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Awful..., 14 June 2002

Another comedy bites the dust. I didn't laugh once during the

movie. The whole thing was stupid. The only thing that amused

me was watching Eddie Murphy play almost the entire Klump



3.5 out of 10

Joe Dirt (2001)
Refreshing..., 30 May 2002

99.9% of the comedies these days are aweful. Some are just not

funny. Some quickly resort to sexual humor, which appeals to

some but not many.

It is refreshing to see a comedy that actually makes be laugh more

than a few times. While it's a far cry from some comedies I've

seen, it was well worth the watch.

If you're not expecting a "laugh out loud funny" movie (and if you

still are these days, you have problems), you should be satisfied

with Joe Dirt.

The story is amusing, the characters are developed enough for a

comedy, the jokes range from dull to hallarious, there is even an

amusing little spoof of Silence of the Lambs. Overall a good watch.

3.5 / 5

K-PAX (2001)
Interesting Movie..., 6 November 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Out of all the movies I've seen dealing with alien life, this is by far one of the most interesting and well presented. Instead of having a character who is trying to hide his existance as an extraterrestrial, we have one who openly admits this, to such an extent that he is considered an insane human. Spacely's character Prot, answers all the traditional questions which one might ask an alien to prove that he isn't really human. Will some of his answers are obscure, I found them all quite satisfying. I'm glad the movie actually addressed such issues instead of leaving unsightly plotholes.

*SPOILER WARNING* Lots of people seem to be bashing this movie for it's "You decide what happened" ending. My personal opinion is that this isn't the case. What I got from the story was that Prot's species had to somehow occupied a human's body in order to exist on earth, but the human would still be there, coexisting in the same body with the alien. Prot occupied and made friends with a human (forgot his name) in this way and visited often. On the night of the murder, this human broke down emotional and tried to kill himself. Prot managed to save the body but the man's mind was gone. At the end of the movie when Prot returns home, he leaves the body behind, asking the Dr to take care of it. Evidence that he was really alien is overwhelming. He could see ultraviolet light. He was able to diagram his solar system, which the world's top Astrologers couldn't do with the data they had. He disappeared from a high-security mental institution and reappeared days later. Finally, he was able to take one of the patients with him to K-PAX. So tell me, how could he not be alien. I got the impression that the director wasn't trying to hide the fact that he was an alien, especially considering all the hints and clues that were put in the movie. *END OF SPOILERS*

Overall, K-PAX is a great movie which gives an interesting perspective on the issue of life on other planets. I recommend this movie and give it a 9 of 10.

Excellent Movie, 4 August 2001

When I saw the previews for this movie, I'll admit that it looked so

bad that I pretty much passed it off as another lame action movie.

My attitude changed completely after I saw it at a friend's house. I

can't say exactly what I like about the movie. Maybe is it the

splended cinematography and storyboarding. Maybe it is the gritty

realism of war. Maybe it is the actors, who snuggly fit their roles. Or

could it be the fact that the supporters of Saddam are portrayed

realistically, rather than stereotypically.

Whatever it was, I liked the movie. As a whole it is a wonderful

composition, the entire movie feels well polished, which a perfect

balance of humor and action.

I recommend this movie for anyone who hasn't seen it. Maybe you

won't enjoy it but I found it great.

Great Film, 9 July 2001

Oh Brother Where Art Thou is great. It has some elements from

Homer's Odyssey such as the Sirens and the Cyclops (1-eyed

Bible Salesman). Basically, three men escape from prison and

embark on a quest to find hidden treasure (And Odysses' wife).

Along the way they encounter all kinds of entertaining subplots.

The three main characters work well together with the charismatic

Odysses, slow and friendly Delmar, and the irritable Pete.

The movie is a great vault of humor. It gives everything--sarcasm,

satire, farce, great 1-liners, etc. Definitely the funniest movie I've

seen in a long time.

The graphics are amazing. They actually filmed the movie in a lush

green setting but used a chemical process to change the green to

a golden autumn color. The effect is marvelous. The whole

movie--every scene--is a work of art.

Finally, the music. There are lots of songs performed in the movie.

Don't get me wrong--It isn't a musical. All of the songs are

realistically worked in and all of them are enjoyable. Most of them

are oldies (Oldies to the setting of the movie, so to use they are

old-oldies). The three main characters do a great performance of

"Man of Sorrow". I didn't know Clooney could sing!

Overall, I rate this movie 9.5 out of 10. It is well rounded and a

good for an audience of all ages. I highly recommend it.

Crap., 23 March 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

May contain spoilers...

This movie is crap. I wouldn't be surprised if it ruined Carry's career. It has very little -good- humor at all. They blow the multiple personality thing so far out of proportion it is just dumb. At one point, the "Hank" personality seems to be getting nice but then reverts back to normal. They even had to give him a stupid "Tough guy" voice.. It's just stupid. And to make up for the lake of humor, the movie attempts to make us laugh at sexual shock humor and excessive vulgarity. They seem to be playing the "How low can you go" game. They have nearly all of the character swear at some point, even a little girl saying the F-word. It is rediculous. And the last line of the movie is, "I hoped you liked our mother****ing movie." Gee, thats a good way to end it..... It's crap. Don't bother.

The Chase (1994)
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Wonderful, 3 March 2001

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If you watch this movie as an action movie you probably won't get a whole lot from it. The movie is a statement about us. About our bloodthirsty nature. We ourselves don't go out and get in highspeed chases regularly so we glue ourselves to our TVs when one does occur. It's a scaled down version of the real thing but we don't have to face any consequences. The Chase so obviously touches on this idea I'm amazed that anybody would not pick up on it. Everything is exaggerated in the movie. The police are arrogant. The media trys to pull of insane stunts just to get the right camera angle. Cars crash all over the place. This movie certainly wasn't made to be realistic. It's deeper. It gives us a glimpse of what the human race is degrading into. For instance, the cadaver scene is quite grotesque, dead bodies falling onto the freeway and getting run over by cop cars. Yet the media shows it with little more descretion than a simple comment. Later, they get all worried about Jack's obscene gesture on live TV. The movie tries to show us how bloodthirsty we are. Bottom Line: While this is a car chase movie, action fans will be bored. If you are looking for a the type of movie that tries to make a statement about our society, The Chase is for you.

Fight Club (1999)
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A masterpiece!, 3 March 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

--Spoilerometer: Few to None--

I was very impressed after watching Fight Club a second time.

This movie was very well done. The effects are nice, the atmosphere is amazing, the acting is great, and the plot is interesting.

And it is one of those movies which has a "big secret" (i.e. The Sixth Sense), which, once you know the rest of the movie makes more sense.

Furthermore, the film has an interesting message (Conveyed by Tyler) about society that I agree with to a lesser extent. Be warned that it contains a good deal of violence, nudity, and other adult content, so it's not exactly for the weak of stomach.

Otherwise, I definately recommend this movie. I give it a 9 out of 10.