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I'm a little ashamed to admit., 14 March 2001

Believe it or not, this movie flat out terrifies me. I have no idea what kind of primordial nerve this triggers in me, but I've never been able to watch the whole thing straight through because I know I'll never be able to sleep.

One possible explanation is that I took Latin for four years in High School, and so hearing it is a more frightening for me than for most people. Doesn't matter. Horror films usually startle me, but don't actually scare me. This one does, so that means it did it's job admirably.

The whole thing is beautifully designed and decorated. The characterizations are good, and don't really provide any comfort. Nothing about any of these people says "Hero who will succeed and save the rest of the world," which just adds to the tension.

It's not the smartest film I ever saw, but since I respect it's emotional impact, this film gets a ten from me.

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An apology., 4 March 2001

I owe Roger Ebert an apology regarding this film. I was surprised by his review trashing it. What did he call it? "Mean spirited," I believe. He also described a few plot points that I had trouble believing. I thought, "He must be joking. They couldn't possibly have done something THAT stupid."

Then I saw the film. So now, I apologize to Roger Ebert for not believing him. In fact, I thought he was being kind.

Now, I'm determined that someone owes me an apology for having made that piece of garbage, and for making me wish I'd stayed home to watch XFL football instead.

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Best of both worlds., 3 March 2001

This film represents the best of both worlds in two sets of sometimes opposing criteria.

First, in terms of movies overall, I'd say this is one of my favorites technically/artistically. The sets were great, the acting was great (especially Leigh and Scott, one of my favorite on-screen Romance-That-Never-Was duos, like Fiennes and Blanchett in "Oscar And Lucinda.").

But this is also one of my favorites in terms of enjoyment. I watch it for the scenes I love, and the mood it sets. I will probably not tire of watching and rewatching this film for a long time to come.

Second, in terms of Biopics, this also rates highly. It had enough accuracy/realism to make it a good bio, and enough drama and flare to make it a good pic. A rare combination. I'd say "13 Days" also did that feat well.

PCU (1994)
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Some of it's parts, 3 March 2001

This film was more than the sum of it's parts. It included the proto-modern gross out comedy, the college comedy, the P.C. comedy of errors, and the fish out of water. But still, thanks to smooth transitions, an even script and likable characters, it managed to be funnier, better than most moviegoers could have expected it to be.

The main thing is that the cast was all so unknown at that point, that they seemed happy to be working, but were professional enough that they didn't make overzealous rookie mistakes. Basically, they knew that they were making a funny, small movie, and didn't push it. And that kind of restraint is admirable/refreshing, considering how many movies we're surrounded with now that are box office obsessed.

"PCU," much like "Dead Man On Campus" a few years later, was content to entertain. And so it did.