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A novel series with lots of class, 10 August 2004

We are just at the conclusion of 5 episodes, the end of the 2003 series I would imagine and therefore hopefully expecting additional episodes to be made available later in the year. This programme, unique in its storyline, tells of a senior Detective Superintendent,a lovely blonde who commences to address older cases, unsolved, with three senior ex Detectives. All have unusual characteristics such as photographic memory for one, excellent detective skills with another and criminal contacts with the third. The scripts are well written, full of humour but are still a serious crime drama series. As good as Dalziel and Pascoe, Taggart etc., and is recommended for scripting, acting and humour. Good English series

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Who can surpass Le Carre'?, 13 February 2001

Based on a John Le Carre' book by the same name, this is sadly only the second movie starring Alec Guiness as George Smiley, the other being "Smiley's People". Regrettably, there will be no more. The supporting cast is perfect and for any regular reader of Le Carre's books, the roles they play correspond to how one imagines them to be, so realistically do they appear based on his detailed descriptions. A true genius in putting together plots and characters. Not for one second does this double video get boring. You will find it hard to stop for those necessary breaks for fear of losing some small aspect of the story which, in all Le Carre's screeplays/books are so important to the credibility of the story. For the best in spy stories, acting and suspense, I can recommend this as the best