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Carrie (1976)
a horror classic regardless of what people say, 11 June 2001

Brian DePalma directs Stephen King's first movie adaptation about an awkward girl who one day has a period in gym class. She is the butt of everyone's jokes because she is ugly and unpopular. The problem gets deeper at home because her mother, madly played by Piper Laurie, is an overbearing religious nut. Carrie descovers she has telekenetic powers which means she can move things with her mind. Once the big dance comes around, the popular girls get up the ultimate prank for her and make the most popular guy in school her date. You might as heard about the pig blood scene but see it yourself. She gets even with everyone who crosses her path. I don't think it is the greatest horror film ever but I think that Carrie appeals to everyone who has ever felt like a outcast. Sissy Spaceck is great as the tortured Carrie and John Travolta shows up as the boyfriend of one of the pretty popular girls. Scares do exist in this movie. ***1/2

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too stupid for anybody, 10 June 2001

Reeves is carrying something in his head that he needs to deliver and there is some stupid plot about dolphins. Ice- T and Dolph Lundgren are along for this hellride and that is saying a lot. This is a grade c sci-fi hybrid that tries to go for the techno angle but winds up acoustic. Johnny Mnemonic is a terrible movie that offers no thrills or anything new that you haven't seen. *

a great ending of a series, 10 June 2001

As a kid I watched Jedi the most out of the trilogy and always enjoyed it. The Star Wars films are extremely entertaining and are a fun series of films. I enjoy Jedi and can get past the fact that the Ewoks are cutesy overdone creatures. In this episode the robotic duo goes to Jabba the Hutt's palace and attempts to get Han Solo in his carbon frozen state. Leia is hot in this. I always thought she was very hot in her golden bikini. Once Han is rescued they get briefed on a mission to shut down the shield generator for the second Death Star. Luke must comfront the evil Darth Vader and he faces Vader and the Emperor. The Emperor was always a fave character of mine and after seeing Phantom Menace, I enjoy his role in this better. Han, Leia, Chewbacca and the droids go to the planet Endor which is a huge forest with small furry primitives. The Vader/Luke/Emperor scenes are awesome. This has it's weak lines and Solo is almost a different character but overall it is effective. I'm not about to place the order of quality in the Star Wars series but Return of the Jedi is a great ending for a trilogy. ****

TCM should have been left alone and no sequel be made, 10 June 2001

The original Texas Chainsaw was one of the most shocking and innovative horror films ever made and along comes this entry. I've seen this one many times before I saw the first because it scared me. Leatherface is the perfect fear because he is complex in his simplicity. He is a slow child minded redneck who only knows about killing. His real face is never shown and he wears a mask of stiched human flesh. This is more of a campy remake of the first. A radio host gets a lewd phone call from drunk teenagers on the road and in the process they get killed by the Sawyer clan and it is broadcasted. The DJ goes to Dennis Hopper who plays his role as if he was having a midlife crisis. Leatherface and co come after her in order to silence her. A new addition to the cannibal clan is some steel plated weirdo. Apparently the hitchhiker from the first is now a corpse that the Sawyers drag along as if it were real. It can be called very dark comedy because of it's outrageousness but in the end Tobe Hooper is just ripping himself off. Some decent chainsaw moments and over the top gore. **

Dracula (1992)
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Coppola's great stake at the horror legend, 10 June 2001

This version of Dracula stays more true to the book than any other form. Gary Oldman plays the role of the famous undead vampire who goes to London searching for his lost love from a previous life. He captures the lawyer fiance of the girl and tries seducing her herself. Winona Ryder plays Mina with a beem of sexual energy in her eye. Once her friend is bitten The vampire hunter played by Hopkins is brought in. The sets and the acting are good. The effects are wonderful. Coppola does a great job directing this. ***1/2

leatherface isn't even scary anymore, 10 June 2001

In this entry there's some more savage deaths to unwilling travellers. This time leatherface isn't even scary. He is a buffoonish cartoon who stumbles around unmenacingly. Instead of the old man and the family, who perished in the second TCM we have a complletely lame hillbilly clan who pose as much threat as a toothbrush. You the horror viewer's know the concept. Victim gets trapped in the hellish home of these weirdos and if they survive they have extreme mental problems. Unfortunately if you like horror films or the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films, this one will leave you with a stupor of mental problems. 1/2

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decent.has the epic feel to it but suffers from boredom, 10 June 2001

The English Patient is a multi layered story about a mapmaker (WHO'S PROFESSION IS QUESTIONABLE)who crashes into a desert and becomes badly burned. He is nursed by Juliete Binoche and tells her the story about how he loved Kristen Scott Thomas. Once he tells his story, more and more details come out. Ralph Finnes is good as the disfigured man and there is a lot of sentimental moments. The problem is that it is hideously boring. Some of the scenes feel like they drag on for eternity. Overall if you like romance tales and epic dramas you should check it out. Willem Dafoe is great in this as the thumbless man on a mission. The World War 2 backdrop works well and the cinematography is good. I don't think it was as good as people made it out to be but regardless it was ok. I'd hate to give it a low rating. I'm sure IMDB purposely doesnt post negative reviews but I have to give it **3/4.

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not Pacino or Reeve's best, 10 June 2001

The Devil's Advocate is about a hot shot lawyer played by Reeves who never loses a case. He was raised by a strong religious woman and is married to Charlize Theron. While he takes on a sexual harassment case with a minor and wins it he gets the offer to join Al Pacino's firm. Everything seems to fit together. Sexy women and money are around but strange things start happening which is very reminiscent of Rosemary's Baby. Soon Keanu learns the secret about the firm and who Pacino really is. Pacino is ok in this but I think the studio strived too hard to make this a blockbuster. It's predictable and not very suspenseful. **

Coven (2000)
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companion piece to American Movie, 10 June 2001

Coven is the film that the strange hick from American Movie was desperate to make. It horribly follows a drunk who is trying to get sober. Through the suggestion of his friend he goes to a recovery group but it turns out they are a coven. The dialogue is and film is laughingly bad. American Movie is good but this is bad. Zero

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good mix of horror and comedy for the family, 8 June 2001

I saw this as a little kid and enjoyed it because it managed to show most of the classic horror monsters and had the comedy of Abbott and Costello. The duo are baggage clerks and the crates contain strange things. Dracula shows up and wants to revive the Frankenstein monster. Soon the comedic duo are faced with Dracula, Frankenstein and the Wolf Man. Good clean fun for the family. ***

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