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Let's get a Country Star and put on a show!!!, 5 October 2006

That's what the producers must have been thinking when they took on this film. It is so predictable that fifteen minutes into the film you can turn it off and throw the DVD out without feeling you missed anything other than the end credits. Another problem with "Pure Country" is the leading man can't act. Now I think George Strait is a fantastic country artist(I have a few of his CD's)but as an actor his performance seems like he is reading que cards throughout the film and his emotional range is somewhere between fence post and telephone pole. He has a fine supporting cast and the music is great but they cannot overcome Strait's amateur performance. If you must have George Strait on DVD, Shy away from "Pure Country" and get one of his concert DVD's.

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Surely a rotten film, And don't call me Shirley..., 8 June 2003

Of all the spoof films the Zucker brothers and Jim Abrahams have made, This one sticks out as the sore thumb. With the success of 1980's "Airplane", They tried to recapture the magic in "Top Secret" to no avail. I watched the opening sequence with Shotgun toting surfers riding the waves to the tune of "Skeet Surfin" sure the rest of the film would be just as good. I was wrong. The film just wasn't funny. Granted, There were some silly moments but the writing just didn't measure up, The timing was off and the direction lacking. Maybe it was the premise of mixing a 1950's rock and roll star in a cold war setting that was the mistake as their later films such as "The Naked Gun" and "Hot Shots" proved the genre can be successful if done properly.

Virus (1999)
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When you steal this much, Jail time should be mandatory...., 28 January 2001

This is not just a movie, It's actually 4 movies and a television series to boot! There are plotlines, similar characters, special effects, costumes and even dialog from "The Last Starfighter", "The Matrix", "Runaway", "Robocop" and "Star Trek". Even then they couldn't patch together a watchable film. Jamie Leigh Curtis gives a performance worthy of one those screams from Holloween and there ought to be a law limiting the number of Baldwin brothers allowed to torture us with awful performances. What reason did a great character actor like Donald Sutherland have to make a clunker like this, only god knows. One thing for certain, The next time I see this film it will probably be on "Mystery Science Theater 3000" getting about the same review...

Texas (1994) (TV)
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This movie demonstrates why great Authors hate to have their books made into movies..., 13 August 2000

Let's start with the similarities of the book and the movie, James Michener's name appears on both and it is set in the early days of Texas. From there, only the character's name resemble anything from the book. Granted there are a few good actors(Stacy Keach,David Keith), They are far outnumbered by ones that should seek work in B-grade horror flicks. The camera work was so bad I could swear some of the battle scenes looked like old footage from a 50's movie. The Writers took a magnificent story about the history of Texas and made into something I could see on Rawhide or The Rifleman. All in all, This was a big disappointment

Mercy (2000)
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An A-list actress is a terrible thing to waste..., 9 July 2000

Let's get right to the heart of the matter...This is a terrible movie. The story is confusing, the supporting cast is laughable and the lead Actors look like they were forced to be in it. The story asks us to believe there is a underground lesbian sex cult where members are being murdered by their psychiatrist who just happens to be a transvestite. Ellen Barkin investigates the crimes and develops a crush on Peta Wilson whose job it seems is to be the cult recruiter. The sex scenes are equivalent to bad porn and when Barkin and Wilson kiss, Poor Ellen looks like she's in pain. Barkin's Talent is totally wasted in this B-grade sexploitation piece of junk and I hope she gave her agent the pink slip after landing her in this film.

Billy Jack (1971)
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A great movie for it's time..., 7 July 2000

I attended this movie when it was first released and though times have changed, some of the movies elements are still being copied in films today. You have to take into account that back then we called the police "Fuzz" and long hair and bell bottoms were the dress of the period. Karate movies were popular but few and far between and the awful Bruce Lee knock offs were too much to stomach with all that bad dubbing. Enter an American who could take his foot and hit the town's leading redneck upside his face with it, Dance with rattlesnakes and save the hippie commune on a bad day. During the Ice cream parlor scene when Billy Jack's Jeep came into view, The theater crowd went into a frenzy. Though the movie was meant to be a sort of propaganda film for the peace movement, it gave mixed signals due to the violent nature of the main character.

This is how to make a comedy!, 2 July 2000

Mel Brooks was in full stride when he came up with this idea. It uses the timeworn plot of the railroad coming to a small town and the greedy politician trying to scare the townspeople off so they can make a fortune. That's where any resemblance to a John Ford western ends. The Governor(one of several roles played by Brooks in the movie) sends a black sheriff to the town hoping to so offend them that they will pack up and leave. What follows is pure Mel Brooks comedy at it's best with probably the best casting job ever! If you have a classic comedy section in your video library, this one needs to be included!

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Great action flick if not entirely accurate..., 12 May 2000

Based on the story of Buford Pusser and the state line gang on the Tenn.-Miss. border in the mid 60's. Though the movie does diviate from the actual story, it does depict some of the actual events of the feud between Pusser and the so called "Dixie Mafia". Having grown up in the area and knowing a few of the people depicted, I have to say none of them were as glamourous as the actors that portrayed them. If you should find the movie interesting, Author W.R. Morris has written several excellent books on the life of Pusser and the State Line Gang.