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A Typical Arnold Action Movie, 14 April 2002

After seeing this film, I was stunned at the bad reviews it has been given. One critic even said 'Rearrange your cupboards instead of seeing this movie'. Had he seen it?

I know the subject is a bit touchy at the moment, and I think it should have been straight to video, but that is no reason to give out bad reviews, and tell people not to see it. Remember that this was completed BEFORE September 11th.

Now on with the film. Big Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a Los Angeles fireman named Gordon 'Gordy' Brewer. On his way to pick up his wife and son, he witnesses a bomb going off, killing his family. He is questioned by the CIA (or FBI) and shown some photos of the person thought to be responsible, and remembers seeing this person just before the explosion. Brewer then sets off for Columbia, looking for revenge against the man that planted the bomb, Claudio "The Wolf" Perrini. Brewer gets caught by The Wolf, but his wife, played by Francesca Neri, agrees to help Brewer after learning that her husband is planning to plant another bomb, this time in Washington DC. Brewer goes back to Washington, and manages to save the day, and is awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Some of the violence is quite brutal (the Mike Tyson scene for example), and the acting is not brilliant, but this is still quite a good movie. It was, however, missing a few things. First, it was missing Arnold's trademark one-liners. The only good line was near the end (The Wolf: 'When are you going to kill me?' Brewer:'Now!') and second, this is one of the very few Schwarzenegger movies where Arnold doesn't touch a gun.

Overall, a good movie, but a touchy subject. It also shows that Arnold is the undisputed king of action movies.

Don't listen to the critics, go and see for yourself


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One of the Best War Movies of All Time!, 18 January 2002

Black Hawk Down is one of the best war movies of all time, but the remarkable thing is that it is a TRUE story!

People complain that the visuals are wrong, or the lines that the actors say during the battle is laughable, but how do they know? Were they there? Granted, artistic licence has a part, but, by all accounts, this is a very real account of what happened in October 1993.

Those people that say they couldn't care less which characters died have not taken into account that it was real people that were killed, and the actors are just showing the audience what happened.

Anyway, back to the film. This is about a mission that I would class as a successful failure (the objective was completed, but too many good men lost their lives for no reason at all). The whole movie was really tense, and, even though I had read the book before seeing this movie, I was really shocked at the way some of the Rangers were killed, and amazed at the courage of the two Delta snipers (Shughart and Gordon) who dropped in on their own to protect Durant's crash site against crowds of Somalies. No wonder these two men were awarded the Medal of Honor! The film, for its length of 144 minutes, was basically a 120 minute running battle, with 20 minutes of build up at the beginning.

The battle was well filmed, and, even though the characters were hard to tell at points, the script was good.

Sure, there were things missed out of the film that were in the book, such as the airdrop of ammo and IV bags, and Mike Durant being forced to make a video, but ultimately, these wouldn't have really made a difference to the film.

Don't believe these so-called 'professional' reviewers in newspapers. I read a review this morning where the reviewer kept talking about a film that was 10 minutes shorter than the real movie, and he mentioned things that were not in either the book or the movie.

I recommend that you make up your own mind about this movie, but don't go to see it is you don't like too much blood and gore. I give this film 10/10, and a place in my DVD collection when it comes out!

One of the best!, 10 January 2002

This is one of Arnold Schwazenegger's best movies (after the Terminator films), and one of the best Sci-Fi films of all time (after the Terminator series and Aliens).

The plot is quite simple, but the action is top notch stuff. The body count hits the rafters (more than Commando?) and Arnie kills some of the bad guys in rather gruesome ways. The special effects are good (for 1990), and the script is laced with Arnie's one-liners (such as killing his 'wife', played by Sharon Stone, after she tries to kill him, and saying 'Consider that a divorce")

All in all, one of the best Sci-Fi/Action movies around, and a must for any Schwazenegger fan. 4/5

Commando (1985)
One of the best!, 9 January 2002

This is definately one of the better action movies, even if the plot is a bit dodgy (who watches Schwazenegger action movies for the plot anyway?).

The story is simple. Colonel John Matrix's (Schwazenegger) daughter (Alyssa Milano) is kidnapped by a former comrade of his to use as leverage to get Matrix to do a job (kill the President of a South American country - Val Verdes). Matrix doesn't take too kindly to this, and the body count soon starts to climb (upto a respectible count of about 88!).

Schwazenegger isn't really required to act, but then again, none of the cast are, but who cares? This is an action movie.

The script is full of Arnie's brilliant one-liners ("I'll be back, Bennett!", "Let off some steam, Bennett" etc), and some great fight sequences.

A must see for any action or Schwazenegger fan! 4/5

Gladiator (2000)
Simply Amazing!!, 29 October 2001

Gladiator is quite simply one of the best movies ever made, and it deserved each of the 5 Academy Awards that it won. The story is brilliant, the acting is outstanding, and the soundtrack is perfect.

All of the acting performances are outstanding, but the most memorable performance is that of Russell Crowe. His performance here put him at the top of the Hollywood A-list, and he deserved the Best Actor award. He is riveting as Maximus, the Roman General who was betrayed. He was forced to become a slave, and then a gladiator. Some of the most memorable quotes come from the character of Maximus, such as 'My name is Gladiator'.

Another outstanding performance is that of Connie Nielsen as Lucilla.

The action scenes are well done, and extremely bloody, but this makes them more authentic.

If you haven't seen this movie yet, you are missing out on one of the best movies ever made.

Definately 10/10!

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A great action movie, 24 August 2001

First Blood is a great action movie, and one on Stallone's best, after Rocky.

Stallone plays John Rambo, a former Green-Beret in Vietnam who is arrested by a small town sherrif because he wants something to eat, and charged with vagrency. The deputy sherrif abuses Rambo, and all hell breaks loose when Rambo manages to escape and make it to the woods. Not even after Rambo wipes out half of the team looking for Rambo, and his former commanding officer, Colonel Trautman (Richard Crenna) tells the sherrif that he is in a war that he cannot win, will the sherrif give up.

Plenty of explosions and violence will keep action fans watching, and most people will probably be sympathetic with Rambo's problems.

A good, solid action movie from the king of action movies, Sylvester Stallone.

Really Well Done!, 24 August 2001

This film is really well done, and the voice actors are perfectly cast. The script is fairly weak, but the story makes sense, and is really funny.

Lou is brought into the Brody house after their dog has been cat-knapped [read retired] and is assigned to protect Professor Brody (Jeff Goldblum) from the cats that are trying to steal his cure for dog allergy. Cue lots of cat/dog fights, lots of comedy, a very Russian cat, and some ninjas, along with the soccer game of Uruguay vs. Chad (who came up with this?). If you are a cat lover, you may not like this film, but it is great family entertainment.

A Good, Solid Action Movie!, 22 August 2001

Demolition Man is a good, solid action movie with some good action, and even some good humour (the scene where Spartan (Stallone) keeps swearing at the machine on the wall to get some toilet paper), but the plot is average.

Wesley Snipes plays Simon Phoenix, a 20th Century criminal that is arrested by John Spartan (Stallone) for kidnapping and murdering (Spartan doesn't know this) 30 bus passengers. Spartan is put in a cryogenic prison for 70 years, but is thawed out in 2032 because Phoenix has escaped, and is running around in a non violent San Angeles (meat, physical contact and swearing among other things have been banned, and three sea shells are used instead of toilet paper!). Plenty of action scenes follow, with the Demolition Man John Spartan using his violent methods to try and catch Phoenix.

The supporting cast is excellent with a sexy young Sandra Bullock, Nigel Hawthorne (Yes, Prime Minister), Benjamin Bratt and Denis Leary.

If you liked Die Hard and Terminator 2, you'll love this. 4/5.

One of Jackie Chan's better movies, 22 August 2001

Rush Hour 2 is one of Jackie Chan's better movies, for the simple reason that it is funnier than most of his other movies. The comedy is well written, and Jackie is brilliant at the physical comedy during the fight scenes.

Fair enough, the fight scenes are not Jackie's best, but he is getting old now. The fight scenes here though, are miles better than the ones in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, simply due to the fact that Jackie does everything that is seen without wires, stuntmen or camera tricks. There is no stupid flying in this one!

The script is okay, and the story is a bit dodgy, but Jackie himself once said that if you go to see a Jackie Chan movie for the story, he is doing something wrong.

As always, remember to stay into the end credits to see the outtakes, as these are brilliant, even if they look like some of them were pre-determined (watch out for the last one with the comment about Rush Hour 3!)

A good movie, but not Jackie's best. 4/5

Brilliant animation, average plot at best, 17 August 2001

I went to see this at the sneak preview last night, and was really impressed by the animation. The vehicles were really well done, the background scenery was amazing, and the characters were breathtaking. They even look like major Hollywood stars (Dr Aki Ross looks like a spitting image of a young Sandra Bullock).

The story, on the other hand, is an average Sci-Fi story about aliens 'invading' Earth, and humans trying to find a way to stop them. The story behind the 'invasion' is told throughout the film by the dreams that Aki keeps having. This, however, is the only time the plot is actually explained.

The cast was well picked, and all played their roles very well. My only complaint is that the talented Peri Gilpin should have had a bigger part.


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