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Not bad at all., 21 May 2000

Ok, so this doesn't even compare with the genius of the Simpsons or South Park, but it still does the job. I didn't like the bleakness, and some of Eric's stress rubbed off on me. This cartoon seemed to be made for America.. I dunno, something about the accents, the words... maybe its my imagination. But I'm still shocked that the voice of Eric was redubbed for America. These sort of things make me sooo angry! All the American imports that come into Britain don't have to be 'Englished', so why do you need to ruin our exports!? I really hope that the Americans don't think that this is all we are capable of (this and Monty Python), because the richness and variety of modern British comedy surpasses most of the American equivalents. Most English people don't even like Python!

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Could have been better, 21 May 2000

It certainly is very difficult to summarise all the major events captured on TV since its invention. This was a mixture of news stories and comedy show clips that were not all 'great', but important. But the order was a little confused. For example, how could Michael Portillo's election defeat make the top 10?! No.1 was the moon landing, which was fair, I suppose. Graham Norton, the camp Irish funnyman, was not a bad choice for presenter, but definitely could have been improved upon...

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Always there, always quality..., 19 May 2000

I've been a fan of 'Stenders for 4 years, and I've come to rely on it. It's always there, and it's (usually) thoroughly entertaining. I have developed a need to know what's happening, as if I'm looking through some window to a parallel universe. I recently watched an American soap, Days of our Lives, and laughed at how pathetic it was in comparison to Eastenders. The plot lines could have been thought up by a 4-year old. Then you've got the Australian soaps, like Neighbours, which aren't much better. Eastenders has a glow of realism- one particular feature I admire is the timing- On the day that the schools in the UK break up for summer, so does Walford Grammar! When there's a big episode, like a death episode, the program focuses on two or three characters, bringing more depth to personalities and creating an air of excitement. What would we do without Eastenders!?!