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Very good!, 28 December 2001

I'll say straight away why I wanted to see what this film was like. I watched It's A Wonderful Life a few days ago, and within that fantastic movie was a wonderful performance by Donna Reed, who, to be honest, I knew little of (apart from Dallas!). So anyway, I noticed she was in this movie, and as it was on cable tv, I decided to watch it. I've never been a fan of John Wayne, but also never had anything against him, so I watched it with an open mind.

Well, what a great movie! A very understated performance by Wayne, ably supported by the 'average sailors doing their job', and for me at least, a great (if short) performance by Reed, as the nurse everyone loved!

I have to say, I'm surprised she doesn't seem to be as recognised as other leading ladies from that time, and that apart from the movies mentioned and From Here To Eternity, she didn't seem to have too many big roles.

Overall, one of the top wartime movies, superbly directed and performed by all, with Wayne, Reed and Robert Montgomery in particular.

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What a wonderful tale!, 25 December 2001

I finally got to see this masterpiece today, at lunchtime on Christmas Day, and I have to say it's probably the most amazing film I've ever had the pleasure to watch.

My mum and brother-in-law have for years told me how much they loved it, so I started watching it and was totally engrossed in this story. The story of George's life (magnificently played by James Stewart) developed beautifully, as he met each situation with amazing courage and humility, putting others feelings before his, leading upto the wonderfully happy climax when all the people he's helped in the past come to his aid.

Special mention for Donna Reed as Mary, I can only imagine at the time she was a huge star, as not only did she perform superbly throughout the movie, she had the most beautiful face I can ever recall. The combination of Reed & Stewart were essential to this film feeling so warm, but the assorted cast all put in great roles too.

What an absolutely beautiful story, not only at Christmas time, but all year round, and it makes you think how even the littlest thing you do can impact on many other people.

I don't think i've cried as much over any movie ever as I did today, it was so emotional.

Thank you Capra, Stewart, Reed, et al, you made my Christmas!

Fantastic tale!, 17 November 2001

Having just seen HP and the Philosopher's Stone, I have to say it's one of the most enjoyable films i've seen in a long while. Perhaps slightly long for a young audience, but for older watchers fantastic entertainment.

I've yet to read any of the novels, but if they're remotely as interesting as this, they must be worth a look. Fantastic casting (Robbie Coltrane steals the show, with Al Rickman at his best), excellent special effects, an interesting storyline and a huge dose of humour, this is a must-see film! Even at 9am!

Shrek (2001)
Fantastic, 1 August 2001

Probably the funniest film I've ever seen, alongside the likes of Blazing Saddles! I thought Toy Story 2 was the high point of animated movies, but Shrek surpasses even that. Probably Eddie Murphy's best performance since Trading Places all those years ago, I can't remember hearing an audience laugh as much as they did last Saturday night watching Shrek.

I especially loved the old fairytale references, I think i'll go see it again this weekend.

Mike Myers once again involved in a great work... he seems to have something of a magic touch!