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gruesome but cute, 22 February 2004

I first saw this movie on HBO around 1981. Now, as I re-watch it again for the 20th time, it still has me laughing at all the hysterical lines, "....change you from a rooster to a hen....", "....gruesome but cute....", "It looks just like Skinny & Sweet....I might as well save them the trouble and give them the rat poison....", and all the rest of this wildly funny movie.

This movie is timeless. Including all the actors who are the perfect choice for this movie.

This comedy is a definite 10 out of 10!!!!

Timequest (2000)
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Sloooooooooooooooooow, 7 August 2003

This movie is sloooooow and really drags on. It tries to tell a time travel story that is truly unbelievable. The story jumps from one time to another without allowing the viewer to understand why the events are happening.

The story jumps around from 1979 to 1963 to 198something to 1992 or some year that I can't remember since the jumping around continues throughout the film. And, the time traveler is a painter. This movie never explains itself.

This is one of the most awful films I have ever sat through to the end. There is no smooth storyline. A better interpretation would have been in a comic book.

In a rating of 1 to 10, I give this movie a -1.

Martian Memorandum (1991) (VG)
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Second of the best, 15 July 2002

This is the second of the best computer games in the history of adventure gaming. Martian Memorandum is set in the traditional style of the great detective movies. > It's an interactive movie where you become the main character, Tex Murphy. Martian Memorandum takes place in 2039 in San Francisco. Industrialist Marshall Alexander, chairman and founder of TerraForm Corporation wants Tex to find his missing daughter, Alexis Alexander. The investigation leads to Mars, where TerraForm is mining and developing the planet. This leads Tex to encounter mutants, mishaps, mayhem, a Martian aerobics academy, and a mysterious Oracle Stone rumored to possess great and terrible powers. > Although this game is hard to find, it's not impossible to find. > Since Access sold out to Microsoft, there has been no more adventures of Tex Murphy. The reason why I took so long to write this comment is because I can't stand the wait any longer for the next Tex Murphy installment, and seems like someone needed to comment on this great game. > >

The Others (2001)
Haunting, eerie and unique, 23 May 2002

Great acting with all the haunting, eerie and suspenseful movement of the scenes. If anyone compares this to The Sixth Sense, you can see the differences....the Sixth Sense had bad acting and choppy scene movement.

Gotta stop writing now and watch this excellent movie again.

Red Planet (2000)
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Terrific tenseness., 9 April 2001

My favorite scenes were the ones with Commander Bowman and her relationship with her SpaceCraft, and Gallagher's relationship with his robo-assistant Amee, especially when she malfunctions, and becomes a killing machine.

I really saw a love affair with Gallagher and Amee throughout this film.

This film is worth watching. Although, the character interrelations were not tight enough, and didn't really connect with the movement of the plot, the time element keeps you tense, and waiting for the next catastrophe.