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Emperor has very few clothes, 6 January 2002

There's no douvt that Wes Anderson is talented, but he's too clever by half. Throughout the whole movie you can feel him saying "I'm a great writer, I'm a brilliant director." But I don't enjoy seeing all the strings the puppeteer is using. He's like the Coens when they're at their "look at how great we are" worst. It's impossible to get"lost" in this movie, but maybe that's intended. Great actors do the best the can, but it's a shame to see that much talent go to waste. Maybe Anderson needs to work with James Brooks again. Brooks knows how to write dysfunctional people and tell a great story at the same time. L7

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This film is Funny!, 8 December 2001

I don't know what these other reviewers are talking about?! Did they see the same film? I thought Will Ferrell was hilarious in this movie. He steals every scene he's in. Granted, this looks like a low budget movie and is slow in spots, but the acting is really good from almost everybody. This is better than all Ed Burns' movies combined!