. The plot has an interesting twist to it- the portal was found by a puppeteer, who takes control of Malcovich in order to have the woman he loves. Very beautiful film. I highly recommend it.