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Not a Jackie Chan fan but enjoyed it, 17 January 2010

Before taking the kids to see this, I read through some quick reviews online (such as, etc.), and groaned thinking about the 90 minutes or so I'd have to sit watching this...not to mention the annoying ads stuffed down your throat before the trailers even start.

You know, I'm not going to spend time trying to justify why I liked it, laughed at the corny scenes and dialog, slapstick, etc. - but the bottom line is I/we enjoyed it - despite it being a Chan film which usually I'll pass on. How refreshing not to get any propaganda thrown in your face, political innuendos/viewpoints - whatever, which unfortunately you have to bear in even many kids & 'family' films being pumped out these days ... just a basic family comedy which accomplishes its purpose - to simply entertain and nothing else. What's wrong with that, Mr. Ebert? I think you need to stay away from kids' films. Anyone?

So if you decide to see it, make your own judgment. The negative reviews I read before seeing it prepared me to expect the worst....which in turn actually helped it to be a quite a pleasant surprise. Go figure. So far I find it amusing how some of the reviewers on here spent so much time writing in detail how awful the film is, spending the time, space, and effort into dissecting & critiquing it as though it were the latest Coppola or Scorsese project. Who are they writing to? Those expecting a modern cinematic classic (via Jackie Chan) bringing them to standing applause ... or to parents like myself taking their kids out to have a little fun? Right! LOL.

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Eat your heart out Disney and Dreamworks, 28 January 2006

This is one of the best, if not THE best, animated film to come out in a long, long time. The writing, animation (very good despite what some 'critics' say), and voice talent was all terrific. The critic for IMDb, Mark Englehart, apparently doesn't like fresh, new ideas with good scripts. Perhaps he and other PC-loving folk prefer the usual garbage being produced by Disney and Dreamworks that make you so nauseated just watching the previews you wanna just get up and leave until they're over.

This film was so funny and unconventional, mostly the adults were laughing in the theater, more so than the kids, yet both enjoyed it. Thank goodness there are some independent film makers and writers out there that can put the big boys to shame. Good to see they're not out just for making the bucks, but to entertain. And entertain it does. From beginning to end. Great film.

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Great Saturday afternoon flick..., 27 May 2004

...or any afternoon for that matter. Both actors are terrific in this one, even with almost no dialogue. Highly recommended. One reviewer mistakenly claims the Japanese soldier looks at grisly photos of Hiroshima and Nagasaki from a stack of old newspapers. He (the reviewer) then uses that to back up his incorrect and distorted world viewpoint as well. Just as well.

The Japanese solder actually looks at photos of his dead military comrades while leafing thru a copy of LIFE magazine. That's what triggered his anger. This was during the war ....not after.

The new DVD just released has an alternate ending included. Interesting....very interesting. But I'm glad they chose the original one included in the movie. Makes much more of an impact.

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An old forgotten Disney classic., 10 November 2003

Watching this film again (after I don't know how many years) reminds me of the spontaneous comedy the Disney crew used to produce, whether live action or animation. The film moves at a non-stop & unpredictable pace - it's like taking a quick joyride for 45 minutes. Hasn't lost it's freshness after all these years. Sure it's dated in some respects (clothing, styles, etc), but the presentation & storyline itself is timeless. The spot with the used car dealer never gets old, and is only a small sample of how much fun this film is. Watching the old custom hot rods brings back flashbacks of a time that seemed to have no limits or restrictions on car-muscle mania. I was fortunate enough to find an old (but mint) copy on Ebay, and don't regret it a bit. Hats off to director Ward Kimball, writer Ted Berman, and narrator Kurt Russell.

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Classic Disney film that's fun to watch, 5 September 2003

This is a great and funny classic film by Disney studios. I recall seeing it as a kid, and it's even funnier to watch now....granted you're fortunate enough to see it whenever it's aired. Not sure why the other viewer even bothered to watch the whole thing if he hated it that much. Five minutes into the film you get the feel of what it's going to be like, so why hang around and be miserable for the whole hour if you don't like it to begin with, Einstein? Sheesh....

Kurt Russell narrates. Reflects the era and fun times of the very early 70s. Shame it's not available on VHS or DVD. Should be.

Duel (1971) (TV)
One of Spielberg's first and BEST, 11 August 2003

Timeless classic that never gets old, or ages. First saw it on prime time TV in 1971, and it's been in my memory ever since. Was fortunate enough to get the DVD that was just released, and now I see it's noe being offered anymore! Could it be that they made a limited amount, shipped them out, ant that's it?? If so, I've got my hands on a gold mine, and if you have a copy, you do too! Again, one of Spielberg's first and best.

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One of the worst movies ever made - period., 24 April 2003

Saw this in the theater at a sneak preview, and even after all these years, I recall it was one of the most awful movies I've ever seen. It's one of those films that say, "Hey, we did this gag or told this joke - so you're supposed to laugh." The only person who constantly laughed in the theater was this huge, obese lady sitting by herself eating a 10-gallon bucket of popcorn. At least someone enjoyed it.

A total ripoff of Stanley Kramer's "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World." Watch that instead.

Take my advice: don't waste 2 hours of your life sitting through this #$@%!.

Auto Focus (2002)
Maybe should've been an HBO special instead, 30 October 2002

Just checked out this picture last nite at one of the only (actually THE only) theater playing it in town. I must say, whether a totally accurate depiction of Crane or not, it certainly displays a sad, dark, decent of one man's life into the sick world of porn and sexual addiction. In Crane's case it eventually cost him his life. What a sad, tragic way to go. And what a legacy to leave behind. If in fact Crane was trying to break out of that `scene' near the end of his life (and one hopes he really was), he just waited too late. After so many years of that, it finally caught up with him.

I think rather than degrading and defaming Crane (Crane did that by himself), it shows what one had (a family, a career) and threw it all down the drain. He and Carpenter (Dafoe) were dependent on each other to fulfill their sexual fantasies and addiction, and it seems that that was the only purpose for them being together. Why else would Crane hang out with a creep like John Carpenter? Throughout the whole film, you keep asking yourself `Why is he even associating with this guy?' The sad, serious music in the background helps one feel for Crane, as his life gets deeper and deeper into darkness.

Personally, I think Dafoe did a convincing job of portraying a man out of control, with almost no real personality of his own. More or less a leech. When that leech saw his life source (Crane) was about to be cut off, he took the initiative and killed it before it had a chance to go it's own way. As far as Kinnear, his performance was believable to an extent, except he seemed to youthful and `carefree' at times to convince us that the real Bob Crane was that two-dimensional. I think the role of Richard Dawson was miscast, looked like a guy about half his age. Kurt Fuller as Werner Klemperer (Klink) was perfect, could've been his twin brother.

Bottom line -- recommended.

*As a personal note, I think it's a disgrace that one of his sons (Robert Scott Crane) is offering public access (for a fee of course) on the Internet to view the pornographic videos of his late father. Somehow, I don't think the late Bob Crane would be too proud of that.

Quite entertaining for adults too, 10 October 2002

Much better than previews depict it, and MUCH better than most of Disney's attempts at comedy. This one works, enjoyment for both the kids and adults, and the special effects are very impressive as well. Rent it first and judge for yourself....

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Why isn't this on DVD?, 9 September 2002

After watching this again (after over 25 years), it's better than I remembered....alot better. Blows away Canonball Run and all the other copy-cat movies - the stunts and gags are both spontaneous and carefully pulled off. If you like the hot-rod/racing flicks, this is one to add to your collection. Only question/complaint I have is, why isn't this out on DVD? If Canonball Run (half as funny in my opinion) is out on DVD, why isn't this one? Only because Canonball has a star-studded cast? Not that Gumball is lacking in entertainters, but c'mon.....this one deserves to be on DVD, and besides, the VHS picture quality is quite poor. Still doesn't rob from the fun, though....

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