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Collateral (2004)
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Hot Night In The City, 7 March 2005

This movie is just a great roller coaster ride where we go along with Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx . Superbly directed by Michael Mann, this is quite a dark tale of one night in the life of cab driver, Foxx, and his very unusual fare, Mr Cruise. The tone of the plot is dark and it does get complicated, especially when the cops become involved but the movie rattles along at great pace. It is nice to see a movie of this type with a big budget and see talented people doing their thing.The plot does have loads of holes in it and Jamie Foxx's glasses do seem silly and pointless but Collateral is none the less for these minor points. Also, in a movie world of sequels and retreads, it is great to come across an original idea that is both well made and entertaining. Recommended .

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Daft in Flight Chaos, 15 December 2004

Even by TV movie standards this is poor. One of the main problems is that Robert Stack and Hugh O' Brian are so wooden in their leading roles. Honestly, planks of wood could have acted better.The movie has a cheap look and the flight is full of all the usual stereotypes. The denouement, such as it is,is almost laughable.This is very typical of TV movies of the time. I suppose there are worse ways you could spend 90 minutes,like scrubbing out your kitchen perhaps. Total routine fare.

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Cooking heat, 30 October 2004

Michael Moore does not like George W Bush. That is the main thing that comes across here. This is Moore's best work to date. The footage of the US soldiers in Iraq was one of the scariest things I have ever seen. The public beheading in Saudi Arabia will long stay in my memory. The mother of the dead soldier from Flint( Lila) was also incredibly moving talking about her son. The DVD comes with a second disc full of extras and is well worth seeing. The movie is superbly edited and paced and Moore is much more convincing in his arguments here than in Bowling For Columbine. The running time is over two hours but the time just flies in. Michael Moore has made a stimulating, witty, well-argued film and he certainly does not like George W

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Ice Cold !, 29 August 2004

This movie is really quite poor. It is all the more disappointing considering the talented people who worked on it.It is great to see Dennis Quaid back in a leading role and Sharon Stone is always great to watch. What we have here is a TV-movie script puffed-up to be a major Hollywood cinema release. On the DVD extras, Mike Figgis says you should never let the audience 'get-ahead' of the plot in a thriller movie. So how come this movie is completely predictable? Not only that, there are holes in the plot so big that the actors almost fall through them.Mike Figgis also wrote the music which also happens to be the worst I have heard in a movie for quite some time. The whole production comes from Touchstone Pictures an offshoot of Disney. Who knows? maybe they are going to have a Cold Creek Manor at Disneyworld.

Worst of all this movie is just plain boring and really not worth the time and effort of watching it

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London? Er, No actually, 25 March 2004

London has never been more unrecognisable in a movie since Dick Van Dyke went dancing over the chimney tops in Mary Poppins. The bit about 9/11 at the start was very sickly and unnecessary and kind of put me off Love Actually before it got going.The actors, however, do make this movie work. With such a great ensemble cast it was always going to be good. There are too many stories on the go plot-wise and a trimming of the length of the movie would have made it better. It is interesting to note that on the DVD version there are loads of deleted scenes and Richard Curtis says in their introduction that the movie was considerably longer and he had a problem reducing the length to the eventual running time.So there!Love Actually is a good romantic comedy peppered with swear words and some crudity but is nice for all that. I just feel that if it contained a cast of complete unknowns it might not have worked at all.Best to see on DVD with much extra features.

"Nip/Tuck" (2003)
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Sex Does Not Equal Sexy, 22 January 2004

Yes there is mucho sex and nudity in this. The standpoint seems to be one of a dark porno approach with not a great emphasis on drama at all. Richardson, Walsh and McMahon are all excellent.John Hensley who plays Matt McNamara is uncannily like Michael Jackson and I would find it very hard to believe that the makers of Nip/Tuck don't notice this, or in fact have cast him for this reason.It is hard not to seem a bit of a voyeur watching this but there is sufficient here to keep you hooked,though nothing really to tiittilate

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Great Disney Fare. Pure & Simple!, 19 December 2003

I took my 8 year old daughter to see this and the cinema was packed full of kids. They loved it and I loved it too. It was like going back in time to seeing those old Disney movies of my youth such as the Jungle Book and The Aristocats. Brother Bear is one of those movies that is funny and moving at the same time and of an ideal length to hold the attention of a kid.Sure,the critics hated it probably because it is not as knowingly clever as Finding Nemo. Who cares? The proof of the movie's entertainment value was seeing all those kids in the cinema laughing and having fun. I do sit through an awful lot of garbage when I take my daughter to the movies. Finding something like Brother Bear makes it all worthwhile.The only negative factor was those songs by Phil Collins. Rotten is the only word to adequately describe them.If he wins an Oscar again, I will be annoyed.

Lets Hear It For The Porkers!, 30 November 2003

The USA has more than its fair share of fat folk. In Florida they are everywhere.There you see them fighting with tourists for the prime spots in the 'All You Can Eat' buffets. At long last a movie for them that shows fat people as decent human beings.Then again this is a comedy of sorts. Jack Black is great as Hal and really captures the annoying aspects of Hal perfectly. Gwyneth Paltrow, for an Oscar-winning actress, is totally wasted in what is more of a 'Lisa Kudrow'-type role.This movie works well on TV and while I quite enjoyed watching it on Satellite, I might have felt short-changed at the cinema. As for Jason Alexander? Well, George in Seinfeld was his greatest moment to date and probably always will be.The sad part is I think that he knows this.

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What Up Dog?, 27 November 2003

Great! A werewolf movie in Scotland.Much of the plot is silly but the whole thing is just so spooky and well made. The scene where the guy challenges the werewolf to box is terrifying and funny at the same time.A great example of the horror-movie genre at a time when so many other efforts have fallen flat. Recomended.

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Too Cold 2 Handle, 24 November 2003

Rob Schneider was great on Saturday Night Live. The movies he has made, on the other hand,have been largely dreadful. The Hot Chick is probably the worst yet. The reason it is so bad is that it is just plain boring and after 30 minutes I was dying for it to end.It is a one joke entity stretched beyond belief.There are also pointless jokes of a racist nature that really offend. The only thing that made me laugh was Schneider's blooper at the end titles. Too little, too late. Not worthwhile at all.

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