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Stupid rookie mistakes?, 24 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is just a review based on watching the first 10 minutes which are available free online.

Literally less than 5 minutes in and they are making stupid mistakes that any decent military consultant should have pulled them up on.

All that "fire" coming from the guns? Google "Flash Eliminator" - when in combat the last thing you want is the enemy able to tell where incoming fire is originating from due to muzzle flash. We have them now & we'd certainly have them in the future. (In fact after Carl takes the ship you can SEE the flash eliminators ON the rifles!) Also calling Medic? Everyone gets basic and battlefield combat first aid training, calling Medic died out in Vietnam, it's why everyone DOES get the training - so anyone can treat most wounds. You might have a specific medic but everyone there should have first aid training.

Also they aren't very well trained as combat troops if everyone is reloaded at EXACTLY the same time, who is providing cover fire during that moment? NO-ONE! If they can't even get the most simple things right is it even worth watching?

2012: Ice Age (2011) (V)
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Pretty awful, 3 July 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Take helicopter cockpits that don't match the exterior chopper shots, exploding AV Fuel that just doesn't (its got an insanely high flash point) and planes that don't even match the lines the characters describing said planes are saying and you've got this Asylum inspired bad rip-off from The Day After Tomorrow combined with elements of Sly Stallone's Daylight.

Nobody on the planet loves one person so much they are willing to risk not only themselves but 2 other family members to go rescue them. Its a no-name cast, very bad effects and even worse continuity (what little there even is of that).

If you just want to watch a terrible movie then give this a watch.

Nine Dead (2010)
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actually not that bad if a little slow, 13 March 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

For those wondering why Melissa Joan Hart is starring in this movie look no further than the opening credits mentioning Hartbreak Films, AKA Her moms production company. Every leading role Melissa has ever had in the last 20 something years is due to Hartbreak being attached to the production of whatever it was.

Its called Nepotism. Not what you know but who you know. Paula Hart (Melissas mom) is producer of the movie. It also explains why Emily Hart (Melissas younger sister) also gets a part in the film (although I never saw her character at all).

Yes the movie is a lot like the idea of Saw, its also very similar to the movie Unknown as well.

Its an extremely grown up role for Melissa, the only thing close to this shes done is Silencing Mary. Clearly Paula Hart has gotten over her control freak stage with Melissa and her career.

The twist ending is pretty cool too.

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Poorly disguised movie about religion, 8 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Don't let the title fool you like it fooled me, also don't let's suggestion that it might be like National Treasure fool you either.

All this movie contains is a very poorly disguised tuition about the Mormon lifestyle and their religious practices. The "Treasure Hunt" may initially sound interesting but once all the clues start to turn out to be Bible references you should be able to tell you were being conned and this is just a movie about Mormons & Morminism.

To save you watching it - The Treasure is a family who want to be baptised. It's a SUPER weak ending to a really awful movie with incredibly bad acting and I wouldn't be surprised to discover that if you looked a bit further into the details of the distribution company they are almost certainly linked to The Church Of Mormon.

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Worst spin-off ever, 26 March 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is the last in a series of 4 movies from the Futurama franchise, Matt Groening has said this will almost certainly be the final movie (I know that a figure of 4 was mentioned in various commentaries in the 3 previous films but this is definitely the last of the series) but they may explore the franchise further in other ways, possibly online.

The movie starts in deep space with some reference to DNA then we get the typical Futurama episode (although they start on Mars Vegas as opposed to normally being in New New York) with the little message being written in one of the alien language fonts they use so much so thats the 1st thing for geeks to decode.

The plot revolved around Amy Wongs family having just demolished Mars Vegas to build a bigger better one, after an accident involving campaigning feminists Fry becomes a telepath and he discovers that a foil hat filters them out. Bender watches some Robot Erotica and falls in lust with a Robot Mobster Dons wife.

Fry decides to use his ability to win a million dollars in a poker tournament that Bender also enters to impress his gangsters moll. Fry eliminates the 1st and 2 are killed (and Bender really shouldn't win that hand as those aren't the cards he was dealt) leaving Fry to play Bender for the prize money. Fry should win (4 aces) but Bender has 5 Kings (so should be instantly disqualified for cheating surely?) and tries to flee with his squeeze but they are left digging shallow graves (to those wondering why there are 2 moons thats Phobos & Deimos because the film is set on Mars) but both obviously survive.

Leo Wong (Amys father) sets out his plans for the Universes biggest miniature golf course stating he will destroy 12% of The Milky Way to build the whole course. The fact that this is most of the plot of Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy (who did it far better and much funnier in 1979) goes to show the lack of creativity in these films.

The body of Spiro T Agnew is killed and action finally returns to Earth (30 minutes into the movie) where the head of Nixon orders the hunting down of the feminist activists and Leela who has now joined them. They sabotage the removal of Saturns rings and Leela decides they will need a mascot in the shape of the last living Martian Desert Muck Leech, Fry is captured and we discover the fate of the Universe rests in his hands like it normally always does.

We get a nice Heinlein reference (most non-readers won't pick it up or understand it) and the origins of life in the Universe are explained (it was caused by Chi), Fry is then told he must stop Leo destroying the Violet Dwarf. Bender sells out Leela for money (by bugging Fry's phone) and Fry joins Wongs as a security guard to smash the system from within.

Planet Express Ship is hijacked by the feminists and we finally discover who "The Dark Ones" are. We discover the feminists and the crazy people are both hiding in the same place and Zapp Branigan tries to capture her. Leela takes Fry with her as she is saved by the feminists, the Nimbus is sliced in half (so exactly how DO they lose ALL the men from only half the ship?) and there's an extremely weak bit of scripting that even Duran Duran can't save.

There's an awful goof about what fuels the Planet Express Ship (purists will be screaming loud swear words!) and they are captured by The Nimbus. There is a trial & the feminists are found guilty and sent to prison for 50 years. Bender breaks them out and the repainted Planet Express Ship makes the save. Fry discovers Nixons secret of the moon landing and Fry reaches the same conclusion everyone else had guessed about 20 minutes previously (which is wrong).

The real Dark One is revealed and Groening rips off 2010, The Year We Make Contact. The new lifeform rips off an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation and Fry makes a scary statement. Fry gets soppy and Groening writes the worst and most opening ending ever. It's an awful end to a generally awful series of films and Fox really should have left Futurama the way is was as it'd gone out on a high.

Watchmen (2009)
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Too long and badly cut, 26 March 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Like Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy and Alien 3 this film was in development hell for a very long time before an extended legal battle finally allowed its appearance on the silver screen. It may had made millions in both the US and UK box offices already but its still not a very good movie.

Based on an extremely obscure cult comic book series set in a parallel universe it catalogues the lives of a set of retired super heroes on a world where vigilante super heroes have now been outlawed after 40 years of service to their countries and their planet. Now someone is hunting them down and kills one then frames another for murder, the US is on the brink of Nuclear war with Russia (the movie is set in 1985 where Richard Nixon is serving his 3rd term in office) and the nuclear clock is set at 5 minutes to midnight.

The movie constantly moves forwards and backwards in time with no thought given to anyone who has never read the comics or knows nothing about The Watchmen, characters aren't explained very well and one in particular is made to seem very ambiguous about not being a very good person (The Comedian who I actually thought was being played by Robert Downey Jr) as we see him assassinate JFK and help end the Vietnam war, he is also seen to kill American civilians in the 1970's civil unrest race riots and appears to be enjoying his work far too much.

With the constant movement in time you are never exactly sure who is who and what is going on, characters aren't given the chance to develop on screen much and your going to spend almost all of the over 2 and a half hours of the movies duration being extremely confused.

Confused and bored, as the very poorly explained plot (what little there actually is of it) is interspersed with fast action sequences almost immediately followed with long drawn out scenes full of very dull dialogue. Its very badly paced indeed, no thought seems to have given to how the movie should play out and it also seems to have not been cut at all. You get the feeling that what you are watching is everything the director filmed and nothing has been left on the cutting room floor.

The film does show characters like Dr Manhatten (at least you see how he gets his powers) developing a clean alternative to nuclear power & fossil fuels much to the chagrin of various captains of industry, this project is being funded and assisted by the 1st super heroes to ever reveal his real identity Adrian Veidt formerly known as Ozymandias.

The film has a few twists and turns which will catch non comic book fans off guard and ends with Russia & America uniting against a common enemy. I wont reveal who that is or any of the twists but if you can follow the film for any longer than 5 minutes at a time then your doing a lot better than I was.

The special effects are amazing but considering the films budget was $150 million they darn well should be, sadly it seems all the money was squandered on effects and nothing went on a decent script or hiring someone to adapt the comic books to a format that the non comic book geek could easily understand.

Terry Gilliam said it best when he stated the idea of making Watchmen "was unfilmable" and that by "Reducing the story to a two or two-and-a-half hour film seemed to me to take away the essence of what Watchmen is about.". When someone who made great almost unimaginable movies like 12 Monkeys, Brazil & Baron Munchausen tells you your concept is "unfilmable" then you should really listen to him.

Watchmen is a visual spectacle that is too long, badly cut, very badly paced & very badly adapted. More could be been done with Rorschachs narration which could have been utilised to explain the characters much better, also to have dropped the original Minutemen from the movie completely as their appearance just confuses the viewer as to who you are watching.

I guess if the movie is watched with brain disengaged most viewers will enjoy it on the action and effects alone but will get bored during the quiet moments and start to fidget way before it gets anywhere close to the closing titles. Cutting about 45 minutes out of the film would vastly improve its watchability and pacing, in its current form the nicest thing I can say is that it is bearable but only just. Personally I was left wishing for movies like Howard The Duck & Masters Of The Universe, thats how little I enjoyed this film.

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Scream, its not as good as the 1st, 26 March 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It's based on the same planet as the original (Sirius 6B) & also features the same killer robots however none of the original cast have returned and the film is essentially a rip off of Aliens with a bunch of soldiers exploring a hostile planet investigating a distress call and trying to rescue any humans left alive on Sirius 6B.

The soldiers are told they have 6 days to search and get off the planet before it is hit by meteors which will leave it devoid of all life. We are told why they can't land right next to where the signal was but it was so quick I completely missed the explanation. The soldiers explore a bunker which turns out to be the Screamer manufacturing plant and we see how they scavenge human bodies for parts.

After discussing how much Screamer technology is potentially worth we see our 1st break in discipline when Sexton (one of the soldiers) sneaks away in the night to steal a deactivated Screamer, he hacks it and steals all the information stored inside it however the power he fed it allows it to reactivate after an encounter with a rat. Onboard the ship it appears the engineer is attacked or killed by the reanimated Screamer and whilst exploring a Mining Complex the soldiers are attacked by what appear to be other humans and one of them is killed by a Screamer.

Returning to their ship on day 3 of their mission they do discover their engineer dead (or whats left of him) and decide to try and leave the planet immediately but can't because the Screamer drained their fuel. Sexton tries to convince them its not the same robot they saw in the assembly plant and pretty much gives himself away by acting far too guilty.

On day 4 of the mission the soldiers try to reason with the people they encountered the previous day and explain about their fuel and the storm. We have an argument about if the soldiers are really Screamers or not and we see the interesting Screamer detection method and we discover at least 2 people on the planet are definitely human. The survivors on the planet also tell us a little about different types of Screamers killing each other and this is almost aping the human civil war that was going on in the original movie.

Its hinted that the survivors on the planet may be cannibals and the soldiers discuss the theory even further. When they go to investigate they discover that what they thought were prisoners or the survivors potential food source are actually Screamers (and it's painfully obvious that they are too) but they are easily killed (but not before they themselves kill several people).

By day 5 of the soldiers rescue mission only 2 of the survivors are still alive and only 4 of the solders (including Sexton). During the night the female survivor Hannah pretty much gives away that she is or might be a Screamer (why else would she say Humans are irrational?) and we discover Bronte the gutsy female solder was Hendricksons (Peter Weller in the original movie) daughter.

Entering another bunker to try and find a power source Hannah is accidentally killed (and she was really human) and the soldiers medic is killed and her body is scavenged by a Screamer moments afterwards. The remaining soldiers & Guy the male survivor are saved from a mass Screamer attack by an unknown man using some sort of EMP weapon.

We discover their saviour is Orsow (played by Lance Henriksen) the original creator of the Screamers and he tells them there are no other sources of fuel. Sexton sneaks away and his theft of Screamer technology is discovered by Bronte. Sexton attacks and wounds Orsow, stealing his fuel cells for the ship revealing his mercenary intentions by gladly abandoning the rest of the soldiers.

The removal of the fuel cells starts the self destruct as Sexton kills Orsow and one of the apparently dead soldiers is revealed to have been turned into a Screamer who also kills Sexton. Bronte takes the power cells and destroys Sextons stolen Screamer data chip and she and Guy manage to escape the self destruct and return to the ship.

Guy speculates on a Screamer/Human hybrid and they discover another of the soldiers on board who is also a Screamer and he starts to cast your suspicions about Guy when he used the word "we" a lot but Guy does kill him. They escape the planet and enter suspended animation and we are left wondering if Bronte is now in the same position as her father was 13 years ago, the only human to escape Sirius 6B with a Screamer on board the ship heading for Earth.

Bronte discovers she is pregnant (with Guys baby as they'd had a very annoying soft focus sex scene earlier in the movie but she is way too pregnant after only 2 months) and as Guy reveals he is a Screamer we have an incredibly weak and extremely open ending leaving space for another Screamers movie.

The trouble with this movie is it has virtually no connections to the original, the story is dull and extremely predictable with almost no surprises at all. Half the time you have no clue who characters are (they rarely refer to each other by their names) and there are too many scenes of not much happening with hardly any interaction with the lower grade Screamers. The films 1 big name is killed far too quickly and not utilised very well at all while he is alive. Despite the fact it took 14 years for them to make this most Screamers fans will probably wish they hadn't bothered.

Mildly awful with no ending, 18 February 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The reason this is an "Of The Dead" movie is because Taurus (the company who made) owned the rights to the name Day Of The Dead and were allowed to use it however they wished, this was nothing to do with George Romero at all. The film is very gory, but decidedly low budget looking.

Starting out in 1968, Ravenside Military Installation in Pennslyvania (according to the fairly helpful graphic but the sign above the main door is more helpful & reads Ravenside Military Hospital) in the middle of some sort of emergency from the alarms and frantic running around. We get a warning (translated from Russian, clearly a soldier who'd defected to return something the Russians had stolen) and in the chaos someone steals what had been returned. We see some of the cheapest looking CGI jeeps and helicopters I've ever encountered and we see exactly what kind of response the Military have sent, the type that results in deadly force with no questions asked. Seemingly their problem is easily solved and the zombies outside obviously went to the Romero School of Acting judging by their loping gait.

Our thief hears the military policy over their radios (By the way, the order "Shoot to kill" is NEVER issued, when you open fire you only ever do it for 1 reason) and there are 2 goofs (the "dead" nurse on the ground who blinks & the sniper upstairs who needs 2 shots to kill someone) as our thief finally succumbs to the disease and is killed, losing his ill gotten booty. Flash forward (the graphic gets around dating the movie exactly by reading "Five Days Ago") and we meet a group of men, one of whom discovers the long dead thiefs booty in what is now Ravenside Memorial Hospital. Funnily enough they live in the Romero Ward and its fairly clear this is some sort of Mental Institution.

We gradually start to find out who are staff and who are patients (its not immediately obvious before they enter the hospital) and get a rough idea of what kind group dynamic they have and what kind of relationships exist. The disease is unleashed again and the 1st signs start to manifest after the patients are returned to their beds and rooms. Dr Donwynn researches on the internet and the patients seemingly start to hallucinate. The following day (4 days ago) and more signs of infection start to manifest in the form of extremely low budget make-up effects (using PVA glue to simulate peeling skin) and we discover there is some sort of connection between all of the infected as they all experience the same feeling as Emma in her restraints. Their symptoms worsen (however none of them seem to question the fact their vomiting up blood & bile? I know their supposed to be mental patients but most of them seemed quite lucid before getting infected) and chaos seems to be ensuing at the hospital and getting worse rapidly.

When Donwynn is asked where they got sick and Dr Heller (the guy in charge) calls it "the DeLuca ravine" its extremely clear Heller knows more than he is letting on about the past of Ravenside. Isaac (one of the patients) discovers he no longer bleeds (so he is already dead then) as Heller considers contacting the military but changes his mind and imposes a quarantine, issues weapons and authorises the use of deadly force. His final order of "aim for the head" proves he knows more than he is telling anyone else and Donwynn finds out exactly what was in the vial and what it does. It appears Donwynn has a connection with all the infected and Marshall the nurse who attacked Emma is shown to be more infected than any of those who were exposed to the vial. A guard is shot & killed and the infected male patients argue as Heller shows us how bad Marshall looks.

The following day (3 days ago) and after a minor scuffle one of the patients gets hold of a gun and it is pretty weird that they are letting the obviously infected Donwynn interact with uninfected staff & patients. Marshall breaks loose and eats Heller as Emma is released & Isaac is shot & Marshall gives us the 1st scare of the movie which is awesome even if it is totally expected. Donwynns informant Jerry confirms the infected are dead and tells us about the origin of the vials and we get to see what caused the original outbreak from the start of the movie. There's the super goof of the guard losing the magazine from his pistol as he fires at Marshall and as the cure is about to be revealed the patients fall into a feeding frenzy on Jerry.

The following day (2 days ago) Heller is now undead, Donwynn discovers how much Heller knew and patients Boris, Sam & Jackie appear to have physically changed after eating Jerry. The cure is seemingly destroyed by Vicky, a junkie looking for a fix and Emma has gone from just pregnant to full term in 3 days as Isaac finds his own solution to being undead. The following day (yesterday) and the news reports the dead walking and attacking the living in a very open and extremely weak non-ending. I say non-ending as there is no real conclusion, no idea of what happened to Emma and her pregnancy. I assume this was left open to further explore the franchise at a later date.

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Post nuclear noir, 8 February 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Made in 1985 when the whole world lived under the shadow of the bomb and the Cold War looked like it would never end. Its quite ironic that this film and others before it echoed the fears of the whole planet but not long after its release the political climate started to change and it seemed the threat of nuclear war would finally be gone.

Starting on April 1st 1986, No, its not a joke. In fact not only is it not a joke its the day the world ends with Nukes aplenty going off. Fast forward 15 years from that nightmare to April 1st, 2001 and we are introduced to a couple of people living underground who survived the bombs.

Mainly the story is about Phillip and Marlowe, however that pun is intended as they are 2 guys who dreamt of become Private Investigators so its a post apocalyptic film noir. It's so noir the movie even starts in black & white but it immediately changes to colour once the guys leave their shelter and drive into the outside world.

I knew I recognised the face of Phillip (John Stockwell) and it was because I remembered him playing the role of best friend Dennis in the horror movie Christine, the guy playing Marlowe (Michael Dudikoff) appears to be the worlds greatest bit part actor having been in nothing of any importance.

The helpful trawl tells you the guys are Phillip Hammer and Marlowe Chandler (ignore how their billed in, its wrong) and they'd grown up in a shelter full of 40's memorabilia and sleazy detective novels hence the stupid noir style names.

We also learn about a power struggle over 2 keys that could fire the last nuke left on Earth. The PI's rescue a damsel in distress (who also happens to have one of those keys) from some mutants and agree to get her to the closest phonebooth (like the telephone infrastructure will have survived WW3 or been rebuilt in 15 years?) but as those mutants are dealt with by some unseen force it appears the damsel may have both of the keys. We discover her name is Miles Archer (isn't Miles a mans name?) and a radio bulletin lets us know she was being chased by criminals.

She makes her phone call and bails on her rescuers having seen something that scared her but not before robbing Marlowe and dropping the keys in their car. The film then pretty much degrades into Mad Max meets the Keystone Cops and pretty much stays there. The guys discover the keys and the name on the case that contains them is Dash Hammer - Phillips father, so they set off to discover if he is alive or not.

After a bizarre encounter with Disco Mutants & a girl called Rusty Mars they finally enter Edge City, the closest thing to civilization. They walk around like a complete of complete rubes and you can tell they are going to either be constantly getting in or out of danger. It appears Rusty betrays Phillip to Sternwood, the leader of a local gang for the keys and he is told he will be sold for meat as the residents of Edge City are all cannibals.

There are a great deal of escapes, rescues, captures and betrayals to the point where it just gets plain annoying. We have mutant sewer monsters and more Disco Mutants which get Phillip and Marlowe separated (for no real good reason other than to allow Marlowe a brief moment of glory as he rescues Phillip from the Disco Mutants before they meet back up with Miles who takes them back to her place.

Phillip discovers a book on warhead arming & launch codes and finally realizes exactly what the keys are for and why they are in such high demand. (His flashback to his childhood is extremely inaccurate as its a very well known fact that looking directly into a nuclear blast burns out your retinas so he should actually be blind).

Setting off in 40's outfits that fit them perfectly (stolen from the Disco Mutants, thats what was inside the 2 packages they were carrying) Phillip & Marlowe sucker the gangs following them into a trap in the hope they will all kill each other in the confusion.

There's a nice twist about the identities of 2 of the Mutant leaders which is followed by an extremely pointless battle scene (why bother fighting for something you already have?) which ends up with the keys in Miles' possession. There's an even more pointless Mexican stand off and an unusual outcome with a very weak and incredibly open ending.

I assume it was left so open to allow a sequel if this had been any kind of success so judging from the lack of sequel it probably wasn't. The film is pretty boring, there are lots of periods of nothing happening interspersed with rapid paced action that doesn't last long then a bit of dialogue to following and the cycle continues from start to finish. It's a pretty good example of how not to make a movie and its only real redeeming feature is its 80's soft rock sound track full of artists no-one has ever heard of.

Where they started, 30 January 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is an independently made documentary following the fortunes of Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW) run by Rick Bassman (who does several short pieces to camera about each of the wrestlers) and some of its workers at the time. Made by shooting from October 2000 until May 2001 many of the UPW roster are featured but the director does eventually decide to focus on Christopher Daniels, Mikey Henderson, Jon Heidenreich and Drzan McBee.

This is a good purchase for fans of WWE or TNA as a few of the wrestlers featured will eventually go on to be stars in those federations (in fact Rob Van Dam and Samoa Joe are both featured in the opening few minutes, you will also get to see John Cena as "The Prototype" at the very start of his wrestling career).

McBee is the 1st person to be featured and came from a Cheerleading background with no previous wrestling knowledge or ability, I assume she thought she'd get by on her large fake breasts and blonde hair and fake tan. Watching her learn to bump is as painful to watch as it must have been for her to do.

Heidenreich is next featured coming from an amateur football background closely followed by Henderson who it states has been wrestling "since the age of 12".

To me the best known of these featured wrestlers is Chris Daniels who went on to be very successful with ROH and TNA. We get to see him working with RVD (who was hugely famous with ECW and WWE) and hear him worry about being able to work due to his age (which is ironic as from all the wrestlers featured apart from Cena & Joe, Chris Daniels is the only one currently still actively wrestling).

Heidenreichs life away from wrestling is a job as a bouncer (Jon would go on to work in WWE but never really get a proper big shot), Bassman expresses some concerns about McBee (because she's not ripped) and we get to see how UPW work with WWE and we also get to see WWE talent scout Bruce Prichard (who may be better known to WWE fans as Brother Love) expressing an interest in Heidenreich.

Henderson gets to work against Juventud Guerrero (you even get to see them practising their match backstage) and Henderson also talks about the risks of injuries and the dangers they face in every match.

Watching the wrestlers train we meet Nathan Jones (former WWE Superstar now turned film actor), we also get to see how training effects their family lives and Daniels visits kids doing backyard wrestling and comments on how senseless their dedication to violence is.

Heidenreich gets his WWE developmental contract and when he talks about the promo class we see Frankie Kazarian (now working as Suicide in TNA) and you get to see how god awful Heidenreich actually is at cutting a promo. You also see him briefly appearing in the TV show 18 Wheels of Justice (fighting against former WWE worker Andrew "Test" Martin).

Daniels gets his 1st professional shot working for WCW and McBee gets her 1st UPW shot working as a mere bell ringer (showing either how slowly she'd progressed as a wrestler or how little faith UPW had in her as a potential wrestler) and Heidenreich's relationship with his girlfriend breaks up due to the long distance issues of him being away at wrestling training.

Daniels flubs (screws up) his 1st match on WCW Nitro against Mike Modest when he goes to springboard off the ropes and slips falling onto his head (but still finishes the match) in the opening 30 seconds of the match. Despite this mistake he is still offered a job at WCW and it seems like misfortune is catching as Heidenreich is involved in a car crash then breaks his hand in a practise match shortly before he is supposed to debut in his 1st proper UPW house match.

When the house show happens Bassman shows more of their WWE connections by introducing Percy Pringle (better known as Paul Bearer), Daniels has his last UPW match and Heidenreich has his 1st. McBee gets to work her 1st match (although not wrestling she interferes in a match between WWE Divas Victoria & Molly Holly) and Heidenreich has the pleasure of jobbing (losing) in his 1st professional match, Daniels loses his title (to a then upcoming Samoa Joe) allowing him to pursue his career in WCW.

As for what happened next? Heidenreich did eventually move up to WWE and got a very short push from them before being released after 3 years. He is now working for the Alabama Wrestling Federation. Daniels was only given a 90 contract by WCW and due to his injury and WCW being bought out by WWE he never got to work another match for them. He spent 5 years working for ROH and is now working for TNA. Henderson never progressed further than UPW and McBee died in 2003 due to complications following surgery.

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